i dunno
Date: Oct 20th, 2005 2:25:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: done

heyo all...i havent done anything here in a while...meh...just wanted to updat...im good, i am having some communication probs with my love, but we eventually do talk...for like a second...but were busy and we cant find time to just stop...so i took some advice fomr a friend and it seemed to have worked somewhat...so yeah...other than that...i have been stressing with my bro here...hes like an ass that is so freakin nosy and paranoid from all the drugs he ever took...and he just wont leave me alone!!!! yeah...im a go now...
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i hate my job
Date: Sep 8th, 2005 2:33:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: burned

well u know how they say that ur work is ur 2nd home, and ur coworkers are ur 2nd family. what a bunch of shit. they don;'t care bout me, and i didn't exactly expect them to revolve their lives around me, but when i toell one coworker that i began to cut my self, he walked away to get back to work. he didn't even see it as a cry for help. so later that night when i broke down crying AT WORK onthephone in the back room, no one bothered to ask if i was ok, or nothing. and when i got off the phone, i walked to my car, and everyone saw me, but no one still asked if i was ok. what a bunch of fuckers. so yeah. i hate em. and some are quitting got fired etc. not cause of me, but i am most favored by my manager, and so she made all attempts to make me happy by a raise, hiring a friend, and riddence of some people i had probs with. happy.gif

wow, i feel better. thanx guys
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scared and glad
Date: Sep 5th, 2005 12:05:47 am - Subscribe
Mood: emotional

fri night was the worse night i can rECALL IN MY LIFE...

my friend and i had 2 bottles of tequila and we drank alot, we freaked out and were hurling everywhere, we told everyone our deep dark secrtes, we wanted to slash our wrists, and we c alled the cops, they luckily didn't arrest us, me being a minor, and i mean a major minor (17)...i am not gonna drink ever again. i could have died...the thought of alcohol scared me and sickens me...never again... cry.gif
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LoVe FoR FrIeNdS
Date: Sep 1st, 2005 12:26:27 pm - Subscribe
Mood: jolly

my friend was going away to college in like 2 days, so we all planned to throw her a going away party at my house. so we did, but we knew a little more than her. her BF wanted to give her an engagement ring. soooo, what was supposed to be a simple party was actually more. i had my handy dandy camera ever ready and we planned it all out.

we arrived at my house, said our hellos, then we went out to eat, then we came home, and the RING WAS PRESENTED. it was sooo sweet. then we watched a movie and got drunk. happy.gif

so all day yesterday i made themovie and edited us having fun. i just now need personal lmessages to the couple and put it into the move, and it will all be done. it's so cute, i wish u guys could see it...sigh

love stinks

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Date: Aug 24th, 2005 6:25:11 pm - Subscribe
Mood: strong

i never knew who i was in highschool, and i still don't know who i was then. now that i am in college, i understand somethings bout myself i never understood before. i accept things more than i did. it is changing my mood and perspetive onpeople, friends, and myself.

i am a better me, and i like this me, i never liked the old me, and i plan to make this me stay.

if u guys don't know who u r, ask ur selves, "who am i and what am i". do not define urslves by others, saying what u R NOT. rather, think about what u R.

think about it.
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