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PMS: regretful

I've been living on the west coast for about
three months now. I love how peaceful and
beautiful it is, but why does it have to be so
fucking boring? I miss knowing almost
everyone in the city but at the same time it's
really nice to not have to look over my
shoulder when I walk down the street (not
like I can really walk too many places
seeing as how everything is on a goddamn
hill!) My fiance, Harley and I fight like all the
friggen time and his grandmother hates me
for it even though he's usually the one being
an asshole toward me. We've been staying
at her house, btw. BAAHH!! I'm a Libra so I
like to keep the peace at most times. I had
a job at The Dollar Tree but during an
argument with the beau, I missed my
scheduled workday so now I'm only
employed with KGB (542 542).

Harley went off really bad last night;
insulting and stating how he despises me
and wishes I would just go back to MA. He
tried to leave the room to go out in the
middle of the night so I sat in front of the
bedroom door, trying to prevent him from
going. The entire time, keeping silent and
listening to him ramble on about how
horrible I am and ripping apart the room in
the pitch black (I was blocking the switch as
well) looking for his boots that I hid on him
so that he wouldn't leave me. Eventually, he
used force and severely bruised up my

The whole argument started because he was
sleeping, I was watching a movie in bed
when he woke up to go smoke a cigarette.
When he returned into the room, I tried to
hold him and he bitched at me for watching
a movie while working at my internet job
(because I wasn't showering him with
attention in his sleep!)

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