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Monday Sensation Oct 4th, 2010 3:51:38 am - Subscribe
Mood | terrible

Many people don't like Monday, after have weekend some people lazy to go to work. One of them is me. I'm so sleepy today, don't have energy to think about my job.

I remember my friend's testis for her final exam, she made about Monday syndrome, and her experimen is correct! After get off on saturday and sunday peoples will be feel need more holidays!

But for me sometimes the Monday sensation is a great! A lot of call, report task, full inbox (not anymore after use blackberry, tq RIM) etc.

But one thing I can deny is, my eyes need more long time to close.

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Back Again! Oct 3rd, 2010 7:43:55 am - Subscribe
Mood | cozy

Hi There!

It's been years not to open this blog! And I dunno why today I remembered that I have this blog. Amazing I still remember the name and password happy.gif

Start today I try to type again in here. About everything I want to write on.

And how about today?!

HHmmmm today is rainy day at Jakarta, Indonesia. Since this morning until right now while I am writing this blog the rain still pouring down. Jakarta so cool today, I like this weather when I'm home happy.gif So I can sleep all day.

Well it's enough for today! Will be back later.
Nice to meet you again guys happy.gif

Bye bye
CU 2morrow

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I'm back Dec 28th, 2007 10:53:48 am - Subscribe
Mood | achy

Hi Guys out there!

Wow...it's really a long long time from the last I opened this blogger and write down everything.
Where I am? I dunno I felt lost from this earth hahhahha...
Well it's all because a little bit busy with my job. And I don't have a internet connection on office sad.gif but don't worry guys.
I try to open this blogger again since today!

But start tomorrow OK!

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Tiredddddd.......Need Sleep Apr 27th, 2006 6:33:19 am - Subscribe
Mood | ugh

This is my 2nd day on the job. Hmmmm mu backbone n my legs so tired. Today the job is not many.
Just reply email, fax and made filling, so easy hah.
Today the last day in the week so 2 days for take a rest. Just be patient hah tounge.gif

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First Time Apr 26th, 2006 6:31:53 am - Subscribe
Mood | focused

I'm home now. Yes this is my 1st day on a job. Sleepy little bit tired. But my boss so nice. Confused absoluty cos too much work to do. But everything is done, hope I could handle it so fast.
More importat if there's a new people so , I can share my job.

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