Christie\'s Rant 5/20/05
Date: May 22nd, 2005 10:11:08 am - Subscribe
Mood: unmotivated
Music: Promise, by Pedro the Lion

Christie's Rant 5/20/05

ERG! Okay the latest annoyance that has caught my attention are people who misspell the fricken word "and." It is three letters long, not to hard to remember and it's not that bloody exerting on your fingers you retards.

Or how about the morons who will sit there and WrItE LyK tHiS. Grow up and find somethin else to waste your time with that doesn't hurt everyone's eyes. (May I suggest cliff diving?)

We just can't forget about people who will message you lke ths: omg i cn't frggn bleve it! Holy crap, it takes me less time to type full words and sentence, complete my thoughts and be done with talking than it does trying to abbreviate everything into an understandable pattern.

To conclude... If you are going to message me, do not do any of the above, or I may find some creative way to bring you down to a normal state of consciousness where you aren't typing at hyperspeed and you aren't as lazy as a sloth.

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kayjay - May 22nd, 2005
Well I think most people just type like that because there lazy. But yeah it does bother me sometimes, especially when i can't figure out what the person is saying...

roprisdumb - May 23rd, 2005
Oh man! I totally know what you mean! It's not like it's a total areobic exercise to type! We should invent an "idot tax" for those people...iOi!


torn - June 13th, 2005
I think you summed it up pretty much. I completely agree.

Amen. :-)


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