Date: May 22nd, 2005 12:16:28 am - Subscribe
Mood: split

Empty spiraled pages
Twirled around my thoughts
As if breathing weren't enough
Haggard and slow

My dream museum of nightmares
Established and productive
Oh and Horror movies scare you?
Relive my life.

Continuum, that's what it screams
Discontent, not at all
Regret, oh he said--she said: go away
Patience, maybe an ounce or ton

Thankfully he helped
Me save myself
From myself
And all else

Not that I can remember daily
Sorry for the ingracious memorandum
My sticky-note unstuck
And my message machine overflowed

Fast food pellegra
And hot and dirty lives
Wow excitement with a negative savings account
False joy manicuring the hundreds

Genuine people
In plastic molds
Pressed and cleaned
Boy things have changed

Limitless is my joy
For the sake of survival
Genuinity is my drink
Oh I'm giddy with paunch.

Feed that to me
Ridilin kid
I can't take no more
Of this bs.
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