Empty Empty Glass Half Full
Date: May 24th, 2005 5:10:50 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ack! Haggardified
Music: Because You Killed Me, by (I have forgotten who... ack!)

Soooooooo.... I am trying to date Moises (really I am)... But if feels so hollow whenever we talk.

He is more into himself than anyone I know.
He is more into me than I am into him.
He is younger maturity-wise than I am.
He has already started the wedding planning (note: we started dating two days ago).

And I am just to busy to ever see him. So I am left with only one choice: I must break it off.

After having something so beautiful with Andrew, I just can't settle. I just WON'T settle. I truly love Andrew, to this day. And a taste of settled sea salt makes a person gag.

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roprisdumb - May 30th, 2005
sorry. I have like, no "good advice for boy/girl relationships" skills. I do have to say that I disagree with your oppinion on sea salt though! I find it affable. Adds a nice crunch to over medium eggs.

That Mike personage


torn - June 13th, 2005
I'm so sorry that you experienced something so good and you are now dealing with something so bad. :-( By what you say, it sounds like you are dating him just to be dating someone. It is not fair to either of you to keep the charade going...Let me know what happens!


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