Oh my!!!?
Date: May 22nd, 2005 12:01:55 am - Subscribe
Mood: gag me on a highspeed blender
Music: What\'s this?, on the Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack, by Tim Burton

Today I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist and was told for the billionth time "You're teeth are beautiful, but they would look even greater if you got braces..."
Wow, commercials not convincing enough people for yah?

Then I prepared to go the Y so that I could work out but my mom was a little to tired (but not tired enough to go shopping with my sister, sigh).

But I think the coolest and scariest thing that happened today was that Moises finally voiced that he likes me. That happens to be Mystery boy in one of my past entries. He thought he would have absolutely no chance, and I want to give him one, it's just hard. After Andrew and all... And Moises isn't someone I typically would date. (Eh, hello, an ex-model anyone?).

We'll see.

Memories come up that are preventative to my sleep, but eventually I will get over them.
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paperdoll - May 22nd, 2005
oh im happy for you


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