Break a match part I
Date: Oct 8th, 2008 6:41:41 am - Subscribe
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At least 147 people have been killed in a stampede at the Chamunda Devi Hindu temple in Jodhpur in the north-western Indian state of Rajasthan.

A wall near the temple is said to have collapsed early in the morning, causing panic among thousands of devotees. They were gathering to celebrate the start of a nine-day Hindu festival known as Navaratra.

Some witnesses said that false rumours of a bomb caused people to flee. Tensions were high because India has recently been hit by a spate of bomb attacks.

More than 100 others were injured in the incident, reports said. Eyewitnesses said the path leading up to the temple shrine was narrow with many people trying to get in.

Devotees helped police carry the injured for treatment.

The temple is inside the historic Mehrangarh Fort, a major tourist attraction with its huge walls, ornate interiors and views overlooking Jodhpur's "blue city".

I remember stones hot enough to burn the soles of your feet even through your socks
I remember blue skies meeting the blue cubists dream of Jodhpurs old city
I remember relics of war pointing out into space
I remember trying to find the roof of my guesthouse in a jumble of buildings, rebar reaching for the sky like insect antennae
I remember the sound of the devotees bell
I remember the whiff of incense

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