Word up housies
Date: Sep 10th, 2008 2:04:19 am - Subscribe
Mood: street

Sorry but just watched this on BBC breakfast and LOVED it. Peace.

Good news -- the world hasnt collapsed into a black hole (Im sure I would have noticed) HUZZAH
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Got ink
Date: Sep 9th, 2008 5:52:36 pm - Subscribe
Mood: marked

Its something that I've been thinking of for a while. Something to mark me. To mark the changes in my life. To declare myself mine.
To declare that my body, my life, my being is mine. To declare that I am my own responsibility -- and yes my interactions with the world are my responsibilty too but I am not responsible for the world. Its a reminder that its OK to hurt -- that hurt is a natural and normal part of life and shouldnt be hidden from. It took me a while to confirm to myself that I wasnt getting it done to please anyone, that I wasnt getting it done to piss anyone else off. It was simply my decision. The artist was called Debs and was lovely - took me through the process which took about an hour - no breaks -- and no real pain -- an itch, a scratch but not pain I think.
So I now have a broken heart on my upper right shoulder. Must try and sort out a photo at some point.
In addition I also had date number 3 with Rowan. We were due to meet at the Castle but as the weather was good - decided to get a bottle of champagne a couple of glasses and a picnic rug and sat up on Castle Hill watching the lights go on, chatting, smiling, sharing until it got fully dark and then tramped down to Cafe Naz and shared a thali -- more talk -- silly talk -- profound talk, more smiles, more -- I guess more of us. A really lovely evening. Not sure if I can add any more. Not sure that I want to analyse.....to overthink

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Hard rain
Date: Sep 7th, 2008 5:07:24 pm - Subscribe
Mood: meh

My mum is 68 today -- she was born on 7th September 1940 -- a hugely significant day in british history.
It was on this day that the Nazi airforce, the Luftwaffe switched its attacks from the RAF fighter bases -- der Adlerangriff -- one of which Duxford is a scant seven miles from Cambridge to attacking various English cities specifically London. On 7th September 1940 400 bombers and 600 fighters attacked London in a massive series of raids on the Port of London -- which left huge sections of the city in flames. Nowadays the Port of London -- the Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf are at the centre of the British financial industry having been redeveloped over the last couple of decades -- the blitz has left deep scars though. The change of tactics was in part due to the RAF bombing of Berlin which forced Hitler to rescind his order that London should not be bombed as he wanted to retain it as the capital of Nazi Britain. It was a momentous decision and one that gave a hugely overstretched RAF fighter command some essential time and space to regroup. It was a decision that was to have long-reaching effects as without control of the air the Nazi invasion of the British mainland would be doomed to failiure and in order to do that the Nazis needed to push the British fighter defences north out of range of their bombers based in France.

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Is it that time again
Date: Sep 2nd, 2008 4:52:55 pm - Subscribe
Mood: wanted

Well it would appear that it's time for Fatboys track of the week - except that this week it's not.

It's Tracey's track of the week as part of the great miseducation saga -- we're swapping things that we believe the other would like she sent me the above -- a Bob Dylan cover which does I have to say as she said it would -- affect me. I could live with someone feeling that way about me. I think I shall have to send her my favourite Dylan track Shelter from the storm or maybe Handle with Care -- have to see.
Last nights date with Rowan went well -- well enough to secure another date. Lots of eye control, lots of smiling, no awkward gaps in conversation so all in all good. She'd had a recommendation for the Raj Malabar http://cambridge.openguides.org/wiki/?Raj_Malabar I get the distinct idea that shes feeling her way at the moment as well. But hey its all good. Taking one day at a time and see where that leads. A couple of thank you texts, an e-mail promising more eep.gif)

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A walk in the park
Date: Aug 31st, 2008 6:33:49 am - Subscribe
Mood: smiley

Well shortly, I shall hie me to Tescos for the ingredients of Florentines which I shall spend the afternoon attempting - a heavy baking tray, baking parchment, vegetable oil, free range eggs, icing sugar, flaked almonds, dark chocolate and a norange. Yes A culinary experiment!
I shall also get me to the wrinklies house to check for mail and to ensure that it hasnt burnt down or anything and then its off to the gym for a weights day. Hoping to catch up with the Cullen for a drink later on -- at which point the events for the last 24 hours will be offered for dissection.
Yesterday was a London day -- in every sense -- a rarity this summer -- blue skies -- bordered by the city streets -- hustle, bustle, the thrum of a living, working city, a day when I wouldnt be anywhere else.
Arranged to meet Tracey at Rays Jazz Cafe (cheers for that one Dave) and after a nervy few minutes as she was delayed settled into comfy conversation -- like old friends re-meeting as opposed to a first encounter. I can't say that I believe in the whole past life experiences -- why is noone a mediaeval peasent? You can't ALL have been Marie Antoinette or Cleopatra or Napoleon now can you? But it does make you think -- finding people with whom you just click so naturally. Have we met before in some previous existence? Or maybe its just a learned skill and one that Im picking up, or at least learning to. That being open, being honest, that showing me is an acceptable -- even desirable thing. Still have problems thinking of myself in those terms though. Big problems. Anyhoo digression over. We decamped to Rowley's as recommended by Sophie. Nabbed a window seat and proceeded to lunch, natter, people watch, laugh. By this point the original plan of tentative getting to know you had disappeared completely and so we took a constitutional up through Marylebone and Regents Park -- stopping en route for nice cream and chattage until we got to the wondrous Primrose Hill were we sat and took in the city below us and the fashion victims around us and we had the "OK so what happens now?" conversation -- which ended with a hug and a kiss and an agreement that we would do the friends thing but without possibility of it going further. And to be honest that I can absolutely live with. Yes, to have that special person in my life would be wonderful. But my friends -- all my friends are special you see. And so ladies and germs raise your glasses (or contact lenses) to friends old and friends new.
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