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Well its been a weird old week all things told.
Thursday was as ever pub quiz night. It was not a success -- Anna and Ali made Rowan as welcome as possible but it was still painfully obvious that she wasnt comfortable. We as always came fourth and Rowan and I stayed on after for a little. We arranged that Id call the next day to arrange a visit to the Abbey - sorry the Trade Recruitmen Stadium. I got a mail on Friday morning which freaked me out - the last thing that wed said on Monday was that we had so much to say -- and on Friday Rowans mail said that she wasnt sure that we had as much in common as she thought we had. I was in pieces on Friday morning an scared the bejesus out of Sharon, my line manager as I had to leg it to the toilet for a sob. I texted her she texted me, we exchanged phonecalls and ended up meeting at her flat which was a surprise, I thought that wed end up at Greens splitting up over a cup of coffee -- we ended up at hers having dinner and having a glorious, deep discussion encompassing past and music, politics and uncomfy sofas -- It was a serious relief and we decided to meet up and go to the football on Saturday which we did -- and I think that she enjoyed it though she wasnt entirely comfortable in such a male-dominated environment. I retrieved my gym stuff and she retrieved a bottle of Pinot Grigio which we enjoyed in the sun while comparing misspent youths. I get the idea that she almost wants to show me her less attractive side -- her dark side in an effort to dissuade me fvroim getting involved. Texted Anna who had offered to cook me dinner and ended up over at hers nattering about life and love and whats the hell was going on with Rowan. Had a quiet Sunday -- mailed Rowan with an invitation for dinner on Friday and again got a reply that used the word ambivalent -- a word that I dont like at the start -- or the potential start of a relationship. Well we shall see what we shall see.
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