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Jan 27th, 2005 5:10:22 am - Subscribe
Thank god, i'm alive
These photographs are proves.

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Jan 7th, 2005 10:20:09 am - Subscribe
I'm bored... Yes. BORED. No design. No music. My room is a four wall silent machine.Just a dimly lit light that comes from my computer screen. I'm staring at my PC. The aliens must have abducted me within the last hour. They took away all my.. i forgot. But there must have been something that they took. I'm in the most depressing state of my life. Where's my motivation? Everything changed within the whole year. Financially, yeah its been better. But spiritually? I'm bored/ Kill me. Nagging just makes it worse. the devil inside my head is smoking a cigarete and fucking a gal... nevermind the gal but i want his cigarette.
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Jan 5th, 2005 6:33:07 am - Subscribe
I'm stuck at home with a sore throat. Sore throats for me are just a begining for vicous cycle. A sore throat that burns my throat then becomes irritattngly irritating and then morph into one hell of a cough, flu and fever. By then i'll be stuck in bed like a man in a mortuary.....Lifeless.

Btw its the new year and its an unwritten law for every bloggers to blab about last year for the first blog entry in the new year. here's mine...

1. A year wouldnt be a complete without a disaster. Last year was the tsunami. And Bush winning the elections.
2. Been abandoning all my friends ever since i started work.. Life is a bore and my only friend now is a PC that never talks back and supplies me porn... I want tat to change except for the porn part.
3. Left the previous IT job. Its a kick ass job but doesnt pay well.. I 've moved on
4. Ahhhh. Met my Kid bro. Do u have a family that lives apart for ten years and suddenly when u have a get together, u realise that everyone have the same hobby, taste and interest? Loving u. Big bro and kid bro. Cant wait for my next KL trip....
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Dec 29th, 2004 10:02:05 am - Subscribe
Got this one from the movie "National Treasure".

Thomas A. Edison tried 10000 times before he finally made a working light bulb that works and this was what he has to say.
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
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Dec 29th, 2004 8:58:03 am - Subscribe
I'm back from KL since last sunday. The trip was a special one cause i finally met my Kid Brother for the first time in ten years. Turns out we click real well as we had lots in common. But one thing that i envy is that he can silkscreen but i cant! Been trying it for ages but somehow something isn't rite. 'm starting to belive that the guy who sold me the emulsion gave me the wrong chemical on purpose. I'm not giving up. I'll buy the chemicals directly from the manufacturer this time.. This is Lam Thong signing off....
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Dec 21st, 2004 9:21:36 am - Subscribe
Woohoo... 2 more days to freedom. Friday will be a trip to KL. Next week will be wasted at home.. HO..HO..HO..
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Dec 15th, 2004 5:03:28 am - Subscribe
Does anyone notice that my subjects is always "a". That because i'm a lazy guy. Cant seem to be bothered bout subjects. Btw, there's still about 5 more days till the end of my notice. Then i wont be working there anymore...

Woohoooo.... Finally got the elements rite. I've been trying grunge image for several months n i've finally made significant improvements during the past weeks. I'm concentrating on grunge first. Then i'll continue with vector again. enjoy.
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Dec 13th, 2004 9:36:15 am - Subscribe
Big image. Thanks to brushes from ain. Credits to didi for the software. I'll return it soon. I find joys in designs.
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Dec 12th, 2004 1:29:34 am - Subscribe
New layouts... Although i still think that the previous layout was better. Need to upload several things... Till next time. tata....
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Dec 3rd, 2004 11:23:27 pm - Subscribe
My most detailed image. Thanks to tutorial from Chewkandi. I'm pretty proud of this piece. The tutorial was written with reference to paintshop pro but i did it using PS. I'm too lazy to follow the tutorial exactly,especially in terms of colours, so I did some slight modifications. Enjoy.

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