Date: Apr 23rd, 2006 12:54:08 am - Subscribe
Mood: tired
current question on the gray matter:: how many people will actually add me on livejournal?

so basically, i never come to aeonity anymore, which is a shame... i came back to inform you that i am going to stick to my livejournal instead.

my livejournal name is ultravioletred, so feel free to add me if you have one. i don't feel like i can keep up with writing in here. :\

so take care all, and byebye.
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sedated. so very, very sedated.
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 2:48:24 am - Subscribe
Mood: sedated
current question on the gray matter:: will i get good sleep tonight? will this weekend just END already?

i feel so incredibly tired..

but it's been so long since i last updated, and i'm definitely not done with this site, so i figured i'd come back real quick before i was off to bed. i am still alive, after all. :p

things are going good. we're not giving away my cat anymore, we're getting him neutered and declawed to help calm him down.

i feel fuzzy. goodness.

happy Easter, by the way.

i've begun to draw again. did i mention that i got accepted in an art exhibition? i'm quite pleased.

nothing new. my mom met Josh. she likes him. she REALLY likes his dad. heh.

um, Josh and i have been together for six months now. half a year. happy.gif i miss him like crazy right now. i wish i could stumble into my room and find him lying in bed waiting for me. i want to crawl under the covers and cuddle with him. fall asleep with him. and wake up in his arms. that would be heaven right about now... just to touch his face, kiss him, smell him, whatever. ah i miss his scent. :\

well i'm off to bed. i can make a safe bet on Josh dreams tonight. let's hope i'm right.

ninite guys. i'll do a bigger update sometime soon.

by the way, to fem: i totally missed that concert. sad.gif oh well. how are you lately? sorry i haven't been around... i'll check up on yoru entries tomorrow or something. <333 hope you're surviving.
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Date: Apr 1st, 2006 11:35:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: orgasmically happy
current question on the gray matter:: why am i orgasmically happy? is orgasmically a word??

i just wrote up this big entry about how orgasmically happy i was.

but then it got deleted and my mental orgasm slowed down.

but i am extremely happy. ^_^


a band i photographed in downtown Seattle... Rock Kills Kid... is actually getting famous! they're in a couple rock magazines. i had no idea they were a band when i saw them. they complimented mine and my sister's pants and just chatted with us for a bit, and then i photographed them and found out they were in a band together. and now they're getting famous!

i am so in love. with Josh, mind you. not the band. hahaha.

i mean, for real. i feel totally insanely in love. and happy. grin.gif
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Date: Apr 1st, 2006 11:31:03 pm - Subscribe
Mood: complete



that's the BEST KIND of happy. where i don't know why i'm happy.

i was sitting here being all content and bubbly, and i'm listening to my mp3 player... and all of a sudden the next song is "I Want You" by Savage Garden. THE BEST SONG EVER EVER EVER EVER CREATED. i thought i accidentally deleted it from my list! IT'S HERE ON RIGHT NOW I'M LISTENING TO IT!



everything in life is okay!
the love of my life is still the love of my life! and he will be forever! because he's all mine! and i'm all his!
i have Savage Garden on my mp3 player!
i'm going to a Horrorpops concert this month!
monday my friend might give me Roman Dirge's autograph! a personalized one!
in May i'm going to Disneyland!
during spring break i'm seeing my friends for a girl's night out!
i'm going to Prom for the first time ever with someone i love! and friends i love!
a band that i photographed in downtown Seattle is actually getting famous!
i am wearing new clothes that make me look fabulous!
i wanna dance!
i can't believe all the happy coming at me at once!!!!

i love you all!
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being emo and stupid.
Date: Mar 25th, 2006 4:33:54 pm - Subscribe
Mood: drained and emo.
current question on the gray matter:: will tonight get good?

i'm in an okay mood, i guess. a little on the emo side because of my mom, but hey, we all have days, right? i feel drained for some reason.

i have a lot of things to say, but nothing i can really put out there for the general public to read. besides, it's a bunch of ranting, so... it gets old.

i filled out an application for Hot Topic today. dad's going to let me drive today for a bit. it'll get my mind off of things, i think. Josh said he's going to go application hunting today. cool.

i'm getting my license by December no matter what. i would like it a lot earlier, but thanks to me being completely lazy and irresponsible, it's not happening as early as i would like.

ugh. i need to stop feeling so emo today. the whole getting easily upset thing is getting so old. at least this time around it's something completely different that i'm upset about. o_o; sorry, you have no idea what i'm talking about.

i'm going to go um... do something else. bye now.
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