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femmeemo Under the mistletoe. - Subscribe
That's where I want you. Right Now. Ever wonder why people allow others to dictate who and how they live their lives? Hrrmm. I miss Olesya. Stupid kid keeps going to Vancouver. Leaving me here with the bullshit of high school to deal with alone.

{Andrea dispises Jelena}

"Don't let Her ruin your fucking night, Olesya." Fucking Bitch...Ruin my Grad.

{Andrea feels ashamed}

Aha! I feel so...erm, what is the word...insecure? Maybe. I don't know. I see myself in black and white and everyone else is in color. It's like walking under water... What a wierd feeling. Spencer didn't bring a date to Grad...Jerk.

So I still haven't updated about Grad so you guys can disreguard the Jelena comment. Fucking Bitch.

Gotta Run and procrastinate over something else.
Mood: introspective
I Hear: Alkaline Trio

femmeemo Breathe..I saw him I saw him.... Jun 4th, 2005 1:49:32 am - Subscribe
I wrked today...The retarded shift. 7:15pm till 11:15 pm. Grr...Four hours of express does funny things to your mind.

I feel so slimy. Olesya is back. I would assume. I just got home a half hour ago so I dunno for sure. I watched Babar and I'm gonna watch some crap show in ten minutes. 1 hour of television a week woohoo. Talk about splurging.

The guy across the street came to my place of employment today. So Awkward. We just stared at each other for a while then he asked what his total was. He bought a sandwich. I need a life. He looks funny up close but so sweet. I heart his shoes. Wierd leather converse thingy(s).

What a bullshit entry. Going to watch some quality television and eat soggy french fries and get fat. Yup. Fat. From soggy fries. Mmmmmmmmm.......

Greeting from the blob on the couch....Greetings from me.

{How sad is it that 1 hour of couch time makes me feel like a blob}

Mood: Itchy
I Hear: Death From Above 1979