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femmeemo My first entry... - Subscribe

Okay, so my day has kinda been a little crummy....If only we had written that stupid essay tommorrow....curses. Then I JUST had to slip and crack my crainium...silly half melted ice. Goodness Gracious Me. Now Im off to show my ~oh-so-pretty~ head in public so I can yet again earn my keep in society. I hate working part time....

But it could be so much worse....

I could be shallow.
Mood: Indifferent
I Hear: Alkaline Trio

femmeemo Weekend Issues...Gawd Mar 12th, 2005 4:39:01 pm - Subscribe

So I worked on friday and all was okay. I went to work today and I hurt my shoulder so I had to go the docter's and now I can't work for a week and a half and boy is my boss upset. My mom and dad are freaking out at each other and its supposed to snow again soon....On a positive note I talked to Matt and Olesya and their weekends suck so far too.

Goodness I'm a pleasent person....

Mood: dour
I Hear: Hot Hot Heat

femmeemo Look Look!! Mar 12th, 2005 6:08:52 pm - Subscribe
Snuffy's Suicide Attempts

Poor baby, life is rough for you, huh? No one
seems to see you, no one notices your
pain--except for your friend Big Bird, but he's
alway off hanging out with his other friends.
You wish you were him, all happy and curious
and popular and bright yellow. You feel like
his shadow anymore, like the only reason you
exist is to amuse him. It's hard being
somebody's imaginary friend. But stop trying
to kill yourself--imaginary people can't kill
themselves. Sorry. And hey, maybe tomorrow
you'll feel better!
Someday people will see you, I promise.

Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Mood: rebellious
I Hear: Still Hot Hot Heat...

femmeemo Well, Well, Well... Mar 13th, 2005 11:52:17 am - Subscribe

So I get up at nine...which for a Sunday is wickedly early... But Its all good. I go upstairs read the paper do some dishes and work for a while on my English assignment. I really shouldn't procastinate on these things...but its such a habit(mind you not always a bad one) but a habit none the less. My dad is leaving on monday... !Ay Bendito! Uh Oh...I forgot I had spanish homework...Gotta Run!!

I love this place...
Mood: swell
I Hear: From Autumn to Ashes

femmeemo I can\'t Believe it. Mar 15th, 2005 4:47:16 pm - Subscribe
okay I got rejected from Grant MacEwan College...of all the lousy things to happen...goodness. I need to go listen to some comfort music...
Mood: petrified
I Hear: Weezer

femmeemo Living in lack... Mar 16th, 2005 3:12:59 pm - Subscribe
So I broke my money fast. I bought lunch and Yoge'n'Fruz .Soo Good. Came home in the snow one block early just because I wanted to and got to see, just to make my day all the better, the guy from across the street and his band-mates. He is so nice and did I mention that he isn't all that hard on the eyes?? He was wearing those amazing Orange Sunglasses again. Auntie Cindy will be in tonite I'm beyond excited...if only she wasn't going on her honeymoon she could of taken me and Olesya to Taste Of Chaos...but such is life. So my day has been pretty good, my grandma sent me a new sweater-vest in the mail, so I wore it today and I Love It!!


Mood: whimsical
I Hear: Death From Above - 1979

femmeemo Grease and Slouching... Mar 17th, 2005 9:52:51 pm - Subscribe
Who's cool today?? That's right me...I wore my oh so slick yellow and black polkadot skirt ($6 @ Value Village) to school today...was awesome. Also went to Ikea and bought a throw pillow for my new and Improved Yoga corner with my auntie Cindy. Didn't work today and well, my day was just plain SHWEET!! In Spanish today, we had this substitute teacher so me and Kate (or Kate and I for all of you with proper grammer) did quizes out of some stupid spanish teen magazine...I learned alot from it, I'm a Strawberry?? For all of you leprecons, happy St.Patrick's day...

Night Night,

My Sweet Prince of Cumberland.
Mood: cosmic
I Hear: From Autumn to Ashes

femmeemo Well, I AM flattered but... Mar 18th, 2005 4:05:27 pm - Subscribe

So I forgot to write about the girl at Tim Hortons. I was listening to my diskman eating a muffin and I noticed this girl was staring at me. After a while she came over to sit with me and said Hi. I pulled off my headphones and meekly said Hello. She askes me how I am and I say Fine...I finish the last bit of coffee and get up to leave. She jumps up and says "Wait!! Here's my phone me sometime." Awkwardly I took the crumpled paper and left. What was I to do..."Ummm, well I'm flattered but Well..." It was the first time a girl has ever tried to pick me up... Odd.

Today was good!! I uh, hung out with Patrick and Olesya and bought a new C.D. And new Headphones. I ate a thai veggie bowl and then went to english. Ran into that Oh~So~Cute Screamo Emo singer for a local band called Forgotten Fate...He held the door open for me...And commented on my scarf. Wow! This week sure flew by.


Mood: Lonely...tear
I Hear: (old) My Chemical Romance

femmeemo Cynical Typical Tyrannical Mar 19th, 2005 10:11:06 pm - Subscribe
So, it's Saturday, eh? I went to a flea market and bought my best friend the first Distillers C.D. for only $6.
Was supposed to go thrift shopping with Olesya but, well, I cleaned all day. Okay not anywhere near all day and it wasn't so much cleaning as it was tidying and well...Where am I going with this you ask...nowhere.
Tommorrow is my mother's fourty-third birthday so I'm taking her to The Olive Garden...I wanted to go to the dinner theater but OH NO, mommy wants to go and have pasta at The Olive Garden. Hey, whatever, it's her birthday and well, mine is coming soon so I should behave.
Birthday and Grad...what mayhem, what madness, excitment??? I think not. My silly grandmother (Oma) keeps hastling me to bring a do I break it to her that her grandaughter attracts only women and kinda creepy jock types...nothing ideal for me personally but maybe...

Ahh, what good is a date anyways...


tounge.gif (giggle)--->date...
Mood: Lame
I Hear: The Distillers

femmeemo Happy Happy Happy Mar 20th, 2005 5:19:09 pm - Subscribe
It's my moms birthday and so far so good. treked through the freaking snow at 11:30 this morning to pick up some flowers for her...She liked them. We are going to dinner in a bit so I should probably go and change out of my sweatpants...although I here there is a revolution...besides the point. I'll add if anything exciting happens...not likely but hey ya' never know.


Mood: undesirable
I Hear: Bright Eyes

femmeemo Fro~zone and ice creme Mar 21st, 2005 4:00:13 pm - Subscribe
I watched Les Incredibles...silly Olesya, and yet again did not go to English class...I have no clue when my huge English project is due so I have to somehow stop my school from phoning me and get this stupid assignment done. And yet again I am procrastinating by writing in my silly blog. OH WELL...whatcha' gonna do? It's only the most important subject I have this term and seeing as I can't even get accepted into Grant McEwan, I don't see how I shall ever acomplish anything in life....


Mood: Hopeless
I Hear: Thrice

femmeemo Bobbypins and Greasytails Mar 22nd, 2005 5:11:06 pm - Subscribe
I accomplished work today...sorta. I'm babysquashing right idiot brother. Or babysitting I suppose.... I seemingly am addicted to Yogen'Fruz....yummers. Yogurt and Bright Eyes...sweet nothings. I haven't wrote anything substancial in forever...why break a good trend? I came to the conclusion that people are simply alone because they want to be. No-one is so undesirable that NO~ONE would want to be with them...the problem is that our standards are so rediculously high. Whatever, being alone is ain't all that bad. I guess. It took me damn near seventeen years to figure that out.



:banana-guitar: :banana-drums:
Mood: belligerent
I Hear: Bright Eyes...hehe

femmeemo Ucky Tummy... Mar 22nd, 2005 10:47:04 pm - Subscribe

Okay I attempted to think of a much better title, but that is it....I ate a strange assortment of things...and now...*Blarg*...

Step One) Add Craisins

Step Two) Add half tub of lime Sherbet

Step Three) Chase brother for hour and a half to do chores....

Step Four) realize it would have been easier to do them yourself

Step Five) Look at clock and faint

Step Six) Write in Blog

and finally....

Step Seven) Mom comes home and eats my train(all twelve cars...)--->

So that's why my stomach is all twisted and knarly...knarly...what a strange word.

Have a good night my sweet
Knight of Cumberland.

Mood: damned
I Hear: Brand New

femmeemo Good day Vs. Day from hell, Which will prevail? Mar 24th, 2005 10:07:43 pm - Subscribe

Okay, so my father hung himself {not literally} him and his lover have been caught in the act...Fucking pervert. Gawd, I am so disgusted and ill right now...

:Cowardly Lion:

I dreamt a many a blasphemous things that night, that night I watched you die.~
I dreamt a many a sinnful things, the moment the night sky cried.~
All through the night, all through that night, I watched you.~
Pick up the splinters and shards of glass,
and stick them,~
As if pins into the greying black of her heart, her soul.~
And as you smiled benignly and watched her writhe and whither in the pain of death.~
You came to offer you sincerest condolances, well wearing that grin,~
That boyish grin that stole a kiss from her fair frowning face.~

"Tis' Strange," She murmurs, "How these things transpire..."


I'm tramatized and horrifically scarred. Not even a pick~me~up hour of solitude and music could fix it. This is going to be the Longest Long Weekend EVER...

[God Grant Me The Serenity To Make It Through This Weekend...]

: Puke :
Mood: repulsed
I Hear: Alkaline Trio...sorta.

femmeemo Holy Crap.... Mar 29th, 2005 12:35:22 pm - Subscribe
It has been offically one hell of a long weekend. I have now work five consecutive shifts and am freaking exhausted. Well, so I suppose I shall wish all of you a lovely belated Easter. I got a MP3 player thing but I can't download much of anything beacuse I'm not old enough to own a credit card. But I have some Bright Eyes, some Unicorns and a bunch of not~so~bad canadian bands I have never heard of.....

Thursday, I plan God do I hate shopping but I desperatly need a pair of jeans. I also want a brown sweater and seeing as all I do is work I should be allowed to buy my self things, right??

Dark and distant, Dark and distant.....

Until later....

Mood: social
I Hear: Uncle Outrage...silly E-town kids...