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Beauty in the breakdown.

Jul 28th, 2010 6:05:42 pm - Subscribe

It seems like I don't have anything world altering, or thrilling to share. I feel like my life should be snappier.

We live in a world of Current Facebook Updates, and Tweets and yet my life just plods along.

Unlike high school self, sort-of-grown-up-self is not thrilled by every wayward glance, nor is she half as hopeful for a perfect relationship, and no financial worries, and a beautiful home and a great job and the right clothes. She is more realistic than that.

She doesn't have a snappy update for twitter every hour on the hour. Her facebook profile doesn't make me happy, nor sad.

I am average. She is average. Average. Why is that word so devastating? So- unsettling? And yet, if average is just that... then by standard... what is extraordinary?

I am not special. Not really. My interests, my knowledge, is shared by hundreds. Likely more than that. My genetics are slightly unique, but I am just parts of others.

I am me. Which happens to be pretty average.
Perhaps a little more introverted than most.
But wholly uninteresting.

I Feel: Beautiful.
I Hear: Remy Zero - Fair
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avatar evie

September 14th, 2010

I would kill for average right now. I'm so below average. My status updates are desperate attempts to make people laugh. No one is really interesting enough to justify posting every hour. One clever thought per day is my rule. Even the most interesting people have moments of boring.

Thank you for singing Soft Kitty.

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