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Sometimes we pause

Mar 12th, 2014 6:17:05 pm - Subscribe

It's been awhile since I've written here, but in a few weeks I kick off my first round of travels for work. Saskatoon, Banff, Miami, Toronto, New York, Toronto, Winnipeg, PEI and Toronto. A week here, a few days there... it adds up quick and before I know it will be July.

I was thrown today by an unexpected message from a friend whom I haven't heard from in years. I think deathcab4u might've actually been the first online person that I spoke to on a regular basis. It was nice to hear that he is doing well.

It made me think of Dustin too. And Marlene. I wonder how their lives turned out.

I let myself get wrapped up in my own head the last few months- stress and an anxiety disorder lends to self alienation and hiding. Though not to the extent that I would have clung to five years ago. Two years ago. I take that as growth.

Though that being said- I still listen to half the same music I did in high school, even though graduation is closer to ten years ago then it is to five. I am ready to travel. I am ready for silly adventures, and vacation too. I look forward to marrying two very good friends of mine in New York in the park in early May (online ordained Jedi master of awesome?) and I look forward to long walks with my dog.

I feel better this week. I do. I needed a change, and it was given to me. Now to hold onto it like the gift it should be, and not the curse it feels like.


I Feel: Thin.
I Hear: Brand New- Sowing Season
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avatar end-of

April 13th, 2014

it can be so difficult to accept the changes that we require to grow when they happen to us. but when we can do it, and not just hold onto what we've known before, it's the most renewing thing we can do for ourselves. letting go means a chance to start again. hope yours is going well.

good to see you're still blogging here; I always like to read your evocative words. take care.

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