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Tetonic Plates

Jun 25th, 2012 1:34:57 pm - Subscribe

I had a dream that the world was shifting under my feet; that everything was shaking, screams lighting up across the sky.

I dreamt that I stood in the hollow of a valley as it transformed heaving, into a mountain- with only a mind shattering screech echoing in my head to prove it had ever been anything but the newly minted peak.

There was death in my dream. Not just mine; but the deaths of many. Mothers, fathers. Lovers, spinsters, and the damned. We all died the same way. It amazed me, dream me- that death was the same equilizer as birth had been. We all were born the same way- setting and timing aside. We all die.

It wasn't a scary dream. It was hardly even a nightmare.
It was cold.

Cold, when I woke.

It was cold with the realization that one day I would move my valley to the top of a mountain. And from there I could see everything ending.

I woke knowing that one day, I will have all of my answers.

I Feel: Free'd
I Hear: Popcorn Burning.
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June 25th, 2012

ahh, i love this post happy.gif

avatar end-of

July 20th, 2012

It's good to see you still write here. This post really speaks to me, especially in the tie between having one's answers and beginning to see the end of things. We seek answers without really understanding what it is to have to face the truth.

I also like how you speak of death being the same equalizer as birth.

avatar femmeemo

August 06th, 2013

Thank you End-Of. <3

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