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Duuuuuuude, its finally over. Fall 2008 semester is finally over. This was my most stressful finals session by far. There was just so much to do, and I don't even know how I got through all of it. I'm just glad that its all finally over with. All I can say is, Its about freakin' time.

I'm thinking that my grades will be as follows:
ART259 - B+
ART102 - B
ART103 - B
ART240 - B
GEOG101L - C

These are the worst I could get (at least I hope), but maybe i'll get better grades. I hate thinking about grades though, because Its so freakin' hard to raise my gpa to a 2.75 (currently at 2.57). If I don't, then i'm screwed and cant get into my major (Art Multimedia). Lame. I really tried stepping it up this semester too, but getting A's is always so distant, impossible. In my ideal world, 75% should be an A, but that'll never happen. Then again, Barack Obama is president, so who knows.

Nikon D40 FTW!

I feel like changing my layout because I feel like the pictures I post are too small, or are not appreciative from such a small resolution. I'm just too lazy to create wider layout, but maybe sometime during this break, i'll get around to it. Now that school is over, I have more time to my Nikon D40 that I totally love! Yes, i've been keeping it a secret for a while, but now you know. Sure its entry level, but my philosophy is that its more on the creativity of the photographer, rather than the amount of expensive gear that you have. Sure you still need good equipment, but I don't need the best. I can't afford the best anyways. Being a full time student with no job. I would like a flash though. Nikon SB600 to take my pictures to another level. Bounce flash and diffused flash ftw.

Random pics in my backyard w/ d40

I'm learning how to use my built in flash to my liking however. It isn't totally what I want, but the outcomes are nicer. Usually, when I use the direct flash, the front is overly light and washed out, while the background is really really dark. I learned from messing around with my d40 that if I set the flash to be weaker, and set my shutter speed lower, then I get a more even out spread of light. It works, but a bounce flash is much more desirable in my opinion.

I'm still learning a lot about DSLR's and what not. I learned a lot from kenrockwell as well as from fiddling around on my own. He absolutely loves the d40 and it makes me feel better about the purchase ($450 - 25% off from navy exchange). It was kind of an impulse buy since we had the 25% off scratcher. I didn't know much, if anything about DSLR's at the time. All I knew was that I wanted one so that I could take leet pictures like i see on DeviantART. But anyhow, kenrockwell prefers the P (program) mode, but i'm loving the manual mode, and adjusting all the settings on my own. There really is more than just point and shoot to photography, and i'm now just starting to learn.

Warm Warm Warm!

Upon experimenting with my camera, I learned that I really like warm pictures. Just something about them that I like. The overall tones are just much nicer and appeal more to me.

In the future when I get a job and stuff, i'll probably get a flash first, then look more to lenses. I want to make the most out of my d40, rather than buying a more expensive and higher quality camera body right away. Make the most of what I got! One problem with the d40 though is that I can't use older lenses, as they wont auto focus. I can only use the newer lenses. That doesnt bother me as much because I can't even afford a new lens, nor do I have any old nikon lenses. So its all good. Next lens I want is the 18-200mm VR Lens, which will most likely be from a 3rd party company. I want to get a macro lens too (they're for really close up shots)

Dusty ass Gundam

For some reason, I wanted to get Canon so bad... for reasons I dont know. I still wish I had gotten a Canon, but I really love my d40. I even wanted to get a pentax dslr because it has built in SR (shake reduction, aka VR Vibration reduction for Nikon), which would be very handy for non flash shots where you have to be very steady, or else you get a blurry picture. Besides, I don't think it would matter too much.


Old Tripod!

Cross Filter

I got some new accessories for my d40. They're not professional grade or anything since I don't have the funds. I got some quantaray filters at Ritz for experimentation. I read up on circular polarizers filters, and found out that they give more vibrant colors and remove glares, so I wanted that, and I knew I wanted a cross filter, which crosses lights and gives it a cool effect. I also got a UV haze filter since it was buy 2, get 1 free. I just use that as a lens protector, but then again, I always leave my polarizer on, so the UV Haze filter just kinda sits in its box. I also got a new toy today! Well, its not really new, as my dad just found it in the garage. But wooot! I got a tripod to use now! Now I can experiment more. I was gonna buy one, but mann these cost a lot too. Good thing my dad used to have a Canon FILM slr (it broke =).

Wow, I just talked sooooo much about my dslr. I've learned so much, and have gained so much interest in photography. Its crazy. I totally dropped the whole headphone scene. Just seemed like a waste to me, which I realized. I got my Sansa clip 2gb, Koss KSC75s, and my JVC RX700's for home. Maybe i'll get some audio technica's in the future.

I'm almost 21, hahahha. Weird. I know i've said this a million times, but I don't feel this old. Seriously. I still feel like a teenager.

Its been freeeeeeeezing lately! I like it, hahaha. Its way better than being hot, sweaty, and stinky. Especially in my rooom! Its either super cold in here, or super hot! I prefer the winter time though. I like winter clothes too. Looks a lot nicer on me I guess. I love the feeling of being warm on a cool day as opposed to being cool on a warm day. Getting into the shower and into the blanket is just more satisfying. Its also been really rainy. Haven't experienced that in a while. I even heard there were floods across the county. Crazy! Now when will the snow come? Haha.

I've been watching the Chargers games lately. I don't know what struck me, but yeah, i'm down for the chargers. I barely know the game rules and what not, but i'm always glued to the TV (which I rarely watch) when they have a game. Last weeks game was SCARY CRAZY! I can't believe they pulled that off. Good stuff. I was actually jumping around and stuff. It was kinda funny now that I think about it. Lots of OMG's and WTF's. And cheers at the end of course.

Naruto and Bleach are getting really really good. I just wish they wouldn't talk for 5 minutes straight sometimes, and continue with the action. But hey... what can you do. I also finished deathnote (finally!) The ending wasn't very satisfying, and I was left kind of empty... or something like that. I wish they could've added more to the story or something.

Ernestine is finally moving back to her beloved home after living in mission valley for which seems like forever already! Woot. Hopefully her house looks great and they get settled soon. Now we can carpool again, although the semester is already over, hahahaha.

Hmm... Idk what else to say. At least the semester is over and I don't have to keep asking myself whats due on this day or that day. I really need this break. Time to relax and enjoy myself.


Ernestine is awesome! I know she did really well on her finals too. And if she didn't, theres going to be huge curves anyway which would give her super good grades in her class. So its like she gets A's anyways. Lucky.

Her birthday recently passed (Dec 2) and she had the most delicious cake ever. I forgot what was in it, but when she brought a slice for me to school, it was heavenly! I liked the stuff in the middle. It was so goooood, hahah. I want some more! Minus the frosting! Haha, why was I never given a cake like that. No wonder I don't like cake. Its because I've never had a good one.

Nes found out that she has a Film SLR camera, and when she realized she did, she got super happy! She wanted to find it right away, and now that shes at home, shes probably looking all over the place for it! Hehe, I sparked the interest in her. Now shes gonna find it somehow, get some film, and take some shots with me! I bet she's gonna be super good at taking pics too. She's gonna get better than me and i'm gonna get jealous. Then shes gonna get a super good DSLR OLYMPUS camera and laugh at my face. I could so picture it.

She got an Ipod touch for her birthday! Its pretty cool, with a touch screen and colorful interface. She also has some games which are very frustrating on there. She has this whack a mole kind of game, but its so BLAH because it doesn't detect my hits sometimes! And I do not freakin miss!

She went to mitsuwa recently as well, and got some "Water on lip" (LOL, some kind of weird lip balm) for her luscious, big, yummy lips. They don't need to be watered, but I guess she likes it like that. HAHAHAHAA, jk jk. She loves lip balm though. She also got me this really yummy candy that was apple flavored. Its really goood! I like the chunks that are inside the candy too. That'd be cool if they sold really big packs, hahha. I'd get some of those.

Thanks babe. You really are amazing grin.gif. Thanks for always keeping me company and buying me food at school. I think I would starve if you weren't there to share some taco bell with, hahah. Man, that sounds good right now. Since its all cold and all, and i'm kinda hungry. MMM grilled stuffed burrito sounds so good -_-. Darn it. Arts and letters is a great place for us, huh? Has great internet, we can eat there, and its just cool. And you can read your stuff in peace, and we can take funny laptop pictures together, lol. Hooray!

Now write more about me! Hmph.


I'm really cold babe. Lets cuddle! I need your body warmth! Stop being so selfish and share!

I wish we could have a movie night, or even a movie day, where we just watch movies on the couch, with a blanket, so we're never cold! Hahaha. Yeah, i'll get you your food every now and then, since I know you'll make me. And I wont take off your socks! Promise! Unless you tell me too. haha. Since youre feet are just so heavenly.

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lenesqwik - December 19th, 2008
this is such a long entry. i'm proud of you!

sorry about your grades. i'm really hoping that you'll get A's! no worries, you'll get a 2.75 gpa soon enough. hopefully next semester is gonna be more exciting. this semester was >.> for me.

you're such a camera maniac! i'm glad you're learning lots and lots and lots of stuff from that person. i'm too lazy to scroll up. one day we'll take a photographing trip around SD. only sucky thing is that i have to scan in order to show people my pics online.. siiiigh.

thanks for writing all that stuff about me! means a lot. happy.gif you 21-year-old you.


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