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There I was, just googling 'free blog host', more out of habit than need. Definitely no need for a new blog. I have so many now, it's kinda distracting. Then I saw this host here--the one I am going to have to concentrate on in order to be able to spell. I noticed the little pencil, and it reminded me of Livejournal. Then I saw all those flash games. Thought perhaps it was a misdirect, but no, it said blogging community. I clicked on lost_souls' blog and was hooked. Why? The template! It was very cool. Dark and transparent with the middle scrolling. I also noticed that Lost-Soul wanted to discuss something but couldn't. Uh oh--bad sign. Usually very bad sign. Don't ask I said to myself--don't make that comment. Get away. Go register yourself. So I did.
Mood: tranquil