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Okay, something about me you should know. I collect things on the net and post them in my journals. I always give credit and link back when I can because that is why I do what I do--to SHARE and to expose others to talent and beauty and interest. I dunno how many times I have seen lovely things on the net, only to have them disappear the next minute. I SAVE them. I also love cats, so here is one now. This is a wonderful little site.

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'This is Moses. He was born on April 24, 2011, Easter Sunday. He will be 11 weeks old this Sunday. We found him under our deck with his umbilical cord still attached. He was diagnosed with Flat Chest Kitten Syndrome and spent 4 days in the emergency room with oxygen due to his poor breathing. Unbelievably it appears the FCKS has reversed itself and Moses is an active normal kitty, who now enjoys torturing our 2 dogs Shea and Timmy. When we found Moses we agreed as a family we would nurse him back to health and then find a good home for him BUT that has changed. We have ALL fallen madly in love with him and he will be ours forever.'

Daily Kitten
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end-of - August 08th, 2011
The kitty made my day. happy.gif
Yeah, I am trying to keep my blog going again. I missed writing a lot. I'm glad to see you are back! I love your found-things collection, it's really cool to see into other people's interests like that.
Oh, the things on my background are black rocks (wet with water, possibly, or polished), with the back of a leaf overlaid in the centre. And yeah, the comment font is pretty intolerable. I need to fix that!
Thanks for reading my stuff and your kind words, as always. happy.gif I'll check back here more often!


fiona - January 24th, 2017
Hi end-of! I am trying to replace images, but every time I edit, it gives me an error and acts like I haven't entered a title or content. Any suggestions? :/


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