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Date: Oct 7th, 2004 3:03:25 pm - Subscribe
Mood: frustrated
you've given me a heart like a gun: grr

man oh man. im so tired. i worked the past three days and decided to take off from school today which i probably shouldn't have done but oh well. so it looks like i am going to be studying abroad in ireland next year. im really excited but now i can't spend any of the money im making cause this is going to be a very expensive little escapade. i suppose its worth it. who am i kidding its definatley worth it. im waiting on paul to get back right now. i hate it when he does this whole "hold on for a sec" and hten 15 min later he comes back. theres a BIG difference between a sec and 15 min. hmm..so im really tired and if he dosen't come back soon im going to sleep. tomorrow hannah and i are going to see vanity fair. yay! and then we're going to eat at brogen's peir side (she dosen't know that yet) and then on to kickball and shannon's house. saturday jackie and i have to go to savannah to get halloween costumes for the party at work. we're doing the pumpkin carving contest and its gonna be fun! im excited. halloween is my favorite holiday. ok well im really not going to be able to stay awake much longer so i guess im gonna go. im sad though because i really want to talk to paul. i wonder if that was holli who signed on under his name? i hope not or his will be in big trouble. hmm... what to talk about while i wait? uuuhhh....well im gonna see if jackie wants me to work for her saturday so i can make some extra $$$. and..ummm...i don't know. i really dont have anything else to say. its been almost 20 min since paul told me to hold on. this is rediculous. ahh! hmm... im so tired. ok this is stupid im gone.
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