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Pick any topic Sep 19th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood | abandoned


Written - September 20th, 2005 @3:09am
Mood - Curious
Eating - Milk and cereals

You choose a topic for this blog.

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Mary Roach Sep 16th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood | fragile

Written - September 17th, 2005 @1:05am
Mood - Troubled and astonished
Eating - White rice
Music - Roxy Music, Love is the drug

I was browsing some forum for infos about a program called American Idol which is not so popular over here like it is in the USA, and I read some discussion about a girl called Mary Roach who performed a *weird* audition last January.
After I saw the full video of her audition I started to feel very uneasy about this girl. I don't understand if she's an actress or if it's all *for real*.
If you want to watch her audition click here. What do you think about her? She's dangerous to herself, she says she hears voices in her head and she was sure she could make it to Hollywood!
I'm astonished, just like the judges. I really feel anxious for her.

I mean...

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Poetry is a destructive force Sep 13th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - September 13th, 2005 @2:08pm
Mood - Balanced
Wearing - Cherry chemise

by Wallace Stevens

That's what misery is, nothing to have at heart.
It is to have or nothing, it is a thing to have.
A lion, an ox in his breast, to feel it breathing there.
Corazon, stout dog, young ox, bow-legged bear. He tastes its blood, not spit.
He is like a man in the body of a violent beast. Its muscles are his own...
The lion sleeps in the sun, its nose is on its paws. It can kill a man.

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50 random facts about me Sep 12th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - September 13th, 2005 @1:03am
Mood - Happy
Eating - Nasi goreng

1. Eyecolor: grey/blue

2. Weight: 46kgs (101.2 lbs)

3. Flower: white rose

4. Brand: Chanel

5. Season: Winter

6. Food: Basmati rice, steak, chocolate

7. Drink: water

8. Sense: Hearing

9. Lucky number: 4

10. Color: white, olive green

11. Animal: Peacock

12. Game: The Sims

13. Hobby: Writing, cooking

14. Ethnicity: 50% Italian, 50% Swedish

15. Tattoos: left thigh

16. Piercings: ears, tummy

17. Surgery: nose

18. Band: Roxy music

19. Singer: Gwen Stefani

20. Actor: Gerard Depardieu

21. Actress: Robin Wright Penn

22. Director: Pedro Almodovar

23. Movie: Tacones Lejanos

24. Book: Stephen King's Misery

25. Fascination: the art of Alberto Vargas

26. Gemstone: rose quartz

27. Spice: Cinnamon, saffron

28. Flatmates: Emilio & Rasputin, two male black cats

29. Best friend: I don't believe in friendship

30. Likes: music, stretch lace, waking up late, tunna fish, meditation, mirrors, knitting

31. Dislikes: priests, travelling, phones, chinese food, people taking me for granted

32. Collection: sugar bags

33. Spoken languages: Italian, English, French, Dutch

34. Nightmare: Falling off a cliff

35. Best dream: Eating giant pastries

36. Motto: Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot

37. Death penalty: against

38. Abortion: for

39. War: against

40. Getting married: against

41. Cohabitation: against

42. Gay marriage: for

43. Having kids: against

44. Euthanasia: for

45. Drug liberalization: against

46. Night or day? Night

47. Talking or listening? Listening

48. Thongs or G-Strings? G-Strings

49. Skirt or pants? Skirt

50. Hollywood or Broadway? Broadway

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The love stone Sep 4th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - September 5th, 2005 @3:15am
Mood - Strange
Focused on - A piece of rough pink quartz

Okay, Mr. Rose Quartz. You win. I'm all yours.
Read more about the Stone of warmth and love (Opens a new window)

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I wish I had a japanese koi pond Sep 4th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - September 5th, 2005 @1:02am
Mood - Zen
Focused on - Building a bigger bathroom for my Sims
Eating - Rice pilaf

I wish I had a japanese koi pond to fill with aquatic plants and frog statues, waterlilies, and waterfall pumps and everything...Don't you think green is a wonderful color?

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Michael\'s b-day Aug 29th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - August 29th, 2005 @6:29pm
Mood - Feline
Music - Michael Jackson, Billie Jean
Eating - Salmon sandwiches

Today is Michael Jackson's birthday. He turns 47! Happy birthday!
I was a big fan of Michael. Soon on this site: when I met Michael Jackson.
Enjoy this flash movie (click here below)...
The King Of Pop is 47

Come celebrate his birthday on...
and on...

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Dilemma Aug 5th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - August 6th, 2005 @4:15am
Mood - Faithful
Music - Steven Halpern's music for learning
Eating - Pineapple

Don't fall in love with someone you can live with.
Fall in love with someone you can't live without.

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Dear Moon Aug 4th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

my closest friend

Written -August 4th, 2005 @5:56pm
Mood - Free
Music - Scott Joplin, The entertainer

Lately, I ended up understanding that the Moon is my closest friend.
My favorite hobby is to look at it using my telescope. I can't forget the first time I saw the Moon. After I set up my telescope I had a closer look at it. As my telescope came across it something happened that I can't explain. I started to feel just smaller and smaller. Later on I bought a more expensive and powerful telescope and started to draw sky maps on simple paper. Looking at my friend the Moon in the nightsky is a wonderful, silent experience, and this is the reason why I decided to add a lunar phase calculator to this journal. It will be available very soon.
They say that the Moon can influence our lives. The way it influences the whole Earth is visible on the large body of waters in the sea. The Sun is said to influence the centre of our personality. He is the soul-influencer of the human body. In the Rig-veda, the Sun is identified with the soul of the Universe as well as the soul of the individual. The different limbs of our body and different parts of our system are supposed to be influenced by different planets. The Sun is capable of influencing the entire being. If there is no Sun, we know what difference it makes for us.
The Moon is supposed to influence the mind. The mind is also made up of material substance. The mind is not spiritual but material.
But more scientifically...
The Moon is our nearest natural satellite. It was created when the proto Earth was hit by a proto planet over 4.5 billion years ago...After the resulting collision, that caused both planets to melt together, the Earth proper was born with it's orbiting Moon. This is when the oldest rocks on Earth were formed. Solar eclipses occur when the Moon is directly in line between the sun and the Earth stopping the light and casting a shadow 20 miles wide across the Earth. The Moon is slowly orbiting further away from the earth in a few thousand years the Moon will have got far enough away that it will no longer be able to cover up the whole of the sun and there will be no more total eclipse of the sun visible from Earth. The Moon rotates on it's axis at the same rate that it orbits around the earth. Because of this, we always see the same side of the Moon from Earth. The Moon is elongated like an egg and it is the big end that is facing towards us. There may be water on the Moon. Scientists have found evidence of frozen water on the Moon's poles. If it is there it could be use as rocket fuel to explore the solar system or power a lunar base. As the Moon's gravity pulls on the earth water is drawn towards it creating the tides.
The Earth is not alone in having a moon. Many of the other planets have moons orbiting them.

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About sleep Aug 4th, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - August 3rd, 2005 @9:53pm
Mood - Pensive
Music - WAH!, Whispered Available on

Many people may have thought, "What in the world was that?" after waking up from a strange dream. Dreams may be very interesting, but they have more to them, such as the sleep cycle, insomnia, and many others people are not aware of. Nightmares and night terrors are also more than what most people think. Dreams are very fascinating and there is much more to them than people realize, but that also means it takes more to understand them. Scientists have been studying the phenomenon for many years.
During sleep
During sleep many things happen: the blood pressure and heart rate drop. The longer a person stays awake, the longer he will sleep. The Circadian system, (the body's internal clock) is what determines how long people will sleep. People normally sleep between six and a half and nine hours a day, which equals one third of our lives.
The four stages of sleep
Sleep also has four stages.
Stage 1 - The person's eyes roll slowly back and forth and the brain works less efficiently than when awake.
Stage 2 - Starts after a few minutes with slow brain waves interrupted by sudden bursts.
Stage 3 - Lasts about ten minutes and is filled with high amplitude brain waves called delta waves and it is difficult to wake the sleeper in this stage.
Stage 4 - Is where dreaming, sleepwalking, and night terrors occur. Delta waves also occur in stage 4 more than half the time.
Many people have trouble sleeping. This is called insomnia. Insomnia is a condition, not a normal event, that may be caused by internalized tension. Insomnia may be occasional or chronic. The only time insomnia can be considered normal is after a tragedy. Insomnia may also be caused by what we eat or drink late at night. It can be helped though. People can take drugs to cure it: over the counter drugs are not always effective though. Prescription drugs like Benzodiazepines and Aenosine trigger sleep. Other methods to cure insomnia include watching a comedy, relaxing, and writing your problems in a worry diary. People can also try not to worry about falling asleep. The most important thing is realizing that nothing can be done about the problems.
NREM: Non-Rapid Eye Movement.
Sleep occurs in stages one, two, and three. During NREM sleep the person has less vivid dreams and their eyes move. It is an inactive stage of sleep. 97% of sleep is inactive and only about 6% of people awaken in NREM remember their dreams.
78% of sleep is NREM.
REM: Rapid Eye Movement.
Is when your eyes move back and forth under closed eyelids. REM takes place during stage 4 of sleep. It lasts up to an hour and occurs every 90 to 100 minutes, three to four times a night. In REM sleep brain temperature increases and irregular breathing and heartbeat were observed. The flow of blood also increases. Most of the people awakened in REM have remembered vivid dreams. The brain is very active in REM sleep.
Every person who has ever lived has experienced nightmares. They may be caused by certain drugs, medications, illness, or stress. Nightmares occur after about three hours of sleep. About five to ten adults have them once a month. One way to stop them is to try to reduce stress. If someone gets nightmares all the time and they are really serious and unsetting in their everyday life, they should consider therapy.
A night terror is a very scary dream, which is more serious than a nightmare. The night terror will usually cause awakening, or at least partial awakening. Unlike nightmares, which occur after three hours of sleep, night terrors happen in about the first hour or two. In a night terror many things may happen. For example, the dreamer might start screaming, making other people nearby think he is in trouble. If someone is sleepwalking, chances are that he is having a night terror. Whenever a child, or even an adult, urinates in their sleep it is usually because they have had one of these dreams. If anyone has a recurrent night terror it means that the dreamer has been struggling with this one problem, of which he may or may not be aware, for a period of time, maybe days, weeks, months, or even years!
Dreams have been studied for many, many years. When scientist studied them they found that everyone, even animals, dreams. To study dreams and sleep the scientist determine if the body is active or inactive. They also measure brainwaves to identify what stage of sleep the person is in and if he is dreaming.
Recording dreams
Dreams have been recorded all through time. A series of mental pictures is the simplest definition of what a dream is. Scientist have found that most dreams are in color, though some people may not be aware of it since color is such a normal part of life. The people who notice are people who notice things more in daily life.
Interpreting dreams
People have many different ways of interpreting dreams. Dreams usually do not mean exactly what is shown. A dream about abandonment can be interpreted to mean that there will be a break up in a relationship, or it can be called a strengthening dream to make the dreamer want to avoid this abandonment. If a person dreams about a banana it means that either the dreamer or someone close to the dreamer may become ill, but not seriously ill. If the dreamer has a baby in the dream, it means that his or her hidden talent or talents are waiting to be born. A dream about adultery symbolizes egotism and that the dreamer is more focused on himself and not the needs of others. If anyone dreams about an alligator or crocodile it is a warning of disaster.
Remembering dreams
If someone wants to remember their dreams he should try writing them down. Dreams can be very important. Artists, writers, and scientists get many of their ideas from dreams.
Dreams are more than just pictures in the mind, and scientists still do not know everything about them. Something more else may be discovered about the sleep cycle or nightmares. Interpretation might also have much more to it than what people think now. Now when people wake up from strange dreams they might start thinking about more than how funny or scary a dream may have been.

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These dreams Aug 3rd, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - August 4th, 2005 @2:18am
Mood - Serene
Music - Heart, These Dreams
with special thanks to david

Spare a little candle, save some light for me - Figures up ahead moving in the trees - White skin in linen, perfume on my wrist - And the full moon that hangs over these dreams in the mist - Darkness on the edge, shadows where I stand - I search for the time on a watch with no hands - I want to see you clearly, come closer than this - But all I remember are the dreams in the mist - These dreams go on when I close my eyes - Every second of the night I live another life - These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside - Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away - Is it cloak n dagger, could it be spring or fall - I walk without a cut through a stained glass wall - Weaker in my eyesight, the candle in my grip - And words that have no form are falling from my lips - These dreams go on when I close my eyes - Every second of the night I live another life - These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside - Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away - There's something out there I can't resist - I need to hide away from the pain - There's something out there I can't resist - The sweetest song is silence that I've ever heard - Funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth - In a wood full of princesses freedom is a kiss - But the prince hides his face from dreams in the mist -
These dreams go on when I close my eyes - Every second of the night I live another life - These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside - Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away...

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Unwanted advices Aug 3rd, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - August 3rd, 2005 @9:53pm
Mood - Unispired
Task - Deleting obsolete files

I wish people would mind their own business. I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but why do people give you unwanted advices when you never asked them to do so? Is it because they feel like they're dealing with people who don't know what they're doing, or is it just a hobby? Just wondering.

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Friends view Aug 3rd, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - August 3rd, 2005 @5:47pm
Mood - Challenged
Music - The Beatles, And I love her

I added some of you in my friends list and I just realized that I had to change my Friends Template otherwise the ones I added would see something totally weird...Please report errors, ty.

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Rain Aug 3rd, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood |

Written - August 3rd, 2005 @8:11am
Mood - Gloomy
Music - Bryan Ferry, These foolish things

A giant thunder woke me up from sleep last night. Rain always gets me in the mood for making love, but unfortunately he wasn't there. So I've spent a couple of hours looking out of my window, coffee in my hands, and I stayed awake wondering if he was or not. What the fuck. Is there any pill I can take not to think about this man all the time?

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Life is so unpredictable Aug 2nd, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood | Melodramatic

Written - August 2nd, 2005 @6:07am
Mood - Melodramatic
Music - Morcheeba, Fear and love

Life is so unpredictable. One day you look at someone and then you don't see anyone else. Amazing how it takes a split second to make something last eternally. I have liked you for a very long time now. There must be something really special about you, and yet I still don't know exactly what it is. It might be all the things I see on the surface, the things that everyone can see. It might be all the things you don't show, the person you really are. Whatever it might be, you're a rare combination of so many special things, and this sets you apart from everyone else.
You belong to that hidden place in me where my dreams reside, where my hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my dearest memories are safe. Only the most special things get to come inside my heart and stay. You're on my mind more often than any other thoughts. Sometimes I bring you there on purpose, just to make my day brighter. Whenever my thoughts start to wander, they always take me into your arms.

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Hihi Aug 2nd, 2005 - Subscribe
Mood | Blonde

Written - August 2nd, 2005 @2:31am
Mood - Blonde
Music - The Beatles, Help


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