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Biography 17. jap-spanish origin, yet a filipino by spirit. grew in a slum, and misses the place. had not used a silver spoon then. went to the rurals at age 8 after losing his mother, which made him learn life early. good in planting rice as a child; he doesn’t know now. eats grasses. a youngster of paltok, taratsian, sarangsangan and baratasan nin lapok sa oma. fortunate to attend a science high school. discovered and hooked on physics at age 13. at 14 had found his first love.

now studies in a jesuit community. lives between two different social cosmos; can stand in either circumstance. a humanist. loves everything he does but denies all passions; hates breeding one. focusing on finance theory but eats arts and science as a hobby. owes his learning from school but defies its conventions. appreciates morning dews. prolific musician, rocks new wave, alternative, and classicals through keyboards. paints colors. does lettering and calligraphy business. a grapher. a realist. can think of 3d figures. can’t fix a rubic’s cube. enjoys table tennis in spare time. basketball of course. reads a little. prefer skimming lines. a minimalist. always in jeans. loves writing but murders grammar. chooses trees over lightposts. loves to travel, in shoes or in cycles. easy to mingle with but often prejudiced. of real essence. a feeler. boogles his own mind as well. knows what he wants, what he needs, and what he should do for his life and his neighbors. yet no one can predict what he can do more–even himself. doesn’t care for expectations. his friends are golds. yearns for balance, but condemns hedging between opinions. loves diversity. loves peace.
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