1GB Memorex Jump/Thumb Drive CHEAP

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If you have been looking for a decent Thumb and or Jumpdrive for work, school or just for personal use than I have the spot and the drive for you. Tigerdriect.com is selling their Memorex 1 gigabyte jump drive for $59.99! Thats a steal! For work I purchased 6 of them.

This is definatley a deal that you cannot pass up. Here is a direct link to the product: http://www.tigerdirect.com/app...sku=M200-1102

All in all if you need a good jump drive, this is a great deal!


Posted by frost on Sep 27th, 2005 09:48 - Subscribe Bookmark and Share

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Posted by anonymous on April 12th, 2007

true very, true!

Posted by anonymous on September 12th, 2009

I have had one of these in my pocket for several years now. It has been washed and/or dried several times, it was lost under a snow bank. It still performes to this day





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