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25 To Life
by FrosT

25 To Life, a new video game by Eidos, is causeing some major controversy around America. In 25 To Life you can opt to be a gang member which has missions that require you to kill police officers and other law enforcements. Well read below and see if you are a petition signer or not of 25 To Life by Eidos.

25 To Life: Too Much?
In 25 To Life, a violent game, you can be a gang banger who is requried to shoot officers. This part of 25 To Life alone has been said is too much. People do not want their children, or other children for that matter to get it in their heads that shooting police officers is "ok". I do not want this either. Police officers are there to help, we do not want any more hate shown towards them then there already is.

The sad part is the politicians are partly to blame for a game like this being released with as much marketing money behind it.

Blame Eidos or Politicians or Both?
Who should the blame be on for 25 To Life? Eidos for funding such a game like 25 To Life product or politicians for making up a publicity rukus over a 25 To Life which may of never hit the streets? Well the blame is probably equally placed on both for 25 To Life. This is the real world though people make games like 25 To Life for a profit, the sadder thing is a game like this makes profit. Just like sex, violence sales. If it were just me I would place most of the blame on politicians, they had to create the rukus that gave 25 To Life publicity to be marketed and sold.

Have politicians learned that the best way to kill any trend is to stay quite and not bring 25 To Life into the spot light? Makes you think if the politicians are paid off to help market a game like 25 To Life? Intriguing view.

Actions to Take
If you are against 25 To Life well you are in luck, a petition is ready to be signed to ban 25 To Life. I would first read this article (which contains the petition etc.) New Video Game Teaches Our Kids to Kill Police Officers.

If you are neither for or against this game I guess this was just an informative article about why it is controversial.

Ending Notes
Whether you are for petition or against, please do not make any deragetory remarks to one side or the other. 25 To Life is a video game made by Eidos game. If a profit loss is shown maybe they will not try and make this type of game again. At anyrate it is their right to create a game, even like 25 To Life, and market it. The key is not to buy into the fad of the game to kill it.

Feel free to comment.

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Posted by kittie on March 09th, 2006

I not much of a gamer, but we do put on Halo tournaments in our area for those who are to that extreme. Oh, by the way, I love the crunch wrap supreme!!!

Posted by david on March 09th, 2006

Games that kill police? Oh never! Aside from Grand Theft Auto I know there are a thousand games out there, even back in the nintendo days.

Posted by aleaffalls on March 11th, 2006

I don't agree with the game, there is too much violence, but then again, banning it isn't right either... what happened to free enterprise? Oi, what a conflicted world we live in huh? Hmm, are all your blogs in this kind of format? I like it, very structured.

Posted by frost on March 12th, 2006

Anything new is. Probably back to November. Thanks.


Posted by meshmdz on March 13th, 2006

i am an aspiring police officer with a degree in criminal justice. i think that the thought of shooting at men and women who risk their lives to keep order is rediculous! yes, i think that this shouldnt be allowed in a video game.... i am all for the violence aspect... however, when it is a smack in the face at authority and those icons for law and order, it has gone too far... just my .02 cents.

frost, thansk for the props on my site. one question what do i do to get that awful black border around my entires and headings to GO AWAY?!?!?!?!?! send me a message and fill me in if you dont mind man.

Posted by grizmyster on March 13th, 2006

thanks man... if i have any ?s i will drop you a line man. be safe.

Posted by rain_drop on March 20th, 2006

shoo...i sure did..and let me tell you~it was awesome!!! ~rain_drop





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