5 Tips to Staying Healthy

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5 Tips to Staying Healthy
by FrosT

The secret to staying healthy is not completely in dieting and exercise. Grant it that pushes you towards it with great speed. The secret to staying healthy is within yourself. It is how you view yourself and how you live your own life. Being healthy does not strictly include physical appearance. Look deep down into your own self. Here are 5 Tips or items that I have came up with that I should be doing to make my own life healthier.

Tip 1 on Staying Healthy: Get off your butt!
For a long time I was an addict of computers. Gaming, programming anything to do with computers I was into it. I loved to program and play video games. I loved it so much I missed out on my High School years. I blew off my best friend and did not even tell him goodbye when he moved away, how sad is that? The best advice is to get off your butt and do something. If you sit around your house all day playing on computers your missing out on a whole world of fun. This does not mean give up the computer. Just limit your time, say an hour or two a day. Play a family game or meet up with some friends. The computer is not everything in life. I try to limit myself to an hour a day ofcomputer time. I am glad I do. I give myself 30 minutes for playing a game and 30 minutes for talking with people. The rest I figure out something fun to do.

Computers will not be around forever, so do not waste your life living on them. That is perhaps the biggest regret of my life. I missed out on too much fun while I was young and ended becoming very unhealthy in my attitude, appearance and my state of mind. I became addicted. Do not be like me!

Tip 2 on Staying Healthy: Strive to Learn
Learning is important to anyone. While you are young learn as much as you can. The older you get the harder learning becomes. Even at he age of 21, I can tell a huge difference now than earlier in my life at trying to learn new skills and knowledge. Learning and keeping yourself up to date is very important to living a healthy life. But just like with anything, do not consume yourself into learning. What good does knowledge do if there is no one to share it with? Have fun with what you have learned. Go out with friends and maybe even incorperate what you have learned with that good time. For instance if you just learned the rules of raquette ball, hell go play some raquette ball! Great sport and fun to do with 4 people or even 8 people! Learning does not always have to be limited to boring stuff. Learn a new sport, or even find a subject that interests you and strive to learn that. I would love to learn Spanish and one of these days I will take a full fledged course with a trip to Mexico just to learn it.

Learning is the one thing that no matter who you are you can always do more of. If you want to learn programming just ask me. I love to program and I am damn good at it. Just a simple ask and I will be happy to teach you. Better yet take a class for it. I can always help out with any questions you may have.

Tip 3 on Staying Healthy: Do What you Love
Make finding what you want to do in life your highest priority. Once you find that do it! Money is not always happiness. There are certain circumstances that can get in the way but those are just minor detours. Figure out what in life makes you happy and find out if you can do that for the rest of your life. I am still trying to find out what I love to do in life. I like computers but not enough to want to work on them for the rest of my life. I am still searching for what I want to become. I know I love to hunt, but I need to learn more about that type of work before I can make an educated decision if that is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have been working on figuring out what I want to do for the past 3 years and I still have yet to make a decision. For now I will do what needs to be done, but know once I figure out what I want to do I will do it. Even if I am 50 by the time I figure out, at some point in my life I will do what I love for a living or just for fun!

Tip 4 on Staying Healthy: Work for Something
One of the major flaws I see anywhere is people do not have anything to work for. Well work for something! Do not just go through the motions of life working for nothing. Find something that you are working for. Whether it be working for your family, your dog, or even your own happiness. Work for something. Without something good to work for work seems and is pointless. You will not put 100% effor into your job without having a purpose other than being fired. Think of an item that is positive to work for. Even if it is working for a trip to Europre in 2 years. That is something to work for. Set goals and meet them. Your life will have new meaning and your efforts will not go without reward!

Tip 5 on Staying Healthy: Emotions Mean Everything
Emotions are what make humans, well humans. Our emotions hold us back and can push us to do stuff. I know my emotions hold me back alot. My plan will be to figure out what these emotions are, the situations these emotions arise, and how can I fix it for next time. My biggest emotional problem is with meeting new people, particularly a female. I am very shy and I like to stay quiet until I know what and who that person is. I come off as being very rude. Not meaning to be, but it still happens. One of my goals in life is to be able to meet new people and talk to them without coming off being rude or blowing them off. This is a major step for me as I am very shy person. Once I overcome that I will be very happy. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you.

Depression is a very serious emotion. I know I had a problem with my body from my thyroid which made me very depressed. I did not want to do anything or talk to anyone. Even my girlfriend of 2 years I found it hard to talk to her. One day I got really numb and figured something was wrong with me and sought help. I found that when my dog, Gus, got ran over two year ago it kicked in my thyroid problem full speed. Thyroid controls a lot of emotions and physcial attributes to your body. I gained 30lbs without blinking and did not want anything to do with anyone. After meeting with the doctor he found out I did have a thyroid problem and immediatley put me on medication. 6 months later I am doing great! Just like everyone I still get depressed. Being depressed is a fact of life. Just do not let it control your life. Self-pity is perhaps the number one problem I see with anyone. I know I did it for a long time. STOP IT! Do not self-pity yourself. You will not get any help from me. It is dumb stop feeling sorry for yourself. All people will think you to be a whiney idiot. STOP IT! Learn that life does not revolve around you! STOP IT! There are other people who are worse off than you. STOP IT!

Ending Notes
With these 5 tips hopefully you can learn that live a healthy life. I know I am going to give these 5 tips a whirl. Along with trying to live by them I will try to eat healthier and workout frequently. Do not get down on yourself, just stop saying you will do it and DO IT. Follow through with your actions. If you do stuff for a while and get really tired, take a break for a day or two. Just do not let that breaking become a habit. There are enough hours in the day. Keep a journal every night. Your memory will only get worse. Hold what you have in your memories in those journals. I know your kids and grandkids and great grandkids will thank you for it later!

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Posted by ringlet on January 18th, 2006

Great tips. I'd better get down to business. I'm already, like, diseased, and I really do need to exercise more. =P

I can relate to the whole depression thing. I was (still am) depressed for a long time, and I had really bad stomach problems. Finally, after about 5 years, a doctor figured it out (or is really close, I need to see a specialist). It was, uh, close to a thyroid problem, but not quite. o^-^o Getting better . . I just need to learn how to live again, and control my emotions more . . o_O

Posted by frost on January 19th, 2006

Yea the thyroid issue is serious. I know I was diagnosed May. I started feeling a ton better in August. That is also when I realized the key to staying happy is doing stuff. Going out against my body and minds will and actually doing activities. That made a world of difference.


Posted by anonymous on May 06th, 2009

nice tips..thank you...i also do programming and it was time consuming figuring out those details in your code just to end up with the desired output...but true to it when we love what were doing we barely notice the time we had given to it,that's the sad part of it because sometimes i can't find time to do the others things i wish to do....and yes i agree whatever time it may take, i will also do those things i love to do that i cant do today....may godbless you for sharing this....thank for the tips again!!!!!

Posted by anonymous on February 27th, 2011

These tips are really good but it`s so damn difficult just to start off ..!

Posted by anonymous on August 07th, 2011

Love it!!
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