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Probably one of the worst things in the world is anticipation. It makes our mind wander and create up schemes that are pretty much wrong once they happen. The reason I am writing about anticipation is because of Rugby, as you can see in my other blog post. I am nervous and I still have more than 3 hours before I even head to practice. But this is not the first instance of my anticipation.

Perhaps a bigger one was the Mind Eraser here in Colorado at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. I have a major fear of roller coasters. I remember my fiance and I waited in line for about an hour and that whole hour I was worrying about the ride. Even when I was on board the ride I was soo worried and freaked out, until it was actually done and I realized how moronic I was...I actually enjoyed the ride.

The same thing happened a month ago at Waterworld. We went on this new ride called the "Revolution." Basically you drop about 2 stories and come into this toilet bowl and go around that a few times before the ride ends. I have a major fear of heights and this freaked me out. Once again after the ride was done I was like, man I was an idiot to be afraid of that stupid ride lol. The whole 2 hours wait I was all nervous and worrying. Anyhow I hope this same thing happens here. I am just worrying in anticipation for no reason at all, which I will soon to find out there was no reason to be nervous.

Anyhow just thought I would express my views on anticipation, I hate it!


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