Backup Registry Using Windows NTBACKUP

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Backup Registry Using Windows NTBACKUP
by FrosT

Backing up Windows Registry can prove very helpful well your system goes corrupt. The act of backing up data can be very wise and is an operation that is practiced by many. Today I will describe to you how to backup core files in a Windows XP system using programs that comes with Microsoft Windows. Particularly the software called NTBackup. Well let's dive right in to the world of Backups.

Installing NTBackup Windows XP Pro
NTBackup is an essential part of backing up important Window files such as Registry settings and boot settings. Since we need NTBackup let's make sure you have it. If you have Windows XP Pro, it should have been installed by default. In order to access NTBackup you must click Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Accessories > System Tools > Backup If the program loads up, great! We are one step closer. If nothing seems to happen, NTBackup does not work or NTBackup just hangs on the "Loading Devices" screen try these steps to fix the NTBackup hangs problem remember DO NOT open more instances!

  1. Navigate to %SystemRoot%/System32/NtmsData
  2. Rename the file NTMSDATA to NTMSDATA.back
  3. If you did not End Process on ntbackup, wait for a minute or two, something should happen.

If you are still having issues with NTBackup even after renaming the ntmsdata file, try to reboot the system and follow those instructions BEFORE running Backup from the start menu. If all else fails try to re-install NTBackup by downloading ntbackup.msi. This NTBackup should work for you if everything else fails.

Installing NTBackup on Windows XP Home
Windows XP Home does not come with NTBackup installed by default. If you still have the Windows XP Home CD you can get the NTBackup file off that under the ValueAdd directory or you can make it easy on yourself and just download the file above and use that for the NTBackup installation. I will leave that up for you to decide.

Using NTBackup on Windows XP
Now that you have installed NTBackup and have the problems of NTBackup hanging up on you fixed let's Backup our Windows State. Windows State backups all important system files including Registry. Basically what I would do is wait until you have all the programs you will need installed, installed and than run the backup of Windows State, as I do not know if NTBackup will mess up any new programs installed, USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.

Once the initial NTBackup screen comes up click "Advanced." Clicking Advanced should pull up a Backup Utility with 3 options. Backup Wizard, Restore Wizard, and Automated System Recovery. Click on the Backup Wizard option. A wizard screen should be viewable now, click next. Now chose the radio button to "Only back up the System State Data." Click the Browse button and find a suitable place to store the Backup of your Windows System State Data which include the Registry. When a suitable place has been selected click Next and than Finish. Now your Windows Registry and all important Windows files should start backing up. This process should only take about 5-10 minutes.

NTBackup Process has Completed
Now that the NTBackup process has completed I would highly suggest storing this information on a separate hard drive, CD, or USB Jump Drive. Incase you get any virus's or bugs on your computer system you have the important Windows files backed up! To restore the backed up Windows System State data simply open up the Backup Utility and click the Restore Wizard and follow the instructions.

Ending Notes
Now that we have our important windows files and registry backed up you can breathe easier that NTBackup helped you through this process. At least Windows provided you with a backup program. Remember that this may not be 100% fool proof. I would suggest backing up all data to a separate location before you go crazy modifying any Windows based files or Registry keys.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any actions you take that may harm your own system due to this tutorial. You do this at your own risk knowing that anything can happen. Basically be careful when changing settings on your computer as I am not responsible for any actions you take.

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