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BELKIN Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - F8E832BNDL from

At work they allowed me to buy a new Keyboard and Mouse, since it is year-end and they had some money to spend. If anybody knows a programmer they are very picky about their computers. I have to have the right keyboard and mouse or it does not work. Well I searched for 2 days and I finally found the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo there is. Belkin makes it. I decided to go with Belkin because I have never had a lick of trouble with them.

I have bought a wireless router, a wireless PCMCIA network card and now this keyboard and mouse. All have worked great with no troubles or issues. The BELKIN Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - F8E832BNDL from is affordable and it does not have that ergonomical crap! I love that. It has shortcut keys that are set distinctly apart for music etc. Which is nice and can be handy! Especially if you listen to music and have over 20,000 songs on your computer.

I would recommend this Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo from Belkin to anyone if they like the traditional keyboards. You cannot beat it at $45. Excellent price. Belkin seems to continually impress me with their technology. I wonder what I will buy from Belkin next.


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