A Best Friend

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I lost my second best friend in the world last night = He was hit by a car and it broke his back. So we had to put him out of his misery. I miss my dog, Gus, soo much! This is a really hard time for me, luckily Lyndsey was there to help me through. Anyways at like 3 in the morning with tears rolling down my eyes I wrote him a poem. Here it is.

A Best Friend

Dedicated to Gus!

A best friend to all.
An enemy to none.
Through thick and thin,
You kept going back in.

Your always in my heart,
And always will be.
You will still live on
Inside of me.

I will always remember,
The best of our times.
Running and playing around,
So life like and valiant.

There for me through the hard.
Cheering me up when I'm down.
Always listening to me,
And you were always around.

Now your gone away from me,
Never to touch you again.
The once loving soul I knew,
Is gone, it died with you.

I miss you Gus!

--James A Worthen

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Posted by jocelyn on November 16th, 2006

you are so sweet





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