Black Love Seat for 200 in Denver Co

KeyWords: Black Loveseat

I am currently selling my "Love Seat" which is all black and in great condition in the Denver area. If you are interested

there is the link. Thank you.

This is no longer available.


Posted by frost on Nov 5th, 2005 15:55 - Subscribe Bookmark and Share

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Posted by baddream on November 05th, 2005

I don't live in the area nor do I need it but that is a nice sofa.

Posted by perfect110 on November 05th, 2005

it's nice- wanna donate it to a good cause? hehe i need to find a couch just like that... perfect~

Posted by david on November 05th, 2005

Personally I would keep it, and start some vip seating with it at my new strip club. grin.gif ha! Its nice though, a fool would not buy it for the price your asking for it.




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