A Blind Man's Mist

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Here is a Short story or something I wrote. Please if you use this at all keep my name with it, it is very personal for me. Thank you, comments are welcomed.

A Blind Man's Mist

Into the mist the blind man went
not knowing where he was going
or why he was going just knowing
that the way he was going was
the way he should be going.

Searching for something he lost.
Seeming to be useless he does not
give up, he keeps searching for
this lost item never losing focus
of the task at hand he searches.

People may wonder why he is searching
for something so minute and small
in the mist that has been there
since he went into it never letting
up, but getting colder and wetter.

Days go by, and the blind man still
wanders in the dark still hoping
he will find what he is looking
for giving all he can and then some.

Until one day the mist rose and
the blind man was no where in sight.
No one knows what happened to him
except the blind man himself. Some
people say that the man found the item.

Others say that the blind man learned
to see and realized that the item
held no purpose so he just went away
without leaving a trace.

But despite what everyone says
the one person who truly knows what
happened is the blind man himself
who holds the truth of his own story.

The truth is that the blind man
never found the item. He searched
for so many days that the Lord
appeared to him and asked him.

"What are you looking for blind
man that is so important to you"
All the blind man could do was
smile, and laugh at the question.

The blind man replies to the Lord
I was searching for a light, the
light of all worlds. I lost her a few
years back, and been searching ever since.

It seems as though my search is over
though Lord, as through you I can
see my light, she speaks to me with
such power and wisdom, it warms my soul.

You see Lord, I am blind without
my light to guide me, and when I lost
her I just wandered around, looking
for her, and waiting to see her.

My wait is over Lord, I am ready
to see my Light again, and have her
guide me through the rest of eternity.
All the Lord could do is smile at this man.

He said, "Blind man for how strong
thou love is for this Light, your
long wait is over. Here is your light
waiting joyfully for you in heaven."

Written By James A Worthen

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