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I am going to venture on this journey, starting Monday June 13th 2005. Body for Life

This is how I am approaching this. I have my fiance, Lyndsey, who is also participating with me. She thinks she is fat (when really she is not) but she asked me if I would do it with her, as I have gained about 30lbs in the past 3-6 months. This was from being a programmer full-time, to moving to my new job where I just really sit a computer desk looking over data.

So I bought her the Body for Life for Women book from Wal-mart $25. I got my book which was also $25 from my sister (she bought back in 1999). She is done reading her book and really wants to start but has to wait till I read mine. I am about halfway through it right now and I will read it (173 pages) by Monday.

From reading what I have already this seems very legit and that it will work. It talks about how fitness/health are related to how you feel mentally. If you are depressed a lot and do not do a lot of exercise or eat right chances are those are the cause.

This book also talks about how important it is to set goals that are attainable, descriptive and real. Along with the goals it describes how plans will help you with obtaining your goal. That is what makes this book unique from any other program I have seen. It actually talks about hard work. Everything else is "lose weight in 2 days" blah blah. This one is 12 weeks for 20lbs of fat loss.

Well here are somethings that will help if you want to start doing this. I would have a notebook/journal/diary type thing. One that you can keep thoughts and personal information in. Look into Recreation Centers around you. Chances are those are going to be better than a gym like Bally's Total Fitness. They tend to have everything that Ballys would have to offer without commitments. For 1 day, here in denver, it is $4 or I can buy a pass for 15 visits for $56 which is like $3.23/visit. I plan on starting small by doing day passes until I know that a Rec. Center will work for me.

Tell someone that you are doing it, maybe even get someone to do it with you. Do not think of it as a chore. Think of it as a journey, a new expierence. DO NOT GET DISGRUNTLED IF YOU MESS UP ONCE OR TWICE. Everyone makes mistakes. It is in our mistakes we learn how to better ourselves.

From that I will post "Before" pictures on here hopefully by Monday or Tuesday of my fiance and I. I will be doing an online journal in a sense. Probably not as deep as my personal but yea. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me at emofrost [at] gmail -dot- com


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