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Well as some of you may remember back in May/June I started the Body for Life program only to realize that this program was not for me. At least not at this time. This program is very intuitive and requires a lot of cooking and a lot of store traveling for fresh food. Although one day when I have a family I may try it again. I say when I have a family because it requires a lot of cooking and cooking for one person is tideous and to me pointless. I would rather cook good meals for my whole family. At least in that sense it is worth my time to cook.

Anyhow I guess different techniques are for different people. My new technique is Rugby. I will try to eat a little healthier than I have been but I have found in the past, me being active is the best way for me to stay in shape and maintain my weight. It is when I get inactive I get big. I will see if my little trick still works. I have about 25 unwanted pounds I gained from my thyroid that would be nice to lose and have muscle mass replace it.

At any rate Body for Life is ideal for a lot of people and if you are interested I would recommend and


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Posted by david on March 08th, 2007

How funny there is now a lady talking about Body for Life for Women. lol

Posted by frost on March 08th, 2007

Yea, thats been out since like 2004 I think. It is fairly new. Lyndsey bought that book, fun stuff.





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