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Update: February 7th 2008

Hi Everyone,

Due to the popularity of this blog I felt it to be important to give an update. I eventually went to a doctor and found out I had an Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroid) problem. Due to the history in my family that was the first thing we checked and it fixed my whole numbness issue. This blog will stay active just remember this, see a doctor, no matter what. It will help the process go along, let them know your symptoms and your family's medical history, even if it is 1-2 generations down the line. Please do not hesitate to do this as some of the problems are very serious in nature. This site can be a support barrier to you, but ultimately a test can help you identify the problem.

I appreciate all the help and support everyone is giving each other and I hope it keeps up as it seems a lot of people enjoy it. Thanks for coming and here was my original post:

End of Update

For the past 6 months I have had numbness in my body off and on. The first occurance it was in my left side of my body, only my left side and it was most extreme in the lower legs. It lasted for about a week or 2. About a month later give or take it hit again on my right side this time. Same symptoms lasted a week or so. About 2 months later it hit in my left side again, same symptoms. Just recently it hit me last saturday. This one is very extreme it started out in my feet, I thought it was from recently wearing sandals. But as it kept going it moved and now is from my torso down, even in my hands. My legs are the most extreme it is like they are in the sleep mode, with no sight of waking up.

I went to a doctor did some blood work incase it was a thyroid problem, but he has never heard of it like this. I am waiting for results. I tried some IB Profen incase it was something enflamed. That did not good. I also tried an exedrin incase that did anything, nothing again. I have tried stretching, working out, running, cycling, and still nothing. This is weirding me out etc. I have not been under any stress lately, and never had stroke or any other major problems. I have low blood pressure and Cholesterol (I am 20 years old)

I am just wondering if there is something someone knows that will help this. Or even to prevent it again. It has been about a week I have had this and it is very annoying. I would appreciate ANY information on this, or maybe someone having same symptoms to compare notes with.

I do not wear glasses, my vision is still the same. No headaches or backaches or pains anywhere but my upper chest which has been hurting since the numbness started. But it is my upper chest no where near the lungs or heart. I worked out on Tuesday doing some lifting (it has been a while since i lifted) and that did not seem to help or provoke it any. I have been eating healthier than I have in a long time. The numbness started before the workout and the change in my food habits.

But as of right now my torso, right and left hands, and below my waist is "numb" with that tingling sensation. Another note, I do not have any weakness associated with this. I am still as strong as I was before the numbness started. My reflexs are the same also.

Any comments/suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.


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Posted by anonymous on May 31st, 2006

I have the right side, leg and torso skin numb. I think is because I ate canned fish and peeanuts. I wait it to go away.
In the mean time I do my gymnastic exercises daily.
I think the food intoxication affected the periferic blood vessels. I don't think there is any nerve problem. The problems is with the doctors who know almost nothing.
how is it going, these days?

Posted by anonymous on May 31st, 2006

Since last week my left side has been numb but it doesn't hurt it just feels funny.I'll give it a few weeks and see what happens.Talk to you all later.

Posted by frost on May 31st, 2006

I am doing great since they diagnosed me with my Hypothyroidism and I been taking my pills. No more numb spells!


Posted by anonymous on June 03rd, 2006

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and we will see what happens

Posted by anonymous on June 13th, 2006

It's me the doctor told me the reason why my side is numb is because l sleep on my stomach. Still doesn't hurt but we will see in a couple of weeks. Gary

Posted by anonymous on June 28th, 2006

Woke up with numbness on the right side of my face. 2 days later moved down my right arm. This morning it has move to my left side of the face, left arm and left leg. It feels so wierd. I am perfectly healthy. I am a 42 year old female.

Posted by anonymous on July 14th, 2006

Two days ago started feeling numbness on left side of face, including gums, cheek area going up to the eyes. Doctor told me it might be allergy related or tooth. This morning woke up feeling numb in fingertips and lower calves.

Posted by anonymous on July 16th, 2006


Posted by frost on July 16th, 2006

Go see a doctor.


Posted by anonymous on July 18th, 2006

I have numbness on the left side of my torso. It has moved down the front of my leg and now down my shin. I have had it for about 5 weeks. Last year I had it down my right side - saw the doctor who thought it was going to turn into shingles but it didn't. I will go back to the docs to see what they say this time.

Posted by anonymous on July 19th, 2006

The right side of my body is suddenly numb from my abdomen down to my little toes. All on the right side. It feels tingly like when your leg has fallen asleep and you move it.

Posted by anonymous on July 25th, 2006

The numbness around around my mouth,forehead and cheeks started after a bout of food poisoning where by blood pressure was very low.My thinking ability was affected.One month later there is still numbness on the left side of my face and tingling/weakness in my left arm.I feel like I am favouring my left side although my mind has cleared 75%.MRI showed normal-with a Mega cisterna Magna(within normal)

Posted by anonymous on July 27th, 2006

I am a 38 yeard old, I woke up one night with numbness and tingling on my fingers, 15 minutes later went to my arms and left side of the face, my husband took me to ER everything came find, am still having the episodes. It doesn't hurt jsut feel wierd like ants and my muscle feels tight.

Posted by anonymous on July 28th, 2006

All of you tell your stories but did anyone already go to the doc and what did he/she say? could it be fatal like loosing a leg or arm or could it wait a week or two until the doc appointment?

Posted by jim on July 28th, 2006

Mine was due to thyroid.


Posted by anonymous on August 03rd, 2006

I have been having headaches that have not gone away for weeks, woke up Monday and left side of face is numb. Had many test and they all come up negative doctors are no help so far.

Posted by anonymous on August 12th, 2006

I've been having a numb feeling in the left side of my throat. I'm going to an open mri on monday. Doc thinks its a pinch nerve in my neck.

Posted by anonymous on August 22nd, 2006

I was food poisoned almost three weeks ago, my stomach has been upset ever since and i still feel sick and throw up some times. Today, however, i suddenly felt my hand go numb, and within minutes my hand, my arm, my shoulder, my spine went numb and within two hours it went down my leg covering the entire left side of my body. it tingles sometimes aswell, i have no idea whats going on but its really frightning me!! I also feel like I have a hard time breathing at times. Im a perfectly healthy 17year old girl (part from the food poisoning i had). Help!?

Posted by frost on August 22nd, 2006

Food poisoning does weird stuff for you. I once had problems for 2 months due to eating raw chicken from a resturant. I say give it some time and it should work itself out. If not talk with a doctor.


Posted by anonymous on August 24th, 2006

It's more than 3 months that I feel a pain in my cheeks. I went to dentist, but nothing is wrong with my teeth. Today I am feeling numb in my legs. I also have a weired feeling in my brain. I'm a 26 year-old girl with no specific health problem. But I was under stress during the last month. I think I should see a doctor.

Posted by anonymous on September 02nd, 2006

It's been about 5 years since my problem started. I have numbness over my left and right cheek area, my gums are swollen, and my legs feel like they have thousands of ants crawling all over them. One doctor said that it could be stress related, another thought lupus. A friend told me that it could be a nerve disorder, but which one?

Posted by anonymous on September 02nd, 2006

Don't know much about this condition but have heard about a condition that fits these descriptions, guillain barre syndrome.Check it out. Dr J Perumal(Dentist SA)

Posted by anonymous on September 07th, 2006


Posted by anonymous on September 11th, 2006

I am currently experiencing tingling/numbness from my chest down to my stomach to my legs and feet, and also my fingers. I too thought it was because of a pair of highly elevated sandals I just recently bought. The first day I wore them is when I started feeling the tingling/numbness in my feet that moved all the way up to my chest and into my fingers.

Posted by anonymous on September 12th, 2006

I have had numbness off and on thoughout my whole body now for about 2 months now. The first time i experienced it I had tried weed. I thought it was a side effect from that. It would go away a couple hours later. I tried it again and would get the same effect from smoking it but would wear off hours later. Then the last time i tired it, the effects didnt wear off for over a week. My whole body was numb/tingly including my tongue. It went away but now i seem to still feel the numb tingly feeling every so often. it would usually last a couple hours and i would usually get it when i would lay down. I have it again and now its been a couple days. I dont know what to do. What is this? Could i have caused some nerve damage?

Posted by anonymous on September 13th, 2006

Hi, not sure how current this blog is. Firstly everyone I recommend go to your doctor. I have just been to my neurologist about body numbness mostly on the left side of my body, some concentration problems after two distict episodes. I am having an MRI whic is to look for MS or any other brain abnormailities "fuzzy areas" as my doctor put it. I am only 21 years of age, female. But yes MS concurrs with alot of your symptoms from what i have read. hypothyroidism actually seems to also make sense to me with some of its syptoms. Specifically an odd ting i have noticed about myself that i have very brittle nails which goes with it / quite dry hair especially for someone in their 20s. So im hoping i have this rather than MS. But either way its best to simply get to your doctors and get tested. ASAP as there are SO many conditions that exist. Rule out MS which I haven't done yet. My doctor said even if i have it, although he thinks i dont believe him, things can definately be ok! So get down to your doctors guys. Frost my question to you is did they test you for MS aswell? Im surprised they went straight for hypothyroidism. I really hope this is what i have.

Posted by anonymous on September 13th, 2006

Oh and the weed question. I wonder? i mean i know alot of stonners but have not heard of this happening. I guess the thing is that weed is a stimulant for the brain and maybe it triggered something, although i doubt it would have altered too much? I have heard of weed causing scitophrenia however it is spelt. Again go to your doctor and tell them you smoked weed as well. It could be something underlying that you didn't know was there. But tel them teh truth so they have all the facts they wont kill you im sure. Your doctor probably smoked weed in college anyway haha.

Posted by frost on September 13th, 2006

Weed effects people differently, I would highly suggest stop smoking weed if you expierence that type of crap after smoking it.

Weed is meant for some people and not for others, obviously you are not one it was meant for.


Posted by anonymous on September 13th, 2006

Hi Frost, i just was at my doctor today and they are testing me for MS but they have not done anything for Hypothyroidism... is this done via bloodtest? And is it done by a regular gp?

Posted by anonymous on September 15th, 2006

I am 40 years old. Last week I woke up and my right side of my head, neck, and ear was numb. I had itching in my ear and head and it hurt to touch it. The numbness is now on the entire right side of my body. My right arm and foot feels like it feel asleep. They feel real heavy. I went to the ER and had an MRI of the brain, neck and ears and all was normal. The CT scan of the head was normal. Blood normal. White count a little high. Doctors don't know what it is. The ENT doctor said I could have a virus in the ear, but that would not explain the numbness down the whole right side of my body. Last night I woke up and my right foot felt 6 times its size and really asleep. I am in need of answers since I have two babies to take care of. Help please.

Posted by anonymous on September 16th, 2006

If not MS maybe ask about Hypothyroidism?

Posted by anonymous on September 22nd, 2006

Hi i see im not alone on this. I've been suffering with numbness on my tip of my right fingers for 1 month already
i went to my pcp and he told me was due to me typing so much at work. well i lwft at tht but the numbeness continues HELP.

Posted by frost on September 22nd, 2006


Please Direct all serious issues to a doctor. This was simply a blog on symptoms of what I had that turned out to by Hypohyroidism. You will not get a response of what your condition is from here.


Posted by anonymous on September 30th, 2006

I have the exact same symptoms of numbness as you describe, from chest down to toes and my fingers ... and I have MS. I think it is caused by a lesion on the spinal column. Your doctor should have heard of this pattern of numbness in neurology classes !

Posted by anonymous on September 30th, 2006

I didn't mean my MS is caused by the lesion being on my spinal column, I meant the symptoms, the location of the numbness... Different lesions on the brain or spine cause different effects to different areas, could effect your eyes, your cognitive reasoning, balance, etc,etc....

Posted by anonymous on October 04th, 2006

About 8 years ago I experienced this "numbness" you are all talking about. I remember sitting at the dinner table with family and my foot "fell asleep". The sensation ran all the way up the left side of my body all the way into my face. Once the tingling sensation stopped about 30 mins later, I had an excruciating headache for the next 2 days and the left side felt weaker. This numbing sensation/headache thing happened 2 more times within the following month. I wwent to a nuerologist and he did all these tests, performed a cat scan, everything. He said I was fine, and that I was suffering from migraine "aura's". Whatever the hell that means, he told me if it ever happened again to call him, but 8 yrs later it hasn't. I know one day it will, but I still don't knwo what the hell it was. I am so curious to this day.

Posted by anonymous on October 05th, 2006

I'm a 37 year old male. Had a stroke 2 years ago (different story, had a clot and took out my right side, but with therapy I'm 99% back...) SO...2 weeks ago, I was feeling 'lightheaded' or so I thought, numbness started on left side LIPS, then left arm,leg...kinda a whoosh or swell of numbness...transported to ER since I thought 'gee whiz...another stroke...great!!!'. MRI, CT, heart tests and blood test ensued, no sign of new stroke event (good), I have been on Coumiden for the past 2 years, and my blood was in the proper range. 2 weeks later I still have some numbness, pins and needles on my left side fingers and lip, cheek...and about 3-6 times a DAY I get the surging,woosh of numbness on that side that lasts for 5-30 seconds, freaks me out, but seems OK at this time. Another followup with my neurolgist next week to try to figure this stupid thing out...(don't think NOW that I was lightheaded at the first episode, but rather the numbness on my face made me feel I was lightheaded due to the sensation...) NO loss of motor skills, but when I go through these swells...arm/leg get a little goofy till it settles down (like its' really,really asleep...). Other thing, at the ER, my potassium was LOW , which is a bad thing (so is too much)so they gave me some 'horse pills' to fix that at the time. Still monitoring. Will post back in the next weeks if I find anything out..just freaked out right now though...

(FYI - the numbness,tingling,lightheadedness, dizzyness, sudden severe headache, confusion, loss of motor functions, especially on ONE side of the body are SIGNS of a STROKE or TIA...don't mess around if you see some signs, SEEK HELP ASAP - seriously !!!)


Posted by anonymous on October 09th, 2006

I was at work when I suddenly got really confused. I stopped what I was doing and a few seconds later my legs went numb and my right leg was swollen. I called my doctor and he was out of his office I was told to go to the emergeny room where they tested me for blood clots in my leg since I am on birth control. Turns out, no blod clots, they next day i went to my doctor. I told him what had happend and he ask me about my background and I come from Germain backgrounds, and MS is commen in females with german background, he ask me if i had vision problems along with my confusion and motor skill problems. I did, the Saturday before this I had blurred vision and went to the eye doctor. Doctor said I have 3 out of 4 signs of MS. Went and had a MRI on my brain, and I got a call from a nurse sayin i needed to go to a specialist for MS, So i thought i had MS up until today I went to my specialist visit and this doctor made me move my arms here and there then told me i was fine?!?! Im not fine..lastnight my head went vision is legs still go numb and the right one still swells. I stopped birth control, Im 19 years old, a female, I exercie and eat right. Any ideas anyone?

Posted by anonymous on October 24th, 2006

Reading all of these responses make me want to cry. I can't believe there are so many of us out there with the sane symptoms. I am a 38 year woman in what I believe to be good health. I work out a lot, I am very active and I do my best to eat healthy. I take pride in doing the best I can to be the best I can be... yet, the last 3 weeks have been absolute hell. I've been experiencing numbess on the left side of my face,my left arm and at times there is pain on the top of my head. The pain is always on the left side. The numb senstaion is only on the left side. I am sooo scared. When I was six years old I experienced the same thing but I would have episodes where i would lose all ability to walk. I was basically paralyzed on the left side of my body. These episodes went on for weeks, I never told my parents. One day my mother came to pick me up early from school just at the time I was having one of my episodes. SHe asked me to stand up and I told her I couldn't walk. ANd I couldnt walk. They rushed me to the emergency room where they did several test and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. TRhey took me to a neurologist who finally told them I had a type of epileptical seizure. With in 3 to 4 weeks I was able to walk. The only problem I have now is the lack of sensation on my left foot. My toes are completely paralyzed. I am now experiencing he same symptoms to some extent and I am scared to death. I still remember being in a wheel chair and I don't want tht to happen to me again. I have an appointment with a neurologist on the 6th of November wish me luck. I hope its stress or a thyroid problem. Good luck to everyone on here. Just seeing how many people out there have the same symptoms scares.

Posted by anonymous on October 26th, 2006

I go through the same thing. I am 17 years old. I've been numb even before I had turned 17. An example for how I feel when my whole body goes numb, is like when your foot is asleep, and everything you touch feels like you're going through stuff like a ghost unless you force your hand or foot against that object. It stays for days or weeks at a time. My mom freaks about it, because she doe not know what it could be. I will be honest though, the first time the numbness started I had gotten high the night before, and I got up the next morning numb. I haven't done anything for it or to try and prevent it, but I know I should.

And here for a month I've getting real bad headaches, and they will not go away, nothing tylenol won't even help me. Their sever...I just go to sleep when I have them usually, that doesnt work, and the headaches are so bad I can't sleep or even get comfurtable. I went and got my eyes checked out last week. && prescribed me glasses, and I have yet to get them, and we will see if they will prevent the headaches when I'm readying and at the computer. Because I'm at the computer for 8-10 hrs. daily. At school and home...soo they think thats whats doing it...and so do I. But today I've been getting hotflashes and dizzy.

But I had no idea there were other people out there with the same numbbneess as me. Mine just hit the whole body at one time.

If you would like to email me, my email is

Posted by frost on October 26th, 2006

Wow, I never knew this blog would get such a response.

Here is an update on me, I have not been numb in over a year. The thyroid seemed to be the kicker for me. I am extremely happy I went and had my blood tested for a thyroid problem. I have been taking the bills for over a year now and feel alot better than I used to. Although when I mess up my pills I often get those feelings back.

Right now my goal is to keep the pill up and try and lose the 30+lbs I put on from my thyroid problem. My goal weight is 155lbs.


Posted by anonymous on November 05th, 2006

It is 11/05/06. I'm 33 yrs old as of 9/9 My numbness started 10/18/06 with my left foot and leg so cold woke me up out my sleep. i ran scolding hot water in my left leg and didn't feel no cold or hot. I thought that I thuoght that it was just sleep for a while. put no change so I went to ER. They did EKG and Few EXRAYS. they told me to report to my locale clinic in 2 days for a follow up but it was on a saturday so i would have to do a walk-in. So I did and i did and they didn't do anything else but give me an appointment for 10 days later to do blood work. The next Day after the 1st clinic visit the numbness covered left foot, leg, & torsoe. The next day it got my left army too and feel like my hand is pulling on my heart. by know the whole left side side my body is feeling cold or fake to feeling on my left side. 10 days is now up and it's time for my appoiont ment.the day i wake up to a frost bit feeling over my complete leftside except neck & haed.the day after this i go back to ER For a 2nd time because it has spread up my left side from foot and leg. not only is it frost bitten cold feeling my hand forarm biscept heart area knee and foot feels like it is on fire over an opened flame boy does it burn and freeking cold at the same time this is some crazy feeling stuff. now they do another EKG< catscan, more x-Rays, and more blood work @ ER. clesterols good,b-pressure good, diabetis no, ms no. they thinkk that it si a pinch nerve, but it also can be a blood clot. i need a MRI a blood clot is a good possibility because during last years evacution from RITA i drove 28 Hours to get to San Antonio 22 Hrs with standing strecthing walking or moving bumper to bumper traffic. in the morninging i'm going back to ER. to see if i can get to see the nerologist or an MRI or both becuase this morning i woke up and it has my neck and throat on the left all thats left is my ear, Eye, & BRAIN ! any info on this subject please e-mail me @

Posted by anonymous on November 08th, 2006

Hi, I am a 43 year old woman and I have had numbness and tingleness on the left side of my body from head to foot on and off for over a year. I have had a catscan, MRI, and blood tests ordered by my neurologist with normal results. I am going to have another MRI this friday. Its pretty annoying and frustrating to not know what is causing these symtoms and if it is leading to something more serious. I pray that it is something minor and that the doctors can find the right answers.

Posted by anonymous on November 10th, 2006

While sorry to hear about your problems, I have to admit that its somewhat comforting to realise others have the same worry. Again, as with many of you, I thought I was reasonably healthy but with tingling and numbness hitting left side of face and left foot strongly recently. This first occured about 5 years ago and seemed to be triggered by a period of very good fun, socialising and heavy drinking!!! Took a few months to wear off. This time, with 2 small kids and a stressful job in front of laptop 12 hours a day, I took up coffee drinking as a little luxury. I'm blaming that for the numbness attacks, although my mam has huge problems with thyroid and I believe it is can be genetic. (She also used complain about this facial numbness and tingling ) Still, the worst bit is the sensation that I'm having a stroke, the panic that sets in exacerbates the feeling. Its like I'm going crazy; when it subsides I feel silly about it all. Not as silly as I feel for not going to the doctor. Someday soon, it just might scare me enough to go!!!

I'll report back if I do. Damo.

Posted by anonymous on November 10th, 2006

If you are drinking diet pop - stop - I'll post some interesting websites about aspartame next week. ALSO - have your dr. ck for Vit. B-12 deficiency!!

Posted by anonymous on November 12th, 2006

i'm having the same side effect that the person who smoked weed had. The nimbness hasn't gone away and i smoked for the first time on Thursday and it's been over 4 days now. I've been drinking alot of water to get it out of my system and it doesn't seem to work. What should I do?

Posted by anonymous on November 13th, 2006


Posted by anonymous on November 13th, 2006

Sorry about MeToo. I have not done this before. I am having a lot of the same symtoms as many of you, and I have looked on other blogs as well. It seems that very few people have gotten any answers from doctors. This fact - that the doctors don't know what is going on with this tingling sensation, numbness and pain, has encourgaged me not to seek medical advice. I also don't have insurance and can not afford a doctor.

My discomfort started with what seemed to be my heart beating really fast. Then my left arm started going to sleep when I slept. Now several months later, my entire left side, from big toe to jaw tingles and feels electified all of the time. My upper gums feel numb quite often too. At the moment that I am typing this, I have a headache and my left arm and chest are hurting.

This is not the first time. This happens from time to time, but it is scarey. It feels like what I would think a heart attack or stroke would feel like.

What I want to see here is anyone who has found an asnwer to there problem. Everyone discribes their pain, but if anyone finds the root they are not getting back. I will check out the website about aspartame if it is posted. Thanks.

Posted by frost on November 13th, 2006

I know aspertame has known to cause many symptoms in a few people. It is relatively safe except for the few people who encounter problems with it. Some people found that it gave the mstroke like symptoms, numbness and dizzyness. Other people expierence no problems.

I have had no problems with Diet sodas, although I do not drink an excessive amount of soda.

At anyrate Aspartame is bad for some people, but on the other side regular soda isn't a walk in the park either =) Best bet, stop drinking soda all together and drink more juices and water.


Posted by anonymous on November 16th, 2006

I have a lot of the symptoms that the postings above mention. In April of this year it started in my right leg (on the back of my thigh). At the time I was 51 years old and just entering menopause. Over the next few weeks, it progressed into my right arm and right side of my face and neck. The center part of the tip of my tongue is also numb. Since April I have not had a day where I do not have some area numb. It is only on the skin and not a deep numbness. It kind of feels like Novocaine is wearing off (like when you visit the dentist). I have had CT Scan, MRI on brain, cervical spine and lumbar spine. I'm currently going to UCLA Neurologist to have more nerve testing done. They have ruled out brain tumor, stroke and MS. I also went on my own to a physical therapist who is trying to help relieve the symptoms with massage, heat, cold, stretching, etc. I would love to hear from ANYONE who has had some luck resolving similar symptoms.

Posted by anonymous on December 11th, 2006

I am a 25 year old female who has had similar symptoms to those listed on this site, but I haven't gone to the doctor yet. My numbness started in my arm, then I noticed it in my leg and the left side of my face (all of this is on the left side). My husband is a PhD in Virology and Immunology, but that doesn't help me at all. He definitely wanted me to go to the doctor as soon as possible, because it could be something serious. I have only had these symptoms for 3-4 days, and there is no way that I would wait as long as some of those in this post have waited to go to the doctor. Even if it does turn out to be a pinched nerve, it is worth the co-pay to have assurance that it isn't something serious like MS.

Posted by adub on December 16th, 2006

I am a 28 year old male who is going through alot of the symptoms others on here is talking about. I got in a minor car wreck that i thought really wasn't nothing to worry about. since then I have very bad pain in the back of my neck and head. I get these very weird feeling thorough out my head. This muscle in the back of my head called the rectus capitis posterior keeps swelling.. I'm sure my problem is starting from something in my neck I get very numb in my left arm,hand, left top chest where my heart is and back and left side of my face. My digestive system is also giving my problems now i spit up a lot of my food (pieces of it)I also seems like I can hear noises in my neck when i move my head. The pain is now traveling down my back. It hurts to move a certin way. I've gotting cat scan, mri and blood work everything came back fine... This is now starting to worry me because it seems to be getting wrost. If anyone heard of this before are know what this could be please comment...i feel like i'm at my ends rope.

Posted by anonymous on February 06th, 2007

well i am 20 year old female. About a day ago I started feeling numbness on my left side and slowly it is transfering to my right side. I dont know if I should be worried. If anyone believes that I should be worried, please say so...

Posted by anonymous on February 09th, 2007

I am male, 43 years old, and I have had intermittent numbness on my left side (face, arm leg, foot) for the past few days. I had this same problem 20 months ago. I stayed in the hospital for three days and had an extensive set of tests, including MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, EEGs, everything they could think of. Everything came back normal. Doc said maybe migraine aura. The problems went away until a few days ago. I wonder if it could have anything to do with my weight lifting. I leg press very heavy weights using a leg press machine, with my back pressing against the seatback of the machine. I stopped doing this exercise after my first "attack" 20 months ago, then, last week, I did the exercise again for the first time. Has anyone else seen this type of relationship with their symptoms?

Posted by anonymous on February 13th, 2007

I felt numbness on the left side of my body for about a week. So I found this forum and was relieved to know that a lot of people are experiencing the same symptoms but their scan results were clean. And most of you are experiencing this numbness on the left side as well, which is suspicious. I tried reducing pressure on the left side of my body, for example, I slept on my right side, stopped crossing my legs, took more breaks at work. And that seemed to have gotten rid of the numbness for me. So I think what caused the numbness was prolonged periods of pressure on my left body, which seemed to have affected my nerves on the left side.

Posted by anonymous on February 18th, 2007

everyone go get checked for ms,and have your b12 levels checked asasp,also lyme disease blood work.. lupus and def MS ,a spinal tap will tell all.

Posted by jonsmom on February 28th, 2007

I have been reading the messages on this blog. What I have been experiencing is left arm coldness, chest pain and numbness. I actually ended up in the ER a couple of days ago, had a cardiak corkup and blood. The only thing they found was a high result in something that indicates a blood clot. I had a chest CT done which was negative. The final dx was chest wall pain which I have had frequently in the past. Now I am having left arm numbness, coldness, tingling in left fingers. I have been under a lot of stress lately but this is becoming ridiculous. I am embarassed to go a doctor thinking the only they will tell me (again) is I am fine and its just chest wall pain.

Posted by anonymous on March 01st, 2007

Hi everyone. I'm a 28 yr old female with so many of the same symptoms as you guys. My whole upper and mid back has been numb for about 8 months and in December of 06 my left neck starting hurting. Well, Jan 07 both sides of my neck starting to hurt and the pain spread down the upper part of my back and chest. My whole left side of my face and body is numb, tingly, prickly and burning sensation off and on. My left kidney area kills and now my whole right side is becoming the same way as my left. I've had blood work, ct, 2 sets of mri's w/ wnd w/o dye. The docs and neurologist pin points it to MS. Oh by the way, my blood work came out normal and same with my emg. I have to wait a little longer for a spinal tap I was told. I asked them if it was fibromyalgia and they said my symptoms didn't make anything for fibromyalgia. My thyroid is ok too. I wish everyone the best of luck. Keep pushing your doctor(s), I know I will until they give me a tap and tell me what level I'm at. Take care.

Posted by anonymous on March 01st, 2007

i have ms sad.gif all the tests results are back, how do u live with that answer .. confused

Posted by anonymous on March 21st, 2007

Hi everyone. I have had this tingly sensation as well. It started in my upper back. I thought it was a pinched nerve. A week before I fell on my butt on some ice. But I seemed to have been fine, just alittle sore. But when this tingly feeling came in my back I just associated it with the falling. Well I figured it would go away on its own. As days go by the numbness/tingly feeling started going into my right leg, then more days pass they go into my arms, hands, face, head, everywhere! Its like little pins pricking at you. It makes you feel itchy. But it is not a rash.

I told my mom sister and dad and they all think im crazy. I thought maybe it was the new allergy medicine I was taking, so I got off of it, and I still have the numbness and tingle feeling. Other problems I have been having is constipation, dry mouth, and I missed a period, which I never do.

Please help, Im getting scared. I dont have any insurance, so if I finally go somewhere to get checked out I need to go to the right place. I cant go to doctor to doctor. I dont want to go to my family doctor because he writes an antibiotic for everything. Hes a quack and just doesn't seem to care anymore.

Posted by anonymous on March 22nd, 2007

For as long as I can remember, I would get numb on the left side of my body. Lately I have been getting numb when I am laying down on my right side, but mine gets so bad that I can not stay still. As a matter of fact, all day my left shoulder has been tingling and my left lower back. It is very aggrivating. I am gonna go get it checked out tomorrow and hopefully everything will be for right now any otc meds anyone suggests I use???

Posted by anonymous on April 07th, 2007

Hello im 29 a mother of four and my right side goes numb ive been through so many tests in the past year dont know what to do any answers

Posted by anonymous on April 09th, 2007

Hi. Im a 25 year old female, and I have been reading some of the comments on here.. And wondered if you could help me with mine. I have numbness in my legs and through my arms and hands. It feels like they are sleeping and its getting hard to feel when I touch things. My dog rubbed up against my leg and I coulnt even feel it. I get sever headachs, and they last for days at a time. I dont know what to do, and everyone I talk to about this thinks Im just scared for nothing. But its really starting to freak me out. The numbness has lasted now for about week and sometimes it feels like its going anyway, but it hsnt yet. What do I do now?

Posted by anonymous on April 14th, 2007

I thought I was the only one with theses symptoms. The first time I experienced the numbness was smoking weed. Then it went away. I have not smoked weed in years, but I'm now experiencing that same numbness all over my body, like one blogger said it feels like you're going through stuff like a ghost unless you force your hand or foot against that object. It stays for days or weeks at a time. I have not been to my Dr. yet, but I'm going to make an appt. If anyone has any information please e-mail me at . THANKS

Posted by anonymous on April 20th, 2007

I would check the MS society website and see what you find out there. I am probable MS and going thru my sedond episode as of yesterday morning, so it's been a lil over 24 hours. I am hoping it shows up in my second MRI tomorrow so that I can get treatment, the earlier the better. I would see a neurologist if you can.


Posted by anonymous on April 20th, 2007

BTW, MS is not a death sentence. Be aware that most people with it have normal lifespans and only have disability as it progresses years later. You can still have a good life, especially with medical treatment today that can slow down progression. Do not be afraid if you do have it. Be informed. Don't obsess over the MS society pages. REad them then close them. Then start lookign up personal MS stories on google and even healing MS. You are not a victim, you have power. I would urge anyone with MS to reasarch amalgam fillings if you have any. tehy are 50% mercury, which is toxic. Lots of controversey here. I am saving up $ to have my 'silver" or should I say "mercury" fillings out by a biological dentist and replaced by composite. As long as you are proactive in your health, you have power.


Posted by anonymous on April 24th, 2007

I have been experiencing numbess on my left side it seem to be spreading. MRI normal. Am looking for a different cause. Anyone here with these symptoms use Retin-A?

Posted by anonymous on April 26th, 2007

i have been experiencing numbness on my right leg... when i touch it it feels like it's falling asleep. Now 2 weeks later my whole leg just hurts very lazy feeling all over and have a small limp. What is wrong? helllllllp

Posted by anonymous on April 28th, 2007

wow! my husband has been suffering the same symptoms as all you guys. I can't believe there are so many people out there who have the same thing, and feel the same. My husband feels quite alone in his "mystery illness". mri, cat scans and neurologists cannot give us any answers axcept, wait and see if you become blind, then it is probably MS. Great. I am also amazed that this blog has been going for so long! Just goes to show that doctors know nothin at all.
Tracy, Australia

Posted by anonymous on April 28th, 2007

I am a 25yo and its been 2yrs since I have had numbness throughout my whole body, I have seen several neurologists and they are not sure what is it. I find going to the gym on the tredmill makes me feel better, I was in a car accident back in 2003 and Im thinking its something with my spinal cord but the doctors have not seen anything in the MRIs I have had of my c-spine and brain. Ive gone to several top rated doctors in the Albany, NY area and they just cant find an answer. You just have to stay strong and dont let anything bring you down, even if you have MS, my aunt was diagnosed with it last year. I wish you all luck with the doctors you seen, I have kinda given up on them and have spent a lot of my work time going to see doctors that dont know whats going on.

Posted by anonymous on May 07th, 2007

Hi I am a 43 year old female who developed numbess in body about a month ago. Statred in both feet and moved up left leg and onto torso front and back. It then over a few days moved into right leg and intensified on torso. Ity made its way do my left hand and arm and then the right side almost mimicking the left side. I spent a week in hospital undergoing blood tests and a CT head which was inconclusive. Also had nerve conduction studies to rule out Guillian Barre Syndrome. Had the MRI of Head and cervical spine a few days ago and it has revealed inflammatory changed in brain and spinal cord. I see the neurologist tomorrow. The sensations have changed over the weeks to sometimes being sharp and needle like especially in hands and areas on the thighs. Up until this event 4 weeks ago i have been very healthy and working full time. It has changed my life dramatically and i am hoping to find some answers tomorrow and pray there is a treatment for whatever has hijacked my body .

Posted by anonymous on May 12th, 2007

My Mom has been experiencing symptoms of numbness on one side or her face, the top of her head, and throughout her legs. She said it was tingling and numbness. I'm getting really upset because she has to work and take care of our family while she is falling apart and very sick. They keep talking about Lupus and MS. She had a MAJOR car accident that caused brain injuries in 1989. She doesn't understand how that can affect her now. And, they also found lesions on her back and on her brain. I'm so upset and I wish her doctor would do something. Doctors don't do anything. My Sister has Lupus and my Dad and I have Crohns disease, and possibly my other sister. Our whole family just needs to be prayed for.

If you have any information or diseases that you can tell me about please email me,

Thank you and any slight bit of help will mean the world to me.

Posted by anonymous on May 27th, 2007

It sounds like several of you might want to check into Multiple Sclerosis. Several of the symptoms that a lot of you have can be from MS or Lupus.

Posted by anonymous on May 30th, 2007

Wow I am sorta glad I found this site although it isnt helping solve the mystery at least I see others are having the same problems. Mine started about 6 years ago I had just got laid off from my job and got a headache that diddnt go away. A couple weeks later I started getting a bit numb in my face on the left side. I went to ER but CT and blood test came up with nothing. They figured it was probably stress and sent me home. A year or so later the numbness became more persistant and I went back in. This time I did the full deal.. CT, MRI for brain and neck, that thing where they shock your arm (i forget what its called) anyway all back negative. Doctor decides its either migrane or all in my mind. They send me home again. Now after getting used to the symptoms coming and going I noticed the past week or so it is getting worse or bothering me more anyway. I feel week in my left side as well as the tingling numb feelings. I now have no insurance so I dont want another trip to ER for nothing. I just dont know what to do. I am trying to tough it out until fall when I will get insurance again from my job but it is becoming unbearable not knowing what the heck is going on. To the person who excercises I also seem to get some relif after strenuous activity and sometimes eating a meal. I do drink lots of diet soda so I am going to cut that out totally as suggested and will try and get some B12. If I find a solution I will post. It is bothering me so much tonight I cannot sleep.

Posted by anonymous on May 30th, 2007

Whole body numbness.. This is something that my wife calls a pins and needles sensation. It has happen twice in the past two years. the first time it happened, it was gradually. Started in her legs and moved to her hands and arms. It eventually stopped at her neck, with some around her ears. We had all of the tests performed. CT, MRI or head and Spine. Spinal Tap and blood work up and down. To our relief, nothing was found. However, their was still a problem. This problem went away and within a month, it was gone. Since then, we have had a baby and almost two years has past. Last Sunday, it happened again. This time it was immediate. She woke up and had all of the same symptoms but this time they were also in her neck and head. Even in her mouth and scalp. She says that it feels like she has a mint in her mouth and her hair pulled back. She is also getting dizzy this time and unable to walk fast or drive a car. She has muscle strength however, the sensation is making her feel uneven. She is easily tired and sleeps a lot more. We are going through all of the same testing as before but adding an entire spine MRI (Cervical repeat with additional Thoracic and Lumbar). We are also checking for metal toxins, lupus and Lyme. I will check to see if B12 was checked. All hoping that something will show up differently. At this point we want an answer no matter how bad it could be. Something that will allow us to move on with our lives. We can handle it if as long as we know what it is. I hear about stress and anxiety as being triggers. I am hoping that is the case because it seems to be the only answer right now. Right before this second occurrence, she was under some stress, had a cold and had stopped breast feeding. All could be related? but the doctors are not seeing any relation. The pins and needles have not stopped (3 days now) It is good to see that others are having this issue. I was hoping to see someone re-post with a result or update. If anyone out there has any insight, it would be much appreciated. I can be reached at

Posted by anonymous on May 30th, 2007

I have given up diet drinks and am taking lots of B12 I will report if it helps.

Posted by anonymous on June 06th, 2007

HI I'm a 25 year old female and I been having numbness since I was about 15 years old. I'm very healthy I have no problems. I just feels so wierd.I can get it in my face and then it goes all through my body and then down my legs It feels so wierd I get scared because I don't know whats wrong with me. I never really told any one about this because they might think i;m nuts or something. I get it ever once in a while I'll start felling numb and then I'll get these bad headache. when I was pregant both times I never got it. I don't know if the prenal vitamins stop it from coming on or not but never got it whwn I was pregant. someone told me it might be restless leg symdrome but,it can't be because i get numbness throughout my body it feels so ugly. someone please help me figure out what these is.

Posted by anonymous on July 23rd, 2007

Aspartame is not good for anybody, It turns into several poisons once in the body. It appears in a lot of things including gum. Cut all aspartame out of your diet and give it a month or so.

Posted by pleasehelp on August 08th, 2007

I have been feeling sick over the past mth & a half. I've been having severe headaches, constipation, constant fevers, nausea, numbness throughout my body, hot sensation feelings running through my body, feeling sleepy all the time eventhough I'm not really tired, I c things which aren't really there, my muscles ache, I feel weak all the time & I just noticed the pink part of my eyes is now white. I did some basic research online. I came across several diseases which might relate 2 the symptoms I've been having. I went 2 the clinic & took a HIV test. Thank GOD it came back negative but 4 some reason I'm staring 2 believe I might have it eventhough it came back negative. I continued 2 feel sick so I decided 2 go 2 the emergency room. I was there 4 5 hrs & all the doctor could tell me was I had a yeast infection. The symptoms I've been having has nothing 2 do with a yeast infection at all. I'm very scared right now. I don't know what 2 do about this situation. NO matter how many times I go to the clinic, I will always be told that its nothing wrong with me. I've never felt this way. It is a terrifying feeling 2 go through something like this. If n e 1 has some advice, please reply to this message. Thank You!!

Posted by anonymous on August 19th, 2007

I am a healthy 30 year-old male. I have been feeling numbness in my left side of my body including my left side of my brain. It has been like this for the last year. I am hypothyroid, and I did check my thyroid level which was fine. I think that this numbness started with me getting into drinking a lot when I went out. I do feel more numbness in the morning as soon as I wake up and my brain starts functioning. I also think it is from life stress. If you have any answers please contact me.

Posted by anonymous on September 27th, 2007

Well, me too. I'm a 38 year old female. This started with a vicious headache in the back of my neck 3 weeks ago, then moved into the right side of my face within 15 minutes. Then the right side of my jaw became paralyzed. Then into my right arm. All of this was a numbness that felt like being on Novicaine. (Spell?) Anyway, my doctor determined that it might be Bells Palsy and sent me home. I stayed exhausted and numb. Two days later the entire left side of my body went numb with the paralysis in my jaw, left side this time. Since then, I can feel the bad episodes coming on by the headache feeling in the back of my neck, then the numbness through out. Usually just one side at a time. It's painful at times and very frustrating. I have muscle control, cognitive abilities, and feeling, but it is like feeling everything through a blanket or protective suit, though I don't feel protected. (The ghost feeling.) I'm scaird. I've been to the ER and quite a few doctors, including a Neurologist. He was a total jerk and told me I was just stressed and this was probably depression. I think that was his way of explaining that he had no idea what was wrong and thought it was in my head. Other doctors have so far ruled out Migraines, Stroke, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and all the other regular things. I'm calling tomorrow to set up the MRI. At first I was scaird to death that it was MS, but when I thought of things like brain tumors, that wasn't so bad. I hope they can figure out what is wrong with us. I'll post again when I know something. I'm glad I found this site, even though we've got something wrong, we're in this together now. Good Luck everyone.

Posted by anonymous on October 02nd, 2007

I have many of the above symptoms. Been for all sorts of tests. Waiting for a neck MRI. I cant believe how many people who are experiencing this. It is so frustrating not being able to find the cause.

Posted by anonymous on October 17th, 2007

I have numbness/tingling in both my feet and legs all the way up to my buttocks, my GP diagnosed sicatica. Since this time however the numbness and tingling has migrated upwards (still affecting my feet/legs & buttocks) but also my belly, breasts and back (to shoulder level. I gave up smoking two months ago and otherwise I am in good health. I am a 45 year old female. I am not convinced it is sciatica as little or no back pain

Posted by anonymous on October 18th, 2007

i have underactive thyroid was diagnosed over 3 years ago and put on thyroxin,in the last few days my left foot went dead,i could not walk on it as it felt massive,it has now spread up my arm and now into my hand and my little finger and the wedding finger,then by midday my lips and side of my face are also numb and pins and needles sensations,all on the left side!it really feels awful im debating to seek advice or sit it out and wait to see what happens,it is reasureing that there are others out there with the same thing
cam i also mention i had my thyroid checked 2 weeks ago and it is stable with thyroxin so i know it has not turned eratic, i will keep you informed on my progress,if there is any one out there wanting to know personal symptoms of underactive thyroid feel free to contact me i will help where i can
thaks donna x

Posted by anonymous on October 25th, 2007

OMG, i have had numbness feeling on my right started with just a patch of numbness and tingling in my left upper back and then it moved to my right upper back, than all the way to my right leg and arm and buttock and's scaring me so much i'm going to see my family doctor at 2 pm today....wish me luck!

Posted by anonymous on October 25th, 2007

This is Kim, I wrote in on Sept 27th. I'm still experiencing all of this. Everyday there is some point in my body numb and painful. I get headaches sometimes that are in the neck, back of the head, or forehead. They hurt, but are still undiognosed. I have been through every test possible now. My doctor wants to send me to another Neurologist. After the last time I'm not sure I want to, and after seeing that more people are writing in with this, I'm not sure anyone is going to find anything wrong.
I think that we all need to somehow get together and go over what we have in common. Our backgrounds, physical similarities, lifestyles, etc. We should also be able to contact each other if one of us does find a diagnosis, so we can tell the others what to let their doctors know. Or I wish... oh, well.
If anyone finds anything out, I have this e-mail address that I use for health stuff:
Good Luck Everyone,

Posted by anonymous on October 26th, 2007

Hi Kim...I agree with you, i posted on Oct 25th...So i went to see my Family doctor yesterday...i passed every test from coordination to balance and reflexes so he's testing my blood counts and a whole bunch of other blood tests plus he's sending me for a CT Scan...I'm so scared...he said the cat scan won't be until end of i don't think he was too too concerned....he said that he knows for sure there's nothing wrong in my brain but just being cautiaus..
he also asked me if i had been near any chemicals etc...well, i said no to him but on the way home i was thinking about how much i'm taking aspartame in the form of Diet coke and Splenda (about 6 packets a day)so from today i'm stopping all forms of artificial sweetners to see if that makes a difference???? I'll keep you guys posted!

Posted by anonymous on October 27th, 2007

i am not sure what country everyone is from here, about not having insurance?? whats that about?? to see a doctor and costing so much, i feel for you all then. Im from australia and the doctor only costs us 40$ a visit and you get 25$ back from medicare so it only really cost 15$ i dont know how that works out in pounds. I really dont understand why some countries have a crappy health system. What ever happened to taking care of the ill and injuried, seems some countries want the money instead of helping out their fellow people.... Move to Australia, we have a great health system here........... THE GIRL FROM DOWNUNDER>>>>>>>>>>

Posted by anonymous on October 29th, 2007

I'm a 34 female and have been noticing that I go numb on my left side. Arm, leg, back and etc. Just the left side, but it's only when I get on my computer at work.

Posted by anonymous on October 29th, 2007

I have this numbness on my right side. It's worst in the morning and stress situations..if i have to go to work my god it just kills me with feeling so weirded out...i'm a 32 year old female living in vancouver..i have an 8 year old son.

Posted by anonymous on October 30th, 2007

lately i have been having constant headaches almost 2 weeks straight dr put me on antiflammitories, they didnt work, and i forgot to tell her that i also had numbness on my right side of my face and now my tongue is as well. She sent me straight to have test done and it came back that i have a brain tumor.......... So guys dont stuff around get looked at as soon as possible. Numbness on the face aint something the piss fart around with..............GO GET IT CHECKED OUT ASAP

Posted by anonymous on October 30th, 2007

above message was mine, i am only 35 years old......

Posted by anonymous on October 30th, 2007

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Thank god you caught it early on time and you will def be okay. At least you know now what you're dealing with... We will all pray for you! How are the prognosis? my blood test came out normal but i'm due for a cat scan on the 8th. and the numbness is on my right side but not in my's mostly from my back to lower extremeties....

Posted by anonymous on November 01st, 2007

Kim here again. Healthcare neglected country is the big bad U.S.A. Of course they don't spend money to keep their citizens healthy, that would take away from their over-inflated economy and might cause less bankruptcies in this country. Then the lawyers would be out of jobs and the politicians wouldn't have problems to solve.
I'm very sorry to the person with the brain tumor. You are in our thoughts, and we wish you the best.
To everyone else, please e-mail this address and lets get our stories and individual sypmtoms and backgrounds into the Mayo clinic or something. I will not post e-mail addresses to everyone. Create an e-mail address that is just for this issue. I'm not a computer hacker so will not be able to trace you...I'm just a mom who wants to be capable and able to live the rest of my life and be active with my son.
I'm sure each of us have our reasons for wanting a resolution to our scare, so lets be proactive.
I know you wouldn't want personal info posted here, but if it is e-mailed in, I can create a chart that we can each look at to see what we have in common or different, and see what might be relevant.
Some issues to look at would be weight, sex, age, health issues, part of the country you live in (N,S,E,W,)type of work involved in, etc. Anything you think might be a possible factor. Also look at early symptoms that you might not have thought too much about before, but now that this has happened???

Here's the e-mail I have. I create it but never used it, but now I have a reason to. Let's get together on this; there's power in numbers.

Posted by anonymous on November 01st, 2007

Hello, I have been having a floppy, tingling feeling all over the left side of my body, the tingling being mainly in my face, arm and leg. I saw doctor today and he said it was the antibiotics I am on, a side effect... does this sound right to you guys?
Because I've never heard of antibiotics doing this in particular...its kind of scaring me. please I need a second opinion.. Ive also had a lot of stress the last three weeks. Thoughts?

Posted by anonymous on November 02nd, 2007

Hi, i'm having the same feeling only on my right side...face, arm and leg....and i'm not on ordered blood test for diabetes and thyroid and cbc/magnesium/k/na etc...all came normal...i'm scheduled for a ct scan next week...i'm so scared...

Posted by anonymous on November 04th, 2007

me again w/ antibiotics, I saw another doctor and I'm getting a ct scan today or tomorrow not sure yet. I'm kind of worried.. but have a feeling its something else, not sure why. but I'll see. sad.gif

Posted by anonymous on November 05th, 2007

Good Luck Everyone.
All my test results are all negative for problems, MRI, CT Scan, Blood work, etc. Nothing more to test. Folled up again with my Dr. this week and she said maybe I should see a shrink in case I'm stressed from this. Ha! I'm only stressed when it paralyzes me, but then I know I'll get feeling back and just stay calm, no stress except that there is no answer. I want to send all this in to Mayo Clinic or something, but we need to somehow get together on this.
Suggestions or anything???

Posted by anonymous on November 05th, 2007

Kim i'm so glad tests came out normal...i'm still waiting for my ct scan on thursday and still scared!!!

Posted by anonymous on November 06th, 2007

Kim: its a good thing tests came out normal, even though it didnt give you an answer. Hmm.

I'm getting my CT scan today. I'm a bit nervous. I have given up on the theory it was from antibiotics hehe.

Posted by anonymous on November 06th, 2007

I'm getting my ct scan on Thursday....good look to the above post and please wish me luck for thursday too....i'm sooo scared...

Posted by anonymous on November 06th, 2007

Thi swas a lot of help to me. I am 18 yrs old and about 1 week ago i got a funny tingling feeling in my left side fo my abdomen and it hasnt gone away yet! Then about two days ago it spread down my left thigh and close to my knee. Today i felt a bit quesy and i layed down and the numbness relaxed a little bit and now it is just my left abdomen and around the top of my thigh. I made a doctors appt. for this coming up tuesday to get a physical and i plan on asking them about this symptom. Hopefully it all goes good. I mean i dont do drugs and im in pretty decent health im not obese or ne thing and the only negative thing about me is that i smoke. Ive been smoking about 1 yr or so but i dont see how that could be related to the tingling sensation. If you know ne thing then let me know. My e-mail is

Posted by anonymous on November 09th, 2007

I also had this in the past three days. My left cheek; and my gums are swollen. I had a sharp once in a while headache the past two days. I went to the doctor today and he said it is migraine. I have been working too hard the past month and I think it could be stress related.

Posted by anonymous on November 09th, 2007

Well i had my ct scan last night and called my doc today and he said the results aren't in yet...wont' come in till next i have to worry for the weekend till tuesday......

Posted by anonymous on November 11th, 2007

It seems everyone's CT scans are coming back normal, so we don't have to worry about anything in the known world so far. Good luck to everyone who does not have results back yet.
It does NOT appear that most of us have brain tumors, MS, or even migraines, so I guess we can count ourselves lucky in that area. Myself, I'm mostly functioning. It's just painful sometimes and exhausing, and very worrying. I just broke down and cried the other day, but mostly I'm able to cope. I hope everyone else is coping o.k. also. Everyone keep researching. I am. I think my doctor has even given up now. She told me to see a counselor in helping to deal with it????? I want an answer, not a therapist. I want to not have to worry if I'm going to go paralyzed over night, or have my brain go numb. I want to... well, I guess I'll count the ways I'm lucky so far, and not complain.

Posted by anonymous on November 14th, 2007

I just got a call from my dr office and my ct results are back and it's i'm seeing my dr on monday to purue other tests and see what can be done for this numbness and all...i had a dream last night that my sister told me my dr gave her my test results and i had brain cancer....i was so scared...

Posted by anonymous on November 14th, 2007

mine started with an odd feeling on the left side of my bottom jaw. went to dentist even though no teeth were hurting. he took xrays and did an occussical adjustment. there was some inflamation in one cap area of which he administered some liquid antibiotics.
two days later, i still feel a weird sensation in my lower jaw and today my left hand and foot went to sleep for awhile? my left hand feels weird?
any suggestions?

Posted by anonymous on November 16th, 2007

I discovered the body numbness blog the other day. I have many of the same symptoms. They started 2 months ago in earnest, maybe a bit longer starting with numbness in my hands at night. I have no pain or weakness, just the numbness that moves around from both left and right extremities to upper back. I too have been to many doctors, chiropractors, acupunturist, etc. had CT scans, blood work and nerve conduction studies.

My symptoms seem to get better with activity, worse when I am sleeping, driving, sitting around or stressed.

The latest test result is that I have a B-12 deficiency. The neurologist said that any level below 500 can cause the numbness symptoms(mine is 400.) He said that it is not a matter of diet, but absorption in the body. Pills don't help, you need injections which I have started. He also said that I have some nerve damage from this, but that this should resolve in 3-6 months if the B12 issue is indeed the cause. (Yikes, can I last that long?)

I wish us all luck in finding the cause and relief from our symptoms!

Posted by kim4 on November 18th, 2007

Hi everyone. Kim here, from above. I took my 15 year old son in for a physical the other day because he's been complaining of weakness, and other symptoms that I've seemed to have had over the past couple of years that I've realized are related to this numbness issue. I was starting to wonder if what he and I have are related in some way. Well...I didn't tell his doctor about me and guess what...he wants to test my son for MS. Same as most of us. So then I told him about my symptoms and he said his first guess would be MS also. He's wishing us luck and sending my son in for an MRI, CT scan, and Spinal Tap. Ouch.
This is not right. We need some kind of answer. I don't want my son to have to go through all this testing also, just to find no diagnosis.
Good Luck everyone

Posted by anonymous on November 21st, 2007

The weed thing is all about mental. If you feel the numbness the next day I believe it's caused by yourself. It happened to me just today, I started to IMAGINE what the numbness was like and now guess what, it won't go away. It's strange, like I rub my hands together and they feel like they melt and vibrate and tingle. I would also perhaps like some thoughts on this?

Posted by anonymous on November 22nd, 2007

Hi, my daughter, who is 22 years old, started going numb about 3 weeks ago. She is now numb from the waist down and her hands and right arm and sometimes her right side of the face. We did all the tests (3MRIs, tons of blood work) and all are normal. Her torso feels like she has a corset on. She has been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. Please research this in Google. It may help some of you. God bless

Posted by anonymous on November 25th, 2007

I started reading this blog and am astonished, I felt alone, Not anymore. I am 33 yr old female. 10 years ago right side of my body went numb. I was sent to a neurologist who diagnosed me with MS w/out tests in his office. He then sent me for MRI and spinal tap all came back negative, so no MS. Then I went partially blind in right eye due to inflammation but the Dr's dont know why. They sent me to Duke University, no idea from them. In 2005 I woke up one morning and could not hear out of my left ear. Went to another neurologist, MRI's, spinal tap all negative. I went to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, they said well we cant tell you if you'll go completely blind or deaf we'll have to wait and see. Two weeks ago the left side of my body is numb and still. Going to neurologist again. I'm sure they'll put me thru the same tests. I am going to google all the items i read about today. But you would think that the specialist i went to would have some idea especially since i see i'm not the only one with these symptoms. Good luck to everyone and God Bless.

Posted by anonymous on December 03rd, 2007

I am a 63 yr old female. . . left side started tingling & going numb early Sept. Two days before I had a vision problem and was lightheaded - I have since had Blood pressure all over the place and have been hospitalized with shortness of breath and general feeling of being sick. Had MRI (twice) echo on neck and eyes, CAT scan, EEG/EKG - many blood tests and most recently an MRA (still awaiting results). Tingling, numbness there every day to some degree - so is the feeling I'm about to faint. SCARES ME. So far tests have not found "anything." Here it is 3months later and I am still sick. any comments. Dr. suggested anxiety, but I do not feel anxious (just sick of being sick). Sylvia

Posted by anonymous on December 05th, 2007

Hi Frost,
I have a question...did you ever experience facial numbness anywhere? Thank you!!!!

Posted by kim4 on December 07th, 2007

Frost has not written in over a year.

Posted by anonymous on December 09th, 2007

Hi all - im a 30 year old male - and like other people on this blog have funny numbness in my left side feels like my body falls asleep its been going on for about 2 weeks - i have blood test which all came back fine i have just been for a head MRI and awaiting the result which im very nervous about which seems the be making me worst - but i will post with the results and i have taking some confort from everyone else on here with the same issues - i have recently given up all diet drinks i started to notice wierd feelings from drinking fo mush diet coke so i googled it which came back with loads of people experiencing the same problem - Im hoping its not MS or andything even more serious fingers crossed - regards

Posted by anonymous on December 20th, 2007

Hi - I'm a 43 year old female experiencing body numbness on my left side (face, arm and leg) daily since August; no pain, though sometimes I can feel lightheaded. I too did all the tests - numerous blood tests, MRI, CAT, - all came back fine. Stumped the neurologist, though I stopped with his recommendation for a spinal tap since my symptoms hadn't been worsening.

I've been trying acupuncture and have beefed up on my vitamins and exercise - I am hopeful this will help with time as I believe that a positive mind frame and being active in securing my health is always the base of healing. I reassure myself that my body knows how to be healthy, and somehow the balance tipped and this symptom emerged, and I can return to my previous, if not improved state of health. I wish that positive mental attitude could be the same as magic, but it's no quick cure. And I don't want to be a fool and ignore symptoms that may be early warning signs of a serious underlying condition. For this reason I would encourage everyone to seek ongoing medical consultation, as the same symptoms in 2 different people could be 2 different causes. I plan to make my rounds with my doctors again in January...

What I'd like to ask is - has anyone who shares these symptoms been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse? It's a "benign" heart condition in which the mitral valve in the heart collapses instead of the normal valve closing function - it results in heart palpitations and irregular heart beats. The reason I ask is that I was diagnosed with it in
august as I was experiencing heart symptoms, and the numbness presented simultaneously. Numbness in extremities (though not one sided numbness) is a common symptom of MVP. My cardiologist thought that "gummed up platelet clumps" may have been the cause of my numbness, however taking a daily baby aspirin as a blood thinner has not effected my numbness.

Wishes of improved health to all, and peace -

Thanks, Lisa

Posted by anonymous on January 04th, 2008

Hi, a friend of mine, who i had just visited in hospital experienced numbness while she was in work. It is the 4th day and her entire left side of her body is still numb. the doctors say that this is because she does not dry her hair properly in the mornings which caused a chill in her roots and scalp straight into her brain. she should be ok hopefully but if you are also not drying your hair properly, escpecially in cold weather in london here, then it is a possibility that that is the problem

Posted by anonymous on January 05th, 2008

Hi, I have experienced the same symptoms that most of you have for most of my life. I am a 42 yo women. The 1st time I experienced the left sided numbness and headache was when I was 17. I have had other unusual symptoms like my pupils dialating and contracting irratically and my tongue and extremities having the sensation that they are swollen to twice their size, although when I look in the mirror they are perfectly normal. I thought that I was having a stroke. I have had extensive testing through out the years, heart, neurological, spinal tap, mri,cat scans you name it, but I have never been given an explanation. I eventually took things into my own hands. First, I discovered that by cutting out caffein I have dramatically lessened my symptoms. I have also noticed that chinese food has often caused an episode. I started practicing yoga and simple meditation and breathing exercises which helps deal with the anxiety that occurs with the symptoms. I still get the numbness and headaches but it is much less often and does not last as long. i too as someone else mentioned, did not have any symptoms during my pregnancy.
Good luck to everyone, I know how much this can effect your quality of life. T.

Posted by anonymous on January 10th, 2008

Hi I am delighted to read about so many other people who are experiencing numbness because I thought I was the only one. I have had body numbness from mid chest to my toes and now my hands feel numb too. I too have had blood tests done and all came back negative and I am now awaiting an MRI/CT scan with a neurologist. I have had my symptoms for 3 weeks now and my back and neck is starting to give me some problems now and quite painful. I am considering a herbalist as I don't have much faith that anything will show up in the scans. I work at a computer all day and I'm convinced that perhaps this has something to do with it. I would welcome any other ideas anyone might have. My email address is:

Posted by anonymous on January 11th, 2008

Hi ihave been experiencing right sided headaches for about 6 weeks and for the last 2 wekks total left sided numbnes and tingling sometimes only facial then arm then feet im scared as hell have a neurologist appt on the 25th the scary thing is i work on a neurosurgical unit as a nurse and it is really stressing me out as my symptoms are typical of some of their diagnosis

Posted by anonymous on January 12th, 2008

5 days ago my right leg started cramping, more like a dull ache. The next day, my knee was swelling and it seemed like veins were popping out. My Dr. sent me to get an ultrasound to check for a blood clot, but there was no clot.

That night, I began feeling "pops" in my arms and legs (maybe muscle spasms?), then when I laid down in the bed I immediately became numb and tingly on my entire left side, foot to face. Went back to the Dr., and now he wants me to have an MRI to test for MS.

Tonight, my neck got really stiff, and my head started hurting across the back/base of my head, and my ENTIRE head went numb and tingly.

Around 6 years ago, I had an episode in both arms/wrists/upper body where I had shooting pains and numbness/tingling all the way up to my face. I am a concert pianist, so in addition to the normal doctors, I also went to a hand specialist. They tested me for rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, and I thought they also ruled out MS. Everything came back negative, so all the doctors just brushed it off as tendonitis. The worst of it went away, but the symptoms never 100% went away.

Now my doctor tells me all that could have been the initial "relapse" of MS. Apparently, in the early stages you can have years between relapses.

My doctor is scheduling an MRI for me ASAP, so I'll post an update.

Posted by anonymous on January 12th, 2008

Please keep updating your test results everyone. I'm keeping a log of what is happening, tests and results, and any pertinent info ya'll give. I'm trying to find specialists who will take all of this seriously. I'll send it in to the Mayo clinic, and possibly research universities when I have finished compiling the info. If you feel comfortable, you can e-mail me at the e-mail I'm using for this situation, and let me a know a general location you live, or physical traits, or employment type. You don't have to be too specific. Use USA Midwest, or Queensland; Obese, or recently had Shingles; Office worker, or Nurse; etc.
Thanks everyone! (And I have no updates...just the horrible headaches this week and my brain feels numb.)

Posted by anonymous on January 22nd, 2008

I am having the same symptoms but its not really like pins and needles it more like one blogger said "it feels like you're going through stuff like a ghost unless you force your hand or foot against that object." Its really freaking me out. It started with my right leg the other day. Now it is both my legs, my hands, my stomach, and sometimes my arms. I also think I'm freaking myself out because sometimes it feels weird to I have to take a deep breath in. I'm 21 years old and in good health.

Posted by anonymous on January 23rd, 2008

hi my name is mark. some time in sepember i started to feel a numbness at the top of my right toe... i left this for a long time but about 2 weeks ago i was due to go and see my gp. 3 days before i saw the doctor i had to go to hospital for a strange numb type feeling on the right hand side of my head about an inch or so above the top of my ear. I went to the hospital and they took blood tests and done a reactions kind of test and said they couldnt see anything and that it must be to do with stress. I then went to my own doctors for the original appointment he said just to leave it and it should be fine, and that the toe must be something to do with my foot rubbing in my shoes. I dont know what to do as both things are still here. I feel fine in every other way and have had the toe numbness for about 5 months now and the thing in my head for about 3 weeks. does anyone have any idea what i should do or what is wrong with me. Im 18 years of age about 2 stone over weight but besides that no other health problems. thanks, Mark

Posted by kim4 on January 24th, 2008

Posted by anonymous on January 26th, 2008

OK, I'll try to keep this short. My name is Todd. I had an L$-L5 spinal fusion surgery with rods and cages on Jan 9th. First ten days after surger I had no numbness at all in any part of my body. On day 11 after surgery, my feet and legs went numb. On day 12, my entire body went numb and cold from top of my head, to face, mouth, tongue, lips ears, torso, arms hands, hips, and still in my feet and legs--both sides of my body is completley numb 24x7 for 6 days now.

I went to the ER 3 days ago and had brain CT and MRI, chest xray, and lumbar MRI. Had blood work done. ER docs and radiologists found nothing abnormal in any of the tests. I spoke to my surgeon who did the lumbar fusion and he is baffled. I am seeing him this coming Tuesday. Seeing another neurologist on Wednesday.

My father happens to be in the healthcare field and spoke with one of the top internists in New England who he knows personally. This doctor said he has seen this several times, says it is most likley peripheral nerves freaking out for one reason or another, and most likley not something too serious. He said he has successfully treated patients with these sympoms with tranqualizers, which I assume he menat benzodiazepenes like valium and xanax and klonopin. He said a 3 day treatment usally works to calm down the nerves.

I have read a lot of te material on this website, over the last 2 days--some great info in here to educated ourselves and possible diagnoses. The main complaint that most of the people on that site have though is pain with numbness and burning. I have no pain and no burning, I am just completley numb and feels like I have ice water for blood--I live in FL and I have been freezing cold all week.

Anyway, will update again next week after I meet with my surgeon and a different neurologist. Stay warm all.

Posted by kim4 on January 28th, 2008

Thanks Todd.
I looked at this site, and am now doing more research on peripheral neuropathy. I don't have any more time tonight, but later this week I'll post if I find any pertinent info.
Good luck to you Todd. I hope you warm up soon.

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2008

Hello my name is Elizabeth. On December 25th, christmas night, I smoked some weed and ended up in the hospital. My heart was racing and I was having shortness of breath. I felt like I was dying like it was my last day on earth. When I got to the ER, they told me that my heart was racing a little and they gave me some adivan which is to calm you down. Now I was a cigarette smoker as well, and so two days later I smoked a cigarette and then ended back in the hospital because i started having the same problem. My heart started racing and i was very shaky. They gave me adivan that night as well to calm me down...I was in the ER a few times after that as well. They didnt know that I had smoked weed that first night when I went into the hospital, and I never did say anything about that. But I ended up going to see a cardiologist after about a week, because I had stopped smoking weed and cigarettes and I am still having symptoms. The cardiologist gave me a prescription for adivan for a week and so I took adivan everyday for a week which I regret because I almost feel like maybe that had a bad affect on me. Anway Ive had catscans done on my brain and chest, I had a holter monitor put on for 24 hours and I had an ultra sound done of my heart and also of my abdomen and kidneys and liver etc...I had Xrays and blood work and everything came out normal. I just had an MRI done yesterday so I am waiting for the results for that. I was also having a lot of gas and bloating. I have the tingling in my chest mostly the left side. I have the tingling in my arms and legs and back. I have this burning sensation that I get on my left back side right under my left shoulder blade. Sometimes when I get that burning sensation it makes me have a panic attack...or shake whatever you wanna call it. The one doctor said that I could possibly have panic disorder. And it is said to be true that weed can cause anxiety. I was going through alot of stress at the time this all started and even before that. I get this really weird numbness and tingling in my left chest. I get pain in my left rib, and pain in my left chest. Sometimes my muscles ache. I was out of work for two weeks because every time id go to work id be so scared that id have a panic attack tha I would end up having chest pain at work and want to be taken to the ER. Its scary I am only 20 years old. I quit smoking and everything. Sometimes when I put a shirt on my left arm feels gets tight. But the shirt isnt even tight. Now my eyes have been dry and the back of my eyes hurt sometimes. My tongue has been very dry as well, but that could be because i burned it with hot coffee. I get tingly feelings in my head as well. Heres a list of ALL my symptoms Ive had since December 25th 2007:
chest pain [left side mostly]
feeling like im short of breath [even when im not]
left arm pain
burning sensation in left side of back and left arm
burning sensation all over sometime in spurts
numbness in finger tips [i think do to cold hands]
hot flashes
cold flashes
hands and feet get cold even in a warm room
dry mouth [when i wake up every morning]
back pain [left side and lower back]
feeling like i have a lump in my throat
a doom feeling like constant fear and worry
sharp pains in my ribs [left side mostly]
abdomen pain [right and left and middle]
tingly and numb in face
my forhead gets numb sometimes
runny nose
trembles [mostly in left side wehn im either sitting or lying down on my bed]
trouble sleeping do to fear as well as the tingly and numb feelings
fatigue [alot]
weakness sometimes
muscle soreness
muscle ache
fingers and knuckles hurt [feel like they need to be cracked]
lips get numb
left side of face gets numb

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2008

Its Elizabeth again...
I also was having some slow motor skills...
if that makes sense

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2008

Is anyone still discussing this issue or has this blog got quite? I'm experiencing numbness on the left side of my mouth, gums, the left side of my tongue, as well as my left arm and back. I guess it's not numbness but it's that awful tingling feeling when a part of your body has fallen asleep. I went to the Urgent Care and they thought it may have been for stress. They put me on a medicine that is.....not working! I don't think it's stress. I have an appointment to meet with a Neurologist next week, but it's just a consultation. I'm ready to start testing now because this tingling and numbness is annoying. What could this possibly be?

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2008

what was the medicine you have been taking that did not work and how long have you been on it?

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2008

Hey its Mark. thanks alot Kim for the advise i think i will go to the doctor and ask again and say about the test which people have been telling me. I am still having the same symptoms so i will write back when i go to the doctors.

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2008

Hi back again. I just wondered how long any of you had to wait on an MRI/CT scan. I have been waiting for 4 weeks now and still have not received an appointment. I still have my numbness and it has now spread to my right arm so the only part of me that is not numb is from my shoulders up and also my left arm.

Posted by anonymous on January 30th, 2008

This numbness thing is more common than i thought. Started having slight numbness on rt. side arm, below ribs. Going on now for 4-5 days. Didn't think much about it at first, but now i realize it wasnt the way i was sitting. I just turned 39. No children. I am a diabetic, since age 9. Of course when people hear this word they want to blame my problems on that. Ive not had any complications from diabetes, 1 eye sx. Kidneys and all are fine, not overweight. No high chol. or bl. pressure. Going to the Dr. in the morning. Just for my regular check up, but now i will add to the list of things for my dr. to check. I really never knew this was so common. Have been stressed lately. My father passed 3 yrs ago with dx of ALS. So of course im wondering about that. We will see what happens, maybe i can compare symptoms and results with someone and help out.

Posted by kim4 on January 31st, 2008

Hi everyone. Keep writing in. O.K. Something I have notices and from the people who have e-mail me or posted here, it seems that this is causing most of our stress and not caused by stress. So everyone who is just starting out going to the doctors for not let them tell you that stress is causing it...let them know it is CAUSING THE STRESS..NOT THE CAUSE OF...
keep us updated and I still have the chart I'm keeping of symptoms and world locations of all of us with this numbness/paralysis/pain issue. We obviously have something going on, and just like all diseases of the past, someday they will find an answer to this also.

Posted by anonymous on February 03rd, 2008

Posted by kim4 on February 04th, 2008

Please go to the doctor. It's important they check you for any of the known problems, like B-12 deficiency or MS. The earlier those are treated the better. Some problems left untreated cause permanent damage to the nerves when they are actually curable. Keep us posted as to what happens with your symptoms and what your doctors say.

Posted by anonymous on February 05th, 2008

Hi, this is Todd again. I was diagnosed last Friday with Guillain Barre Syndrome. The doctors said I had a mild case of it and it should go away on its own. I see him again on Thursday to go through the results of the EMG test (electro myleogram). There is plenty of info available on the web if you google the name of this. It can be a serious life threatening condition in some rare cases, so I encourgae anyone with these unexplained symptoms to see a Neurologist right away. If you start to have breathing problems, get to an ER asap.

Posted by anonymous on February 06th, 2008


As many of you, I have numbness issues to which doctors can not give a proper explanation. I've had blood tests, MS check up, and an MRI to no avail.

I've had these kinds of numbness discomforts on and off since I was a teenager, although it increased over time (I'm 35 now). The easy answer I got when I was young was because I was overweight.

Looking at myself today, that explanation really doesn't fit anymore as I'm right in the middle of my ideal weight/height chart, and my weight has been stable for a few years now.

Although I'm convinced there has to be a physical cause to these, the only thing I've found through the years is that anxiety greatly interacts with it.

When stressed, it will happen much more. But what's most annoying is that sometimes I don't feel stressed initially and has I get numb feelings, it stresses me, which makes my situation much worse.

It could for example start with numbness in the leg, and as I think of it and worry about it, it amplifies and moves to cover other regions of my body.

Fortunately we have free medical service here in Canada but I'm more than fed up of consulting for this. Most of the doctors will give stupid answers like "you're just tired", "it's in your head", and never take it seriously since all their tests turn out ok.

Resting will of course make it go away, since time always make it go away. I wish there was a straight-forward way to find its cause, but reading all your comments, it's really discouraging.

Fortunately, some of you did find a cause to your situation, but most will never know, or not until it's too late. I wish I had the answer, even if it was worse than a nightmare, I'd feel slightly reassured at least knowing what the heck is happening to me.

Wish you well everyone!


Posted by anonymous on February 06th, 2008

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to put in my two cents. I had many of the same symptoms as a lot of you. My symptoms started as mild numbness on my left leg. Over the next 7 months symptoms seemed to pop up and pile on top of eachother. Started with the leg, then the left pinky and ring fingers, then the left torso. The last symptom was a "corset" like feeling on my left side rib area.
Throughout these 7 months I had my blood checked, an abdominal ultrasound and other numerous tests. Finally my PC was concerned with MS. She sent me to a neurologist who was also concerned with MS...said I had all of the "classic" signs. I specifically asked if it could be a brain tumor. My neurologist said she wasn't in the least bit worried about that.
I had a 3 hour MRI done and lo and ball sized tumor at the base of my brain.
I am writing this because I know how scared and frustrated you all are...believe me. I just want to say, if you have numbness, go see a neurologist and if they schedule and MRI make sure they do both the brain and spine!!
I am a 28yr old female...otherwise healthy as a horse. I had neurosurgery 3 days after my MRI and I don't have to worry about any of this ever again. I pray for you all and wish all of you the best health and diagnosis!

Posted by anonymous on February 06th, 2008

Hi! I have alot of your same symptoms. I have had a CT scan, MRI's and tons of blood work. I have a history of sarcoidosis, celiac disease and sleep apnea. I have been to a neurologist, had a spinal tap everything has come back negative. It started with left ear pain, then right sided numbness from the top of my head to my toes. I have it everyday and some days it's worse then others. The doctors look at you like you are a nut case and it's really disapointing. They have tested me for everything under the sun. They say maybe it's stress or maybe I need to go to a bigger clinic. I'm not a nut case and I know what I am feeling. I am currently have lower back pain with sharp pains going down my legs. I hate to go to the doctor for this because they already do not know what to do next. It is just something how so many of us have similiar symptoms and no one can figure out the cause.

Take care,


Posted by anonymous on February 07th, 2008

Hi Everyone

Just wondered if any of you have experienced pain in the fingers. Since my arms and hands went numb I have quite a bit of pain in my fingers and both hands are extremely cold like something is cutting off the blood supply. I'm still waiting on an appointment for some scans, it's now 7 weeks since I woke up with my body numbness, although I think the numbness is moving out of my body and it just seems to be my toes and arms and hands that are now numb. I have also had lower back pain and also pain between my shoulders and neck. I am still working but don't know if maybe I'm doing more harm than good.

Take care everyone


Posted by anonymous on February 07th, 2008

hi i am 20 first time on here. have been experience entire body numbess, sometimes i cant feel my legs, my hands and feet are cold as ice, right side of my throat use to hurt. have done an MRI, EEG and thyroid test all are normal, i have tingling in my legs and toes and always nervousish. i hate it, its freaky. any suggestions. ANGEL

Posted by anonymous on February 07th, 2008

angel again. my email Add me and help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by anonymous on February 10th, 2008

well i feel really bad 4 u, but thats ur boobs and ur little stick gets numb too

Posted by anonymous on February 11th, 2008

All of you who may have MS or MS like symptoms, read the book written by Irish author who got rid of his MS - The Healing Dermot O'Connor....makes sense and what can the doctors do anyway as many of us cant get a clear diagnosis.....

Posted by anonymous on February 12th, 2008

This site has made me feel SO much better about whats happening to me.
Numb left side of my face, left arm, hand, and left leg for 3 days straight. It has happened before but only a couple times.. never 3 days in a row. I have had everything from an MRI, EEG, cat scan, bloodwork, balance testing, hearing, blah blah friggin blah..
EEG showed I had "Abnormal brain activity" I dont go to the nuerologist until March 24th.
"Abnormal Brain Activity" yeah thanks for being so OPEN ended! I am miserable. Scared. Worried.
I need answers, help .. My husband thinks I'm NUTS!
My friend says its anxiety disorder.
if anyone can help me

Posted by kim4 on February 14th, 2008

Posted by kim4 on February 14th, 2008

Kim here. I'm the one keeping the file on all of our symptoms. I'm getting ready to send this in to Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins soon, but due to my research there is one more question I have of everyone.

Have any of you ever had Mononucleosis? If anyone can, I'm am going to suggest that you get Mononucleosis blood work done, even if you don't think you've had it. Your doctor can do this in the office usually and you should get results back the same day.

Please let me know what the results are if you get the test. I need to know if they are positive or negative. (My son's came back positive, and my doctor refused to do it on me. (I think she's sick of trying to figure out what's wrong.) So I'm going to find a new doctor.

Also, is there anyone who has this problem that has never had Chicken Pox?

Please let me know what you can.


Posted by anonymous on February 15th, 2008

Hi Kim

I have never heard of mononucleosis but have read up on it on the internet and I am not aware of ever having had it but I did have chicken pox when I was 18 years old. I think my body numbness has gone except for my toes but my arms and hands are totally numb. I am also having neck pain which sometimes goes up the back of my head. Also for the past few days I have felt my throat thicken although it is not sore and I wondered if anyone has experienced this as it is quite worrying.


Posted by kim4 on February 16th, 2008

Yes Mary,
I have the pain in the back of the neck and it goes up my head. My son has also started complaining of the pain in the back of the neck. My throat also feels "tight" sometimes and that usually makes me start to panic, but then I know I'm not going to choke, so I just sit back and try to relax until the feeling subsides.

Posted by anonymous on February 17th, 2008

Posted by anonymous on February 17th, 2008

Kim, it's interesting you ask about mono. When I first started experiencing many of the same neuro symptoms you all describe (tingling, numbness, headaches), a neurologist (after many tests) felt mono was the cause. I guess the mono virus (Eptein Barr) can cause neurological symptoms. I was also very the diagnosis made sense (I was tested positive for the mono virus, but there was no way to no how recent the exposure was). However, now 2 years later, I still experience the symptoms off and on. The EB virus doesn't ever leave your body, so I guess it could theoretically be flare-ups, but who knows. It seems that no one does. I did have MRI to rule out MS (about a year ago) and it came back normal. But still having tingling etc. Now my two fingers on right hand are numb and have been for 5 days. Started seeing a new doctor (have moved states since previous work-ups). He ran cbc and sed rate - both normal (sed rate rules out lupus among other things). He has me on prednisone just as a test to see if it helps anything (to see if inflammation is the cause - although we still wouldn't know what causes the inflammation). The prednisone has had NO effect on my finger numbness but has tremendously helped pain I was having in my leg/pelvic area - mostly on right side. Right now my medical records are being sent to my new doctor. I empathize with all of you. It is horrible not knowing what is wrong. I spend way too much time worrying about this and if it's life-threatening. I can live with the pain / numbness...I just want to know if it is something I can LIVE with. And if I have one more Dr. suggest it's stress, I'm going to slug him/her wink.gif Mickey

Posted by kim4 on February 17th, 2008

I understand the desire to "slug" the doctors who keep suggesting stress. (Probably not a good idea if we acted upon it though.) (Only in our dreams.)

Anyway, thank you so much for giving me the info on your past Mono test. It's just a theory right now, but I'm starting to think this all might somehow be related to the EB virus. We'll see what everyone else comes up with. If we can get enough people with a commonality other than symptoms, then maybe we can get some researchers to take this seriously.
I don't know. I'm just trying. I want answers, and like you said, I can live with it, I just want to know that I'm going to LIVE.

Posted by kim4 on February 25th, 2008

Just testing. Some people are having problems logging on.
Update with my son: I've been worried since he's had similar problems as some of us, and last night he got "the headache" and then his left arm and the left side of his face went numb. He said it isn't painful, but that it felt weak and hurt all day.
One more to add to the list.

Posted by anonymous on February 26th, 2008

hi, im a 46 year old male with high blood pressure and i was at work and i just started to feel numbness in my whole right side of the body, even my tongue. I am not sure what this is but i am going to the doctor, and suggestions?.... or some help? Ty

Posted by anonymous on February 27th, 2008

Hello everyone, I began with what i thought was a really bad sinus infection about two weeks ago and now i have numbness on the right side of the face,my lip, my right arm and hand and my right foot and leg. Though they are not really painful they are really scary. What causes some pain is a head ache that I get on the right side of my head. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and i will keep everyone posted.

I hope that any information i provide will help others. All the information I have gathered from everyone has helped imensely. I thank you all for you information. I feel like i'm not alone in this. Gabby

Posted by anonymous on March 01st, 2008

I'm a 17 year old healthy female who has been having a lot of these symptons since august. I had a really bad headache and numbness on the right side of my face and back of my head so i went to the hospital and got a cat scan but it came out okay. It went away after a few days but them came back in September on the same side of my face. I went to a neurologist and he said it was probably just migraines and a pinched nerve but he wanted an MRI anyway to make sure there weren't any abnormalities. It came out alright as well and i was so happy it wasn't anything in my head. i went for my follow up in january and still had numbness on the right side of my face but he said it wasn't anything serious. i had an xray of my spine to check for scoliosis which i don't have and i'm guessing it would have shown if something was wrong with my spine which it didn't. now.. i have numbness in the right side of my face, head, back of head, neck, right collarbone area, right arm, and right leg.. back of thigh and back of calf. I'm really scared and have no idea what could be causing this. all i do is worry about this now.. i can still go on doing normal everyday things but it's freaking me out. doctor's are no help. i'm going to see another neurologist who works with nerves in a few weeks but i'm scared it will come out negative for pinched nerve tests and i will still have no idea what's wrong. my blood pressure is normal and i'm healthy- i run track and did cross country.. that's usually when i feel my best. i'm really scared =(

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Posted by anonymous on March 11th, 2008

I'm a 27 year old healthy female that has been experiencing the tingling and numbness for 2 1/2 weeks now in my hands (especially fingertips), front of legs, bottoms of feet, and abdomen consistenly. It varies in strength but it hasn't gone away. It's not painful, just annoying. My abdomen at times feels like it's in a corset or has a thick elastic band around it. I've been to the doctor, CT scan was normal, no diabetes, b12 deficiency, or toxic metal poisoning. Seeing a neurologist tomorrow. Hopefully the neurologist doesn't find anything and my doctor said she'll look into hypothyroidism (it runs in my family). Based on my acupuncturists diagnosis my doctor will also test for candida. I don't know if candida has anything to do with this or if it's just an added bonus. Has anyone else heard of or been diagnosed with candida?

Posted by anonymous on March 17th, 2008

i noticed that the skin under my arms felt numb, thought is was because i had started working out again. this has happened before but would return to normal after a few days or so. this time is different because the numbness is now running down my left side and especially my legs around my knee area. today i feel numbness in my right leg, and again, especially in my right thigh and knee area. called my dr. and he said it had something to do with my neck. instructed me to take some ibruprofin 800mg and call him if the symtoms dont get any better. guess i'll be calling him in a few days.

Posted by anonymous on March 17th, 2008

hi everyone, i am a 20 year old female and i have been experienceing pains by my heart- like a glitch that needs patience to be released. also with this numbness in my left hand/arm and leg- tingling sensation... i am scared and it rises my anxiety. Doctor says i need ex rays .. can't remember where tho, anyways i havn't recived results and its been 3 weeks and the problem is still here i am worried. i do smoke on and off and i am on birth control. do you think this could be a result of blood clots???? if you know please let me know.

Posted by anonymous on March 18th, 2008

I am a 39 year old female that has been experiencing the same symptoms. Just before Christmas my whole body went numb starting with my left toe,next night my right toe then full body, even my scalp. I have memory problems I am very fatigued, confused I cant even remember the symptoms I have had. I went to the hospital a couple of days ago because I was having such bad chest pains I thought it might be M.S. but the neurologist doesnt think so because the numbness was full body not one side. He also said that bladder hesitancy [slow stream and less feeling when bladder is full]is not a symptom of M.S. He told me very matter of factly that I am severely depressed and it needs to be addressed right away. He told me to move my tounge from side to side while he had his back to me. I could not wait to see him for some answers but ended up very disapointed.Any comments?

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Posted by anonymous on March 28th, 2008

Hello--I am a 31 year old female that started having this numbness thing 4 days ago. Started in my face on the left side, now the left side of my neck, scalp, left arm, upper chest, and mouth are all "numb"--I can feel pressure but not any pain. My abdomen Cannot taste anything either. Feels like the NOVOCAINE thing mentioned earlier. Went to two doctors, they are baffled, but it has progressively gotten worse over the last couple days, although they diagnosed me with a SINUS INFECTION.

My next step is a chiropractor (possible DEGENERITIVE DISC DISEASE?), and then a neurologist. Although I am worried about MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, because my mom and maternal grandmother were both diagnosed with it with same symptoms.

What I find interesting are some of the posts from way back talking about feeling like BUGS crawling on you....I had this happen to me about a month ago, woke my husband up "freaking out" about fleas or something in the bed. I literally scratched my legs til they bled for a couple days. Thought it was a reaction from hot tub chemicals, stopped going in and problem went away, although around then I realized that I didn't have same sensation ability in left leg vs. right leg. Another thing is that I had a YEAST INFECTION right around this time, which I had never had before.

As for the questions about MONO, no I have never been diagnosed with that, had CHICKEN POX as a kid. I drink LOTS of Diet Coke (bad, bad, bad), and I am also a smoker (bad, bad, bad, bad). The only other thing I can think about here is that I live in Montana, do manual labor, am a previous alcoholic (5 years clean and sober). I didn't drink often, but when I did it almost always led to blackouts. I also did meth pretty consistantly for a couple of years, although I have been clean from that for over 12 years.

I seem to be off-balance, get light-headed, and my thinking is often fuzzy. I basically have been walking and talking like the drunk I used to be the last few days. eep.gif)

Also used to have HYPOTHYROIDISM, took meds for a few months, but the last few blood tests I've had have been normal, so I have not taken any medication for that. Also diagnosed with DEPRESSION, if that has any bearing.

Thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for posting on here! It is a relief to know that I'm not the only one, although it is kind of a bummer to see how many of you have no answers! ANSWERS are what I want! What's wrong with me? How can I make it stop? Is there anything I can do? Will it come and go? Is this a lifelong thing? ETC. Thank you all again and I will let you know if anything comes of my tests and trials.

If anyone has any more info or would just like to talk about this, please email me at

Posted by anonymous on March 28th, 2008

Oh yeah, I also wanted to add that I was diagnosed with MIGRAINE HEADACHES as a child. Took medication for them and had probably 4-5 nasty ones (vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, etc) per year. Had first one in 1st grade, stopped around age 18. Moved out of my parent's house around then, when my parents moved a few years later, found out they had a huge problem with RADON--had to have issue taken care of before they could sell the house! Don't know if there is a connection there or not. Only other time I ever got a migraine since then was when I tried smoking MARIJUANA a couple of times in my early 20's. Just trying to give as much info as possible to Kim. Thanks again!

Posted by anonymous on March 28th, 2008

"MY ABDOMEN CAN'T TASTE ANYTHING EITHER" LOL Sorry about that. I'd meant to say that my abdomen and parts lower on the left have some desensitivity compared to the right side, but not to the extent my upper body has. Got sidetracked there, seems to be happening a lot lately. Thanks.

Posted by anonymous on March 28th, 2008

I am 22 years ols and I have been having numbness issues as well about 2 years ago starting in my hand then it grew to the whole left side of my body especially my jaw. I have had 2 MRI, ECGs, blood workups and have been to many neurologists as soon as I tell them I have very minor anxiety they brush me off and blame it on that. All the tests came back normal except in my MRI they found an incidental lipoma on my hypothalamus but the doctor insisted tht my systoms do not stem from this. 1 neurologist diagnosed me with Ciari 1 malformation, but the specialist ruled it out. Also the day before this happened I hade been drinking and taking a lot of Darvocet and wonder if that had done anything but its been 2 years and symptoms still persist if anyone elso know help me out.

Posted by anonymous on March 31st, 2008

hi my name is shane and i have a few questions for those ho could help for some reason the past few months i have had a few things annoy me and make me worried the left side of my head tingles and goes numb every other day or so do u know what this is or what might cause this ???

Posted by anonymous on April 03rd, 2008

it could be caused by smoking (weed)

Posted by anonymous on April 12th, 2008

last night I woke up and I was numb everywhere(head, mouth, arms, hands, legs, feet..everywhere!) and it felt like I was quivering in my chest and legs. I could hardly feel my heartbeat. I was so weak I could hardly open a door. I also felt like I couldn't think properly. after calming down a lot, I got back to sleep after a while. I woke up feeling fine, but now I'm having stomach pain... and it seems right now.. like the numbness is coming back.. I'm very scared, I haven't heard of anything like this before, and I don't know what will help. I'm only 16, with no real health problems. my parents think it's nothing and that if I went to the doctors, they would send me to the loony bin... anyone know what this could be?

Posted by anonymous on April 12th, 2008

adding on
I became a vegitarian 3 weeks ago, but take vitamin suppliments. last week I stood up, blacked out, and fell backwards (my vision did not return until I tapped my eyelids), and I was crying a lot last week... I don't know if any of this could be related.

Posted by anonymous on April 23rd, 2008

A lot of this numbness in the face stuff could be Bell's Palsy, a facial nerve disorder- and get your LFT's checked- (liver function tests) the liver contributes to about 500 different bodily functions. I have a urgent question; can pelvic adhesions attatch themselves to your spinal cord? I've had a bunch of surgeries for adhesions ( the last one being in 2002) and am having a bunch of weird symptoms. I have a real sore spot in the small of my back & it's right on my spinal cord in one place & nowhere else.

Posted by anonymous on April 24th, 2008

i think you should go to the doctor

Posted by anonymous on April 25th, 2008

My stepdaughter just recently had a baby, and she is now experiencing numbness on one side of her body. The doctors can't seem to find out what wrong with her. We are at out wits end because we don't know what to do. If anyone has any suggestions please tell us!

Posted by anonymous on April 26th, 2008

I'm happy to see this website. I've been having numbness on my left side for that past month and slightly on the right. I did go to the doctor a few days ago they gathered blood and I'm scheduled for a MRI. While I'm sitting hre writing this blog my behind is so numb. Has anyone has severe charlie horses with body numbness?

Posted by kim4 on April 28th, 2008

Hello to all the new people. I'm Kim and I've been keeping a log of all of our symptoms. I've also been trying to find a doctor to take all of us seriously. I've sent letters out to Neurology Research Hospitals and to major research schools and hospitals also.
If you have any information you want added that you do not want to post on the blog, you can send it to the below address. Everything is confidential, and you don't have to send me your name. You can also create a new e-mail just to use for this, but don't forget to check it because I will post to it directly if we get feedback from a doctor or hospital.
I know that some people have some symptoms they don't want to let the world know about. (I've worked in medical for 20 years, so I've heard most of what's out there at this point.)
Good Luck to everyone, and if you find out anything...let us know.

Posted by anonymous on April 30th, 2008

Hello! This is Anonymous from April 23rd. Was the response, " I think you should go to the doctor" meant for my posting? You know sometimes the general public listens to people more than doctors ever could. I've got my med records going to a hospital in Atlanta as I write this & hopefully they'll get back with me quick. Oh, I've been told it's a muscle, or it's IBS; these symptoms are beginning to freak me out a little bit and I don't know what to do to get these dr's to treat me.

Posted by anonymous on May 02nd, 2008

Hello! My name is Carolyn and I am 53 years old. A few months ago, I was talking on the phone when my tongue and mouth suddenly went numb and my speech was slurred. This lasted about 30 mintes. The exact same thing happened today and lasted about 30 minutes. Today,it started with tingling running down my left arm.I haven't been to the doctor, but will if it happens again.I have read mos of the blog nd read where pele's outh and center of their tongue went numb, but didn't read of anyone who had slurred speech.It feels like Novacaine. I have been under alot of stress, but am otherwise healthy.

Posted by anonymous on May 03rd, 2008

Same Symptoms here ,, Numbness all over ,, feeling of pulse in hands and legs ,, Fast Heart beats lightheadness ,, fatigue bad breathes ,, can any one say if he has same sysmptoms

Posted by kim4 on May 06th, 2008

Hi Carolyn,
I've said before the same thing you did...that it feels like Novacaine. I'll post your comments on my log to send in when we find a doctor.

Posted by anonymous on May 07th, 2008

Wow - I thought I was some kind of freak and having a rare problem. Im also suffering from numbness in the left side of my body. Mild numbness - it is slight in my face almost tingly and also time to time in my arm. It has been pretty steady on and off for about 6 weeks - I panicked a bit and went to my doctor but he said he thought I was fine and that anxiety is causing it. I am in a stressfull time of my life but I cant imagine stress making your face tingle?

I was thinking of going to emergency but there are no other symptoms with the numbness - no loss of balance - no vision problem - no speech problem - no nasua but soetimes i panic because I always fear the worse?

Also one other thing it seems to be worse when im sleepy - or sometimes after having some beers. Also my jaw seems tight at times - any ideas what it may be?

Posted by anonymous on May 07th, 2008

Just to add a few details to above - I am 32 - have no major health problems - try to eat health stay active and am a healthy weight. Just not used to anything going wrong in me so i get paniced a bit - any help appreciated thanks


Posted by kim4 on May 08th, 2008

We have no help, or we would have posted by now. If you want, you can create an e-mail address just for contacting us, and send it to and when I get any updates (none so far) I will post you also. If we also do get a research hospital to take us seriously it will be a way to contact you. Just don't forget to check it about once a month or so, or check here for updates.

Posted by anonymous on May 14th, 2008

can anyone help? I have seen a neurologist however they say that there is nothing wrong with my legs. My left side of the body feels numb. Especially with my legs and hands, it feels tingly like ants crawling all over. when hot water touches my left leg or hand it stings.

Posted by anonymous on May 15th, 2008

I have a similar problem with strange feeling sin the left side of my body I have been checked over and been to a couple doctors but they said they can see nothing major wrong. I feel it in my head arms and legs - almost a numb feeling but the sensation is still there (if someone pinches me it hurts!)

I have had a bit of dizziness and some feelings of panic - the docs think anxiety may be playig abig part of the symptoms - i feel it may be playing some part. The doc at emergency also told me he sees this happen quite often - it is not a rare problem - but he didnt have any answers exactly what causes it - I think alot of u are in the same boat happy.gif

Try no to worry - it is likely nothing too serious if your doc checked ouy over - there are alot of us out there with the ame problems wondering what the heck is gong on!


Posted by anonymous on May 16th, 2008

Along with the numbness in the left side going right upto the toes did anyone notice any discolouration of the toenails(some of them atleast.I noticed two of my toenails becoming dark grey last few months and now this tingling has started for the last few days.Before this for months my hands would go off to sleep during the night many times but when I moved them for a minute it was ok.

Posted by anonymous on May 19th, 2008

i am an office worker 39 years old. since 3 months i am feeling numbness in my left side. i consulted a doctor and he advised me to change my sleeping position. i used jogging every evening and doing some other exercise. actually sometimes i am feeling numbness and spicy. if anyone had the same experience and it is cured please give me an advise. my mail ID

Posted by jgooda on May 20th, 2008

I get numbness from problems in my spin

Posted by anonymous on May 30th, 2008

I am 49 years old and I have noticed that there are "different things" going on in my body.

My common sense attributes this to perimenopause but many comments about numbness are from younger people?

1)It started almost a year ago with "teeth" issues. It was uncomfortablw chewing, pain in cheek,etc. I thought I was going to have a root canal but since we couldn't decide which tooth it was, I let it go for a few months and it went away on its own.
2)I am experiencing what feels like an elevated heartbeat at times. When it started, about 3 weeks ago, I actually would wake up,and feel like I was going to pass out. I am especially aware of my heart when I lie down to go to sleep at night.
3) Now I am experiencing slight numbness from my cheek down to my toes on the left side only. Sometimes I get more of a rush in my upper leg. Its like the left side of my body is ever so slightly numb.
4) Last week my fingernails have become brittle. I've always had nice nails and I can hardly get them to grow out without splitting.
5)Note: this last year my period is all over the place- no longer can I go by the calendar. Its heavy, its light, its skipping- not reliable.

So, is this right side numbness hormone related?


Posted by anonymous on June 11th, 2008

I been having Body Numbness and Tingling off and on now and I was wondering what causes it?
I use to smoke weed but I quit a month ago.
I get confused some times, blurred vision, heart starts beating fast, and my whole body just goes completely numb.

Any suggestions:

Posted by anonymous on June 12th, 2008

my numbness started about 5 months ago I guess. It seemed for a while to trigger if I got in the car and turned on air conditioning, but now happens at other times.

It seems to be exactly on the right side of my body including the right sides of my tongue, teeth, cheek and face, lips (only the right side of each) Tingling and numbness in my right thumb and index, and even foot.

It seems like only the surface of each is numb.

I am a 52 year old male.

Posted by kim4 on June 15th, 2008

I'm still researching. If you send lists of your specific symptoms it's easier for me to log them in the spreadsheet I have going.
Everything sent to the e-mail address is confidential. I don't share names or e-mail addresses, but will ask your permission before giving contact info to the doctors.

Posted by anonymous on June 17th, 2008

My name is Cindy. I am a 46 year old mother of 5, pastor's wife and student. My life has been in major stress mode for a long time. My numbness came on slowly, but a month ago spread to my entire body. It is so terrible to experience. I have also had panic attacks at night. But I have good news. I started seeing a neurological chiropractor 3 seeks ago and he has helped me so much.
It is too long to go into, but the prolonged stress depletes the body and the brain chemicals get out of balance thus the neurons don't carry the signals correctly. He put me on adrenal and thyroid support products along with L-Tryptophane and calcium/magnesium at night. I have had to slow way down, spend a lot of quiet time, keep stress down too and I am getting better.
I hope this helps someone. There is a name for this condition, but tonight I can't remember it.
Maybe some of you could seek a similar Dr. for help.
I'll be praying for you all. My heart goes out to you.
All I can say is that I am finally having some feeling return and I am so thankful.


Posted by anonymous on June 18th, 2008

I had my left baby pinky go numb. Then in a few seconds so did my hand and half up my arm. I also had a small numbness patch near my ear. Went to the ER and they said I was fine. It was a pinched nerve. As days passed the feeling never came back. Until about two months later. Now it comes and goes. But The small patch near my ear has now gotten to be my whole left cheak even my left side of my lips. My feet get tingling and my hands too. But this comes and goes. I get no headaches. Doctor says I am not having TIA's (mini strokes). Or MS or at least he says worst case would be misdiagnose MS. I finally got him to send me to a nerologist, after much complaining and visits. However I can't get in until Sept. Thats three mths away. I have never had numbness to the point that I can't move. I dont even feel weak. But it is numb. If this makes any sense? I drink lots of diet pop (pepsi/coke)and nutra sweet in my coffee. I have stopped now though. I am so scared and my doctor keeps saying this is stress. He even asked me to see the office shrink. I did and I told her that I am not stressed only over this numbness/tingling. The shrink says I am fine mentally and dont need to see her again umless I want to. I quit smoking for 7 mths and I thought if this is stress bring on the smokes. Not a good choice but to me smoking was better then this feeling. But the symptoms still remain. I have saved this blog to my favs. I will update on anything new and once I see the nerologist. Oh and I did have blurred vision in my left eye the other night but it only lasted a few min and the next morning the same thing but in my right eye. But I am to wear glasses and have a oppointment tomorrow to get a pair and accually wear them.

Posted by anonymous on June 18th, 2008

Oh I am 36 female. Glad you have this blog. I need to know I was not alone.

Posted by anonymous on June 19th, 2008

Oh I forgot to add in that I have had bloodwork done and it is not diabetes, thyroid or B12 all came back fine plus other blood test that I am not sure what it was for. All I know is they took alot of blood.

Posted by anonymous on June 19th, 2008

I posted on June 19th. I went to the neuro chiroprator for my salava and urine results. My saratonin and dopamin (spelling?)are very low. He explained that these control much of the things I am feeling, but the numbness is also psychological. I hate it. I can tell though that it is worse when I am upset or after a long day. Like tonight. I felt the numbness move over me. A weird since that I have feeling, but some places on my skin do go totaly numb. I feel tired and my arms and legs feel heavy.
I had a very long day yesterday and was real tired getting ready for dinner when it happened. Usually it starts in mid-afternoon and progresses as I get more tired. I am trying to take afternoon breaks and rest.
The Dr. says that this is the result of a person who has literally worn themselves out physically and emotionally. The last several years have been very hard and I can logicaly see it but the episodes still bother me very much.
The Dr. keeps reassuring me that in time, with adding the supliments I need and seeing a therapist I will be normal again.
I have to believe he is right.

Will keep you posted.


Posted by anonymous on June 20th, 2008

Well, looks like I'll join this discussion group also.

I am a 38 year old male. Other than asthma and slight allergies, I am perfectly healthy. For about a year or so I've had these occasional bouts (like right now) with a very low-level tingling/numbness all over my body. Even my face. It really comes and goes. Some nights I wake up totally in pain in one or both arms (never my legs) because they are so numb. My doc has done blood tests and can find nothing. Both he and a local acupuncturist suggest that it can be related to high viral activity in my body...essentially its nothing to worry about they sayd. I've had back problems for a few years (I see a chiropractor) and sleep deprivation because my daughter has never been a good sleeper. I've also noticed that it is worse in times of high stress. Mostly, I've blown it off because it is far from debilitating and sometimes goes away for weeks on end....but I'm pretty sick of the worry when it does come on. I'm sure I need xrays and an MRI but I dont have insurance. Thoughts?

Posted by anonymous on June 21st, 2008

I also have had sleep deprivation, high stress, a history of panic disorders. I have 5 kids, a rectent major move and life change then returned to college.
My neuro Chiropractor assures me that when we get the brain chemicals lined out I will feel much better.
It has been over a month since the "whole body" thing hit. I am starting to have a few good days (yesterday) although there is still some numbness. Then today was one of the worse. I am trying to find the psychological part of this. I had a dream last night about the home we left. It was a sad dream. I was very emotinal today. When I am rational I can see the connection. It is the weirdness of the feeling in my skin, face, dry mouth and now numb tongue... that can get to me.
But, when I read on the net the symptoms of anxiety it lists all the ones that I experience.
I am going to have my hormones checked as well.
I am determined to get better. I have recently seen a therapist and she says that I have a lot of "emotions" swept under the rug and need to deal with them. I know she is right there too. So today I let myself have a big cry, which I never do.
Prayfully, this will all work out soon.
Any news from the rest of you?



Posted by anonymous on June 21st, 2008

OK, some of my last post was not spelled right because I am typing without my glasses. My thought process is fine. Just thought I would make that clear.


Posted by anonymous on June 24th, 2008

Do any of you feel that your muscles are squishy when numb?

Posted by anonymous on June 25th, 2008

yup numbness,whole left side for me, constantly there no let up no relief always there. used to have panic attacks, drink way too much soda, doctor said its most likely stress.

Posted by big-t on June 29th, 2008

Glad i found this site. I'm a 22 year old male and since about 4 or 5 days ago, the majority of the left side of my body has been numb. It starts from my foot and goes up to my ribcage on the front of my body and a little further up (shouler blade) on my back. I only noticed it the other night when i scratched my side and realised it was numb. The numbness isn't absolute, as i still have maybe 50 percent of the feeling there. There is no pain, although the muscle on the front of my left thigh does seem a little weak. Maybe also worth noting i have had fairly minor hemorrhoids on and off for 3 years, which are located at the beginning of the 'crack'.(note: i have been too embaressed to see a doctor about these, stupid i know seeing as they shouldn't be that embaressing) They are small but sometimes sore, and the one on the left is now numb. My groin is one of the areas that feels the most numb, along with my left buttock, and the numbness also features on the very extreme left of my penis and scrotum. Great!
Anyway, this thing is really getting me down and reading through everyone elses stories i am a bit worried about things, particularly as i feel far too young to have to deal with such health concerns. I guess i will have to get over my embaressment about the other thing and see a doctor about both concerns which i will try and do this coming week if i can. I will keep you guys posted on what happens. Good luck all!

Posted by anonymous on July 02nd, 2008


I just thought I'd update you on how I got on with my numbness. I have had an MRI scan and they found an abnormality at the top of my spine but the neurologist is not sure what it is so is sending me for a lumbar puncture or spinal tap as I think it is also known as. Not really looling forward to that however he also done some more blood tests as he said there was a possibility that it could be a vitamin deficiency but so far I have not had the results. Both my arms and hands are still number and have been since January 2008. I also suffer a lot of pain in my right elbow and also my lower back and neck - this has just started recently. Not sure if I'll ever get the feeling back in my arms but I sure hope so. Just wondered if anyone else felt as if their hands were swollen and the skin feels really tight. I constantly have this feeling which is most unpleasant.

Keep posting your symptoms as it's good to hear from other people with similar feelings.


Posted by anonymous on July 08th, 2008

i had all the same smytoms, my result was ms...get an mri done and a good doctor )nuerologist)

Posted by anonymous on July 13th, 2008

i was weight lifting about four days ago and about one day later i started feeling very loopy...almost as if i was high on pot. Than a day later my legs started to feel very numb and moved up to my arms and hands and soon to my whole body. I dont know what this is but i'm going to the doctor tomorrow.
Feedback would be appreciated

Posted by anonymous on July 14th, 2008

i went to the doctors today and they told me it was nothing. How the hell could somthing this serious as the sense of touch, one of yours senses, be absolutlely nothing. The doctor was smirking and probably thought i was making this up. what a dick. im suing ha

Posted by anonymous on July 16th, 2008

I am a 53 yr. old post menopausal woman who has had some similar problems with numbness but is having other disturbing symptoms as well. Four weeks ago I had the most incapacitating pain in my right hand. I have never had such bad pain before(Even childbirth, that says something!!)I was actually sick to my stomach and my stomach hurt.My hand was swollen a bit and I could hardly move it without crying, and it was also sorta numb and tingly at the same time. This progressed up to my elbow.I put cold on it and took aspirin and after a while it began to feel better.It took almost a week to feel completely better altho It still hurts a bit in this spot or that but the tinglyness has never left, and it goes all the way up to my shoulder and upper back area on the rt. side, but this morning I had just woke up and my rt. arm (same one I had the problem with) started hurting real bad, but it seemed to be deep pain/ache that made my stomach hurt. I felt sick, altho I was not nauseaus,and my arm was numb and tingly/cold. There was actually a temperature difference when I felt the hand on either arm. I also had a feeling like something was major wrong and I had this knowledge that I was going to die. I certainly felt like it.It was a tad bit swollen, but there was no color changes or anything. It let up and felt a bit better after an hour or so, which is why I did not go to the Doctor.
I also have some numbness around my upper lip sometimes and I have episodes when I have a very hard time walking, My legs just do not want to work.Sometimes the lower half of my body gets very cold and I have been having some severe hot flashes at night.
My Doctor says it's stress. But I did have some bloodwork done and i am waiting for the results.

Posted by anonymous on July 16th, 2008

The numbness on my left side has happened to me 3 times.
I went to the Er and they made me fill like I was imagining all this. They really hurt my feelings. But anyway, I had it happen to me again the other day. I got to thinking about it and I realize that it happens to me when I get really upset. I remember the first time it happened. I had gotten upset about something earlier. So Maybe...anxiety is the reason My numbness happens. I wish I knew for sure. The Dr's won't give me a straight answer. Again...they think it's my imagination. : ( God Bless Everyone!

Posted by anonymous on July 20th, 2008

Hello .. came across this site and thought I would add my experience. I woke up on July 13 and the right side of my body had gone numb (from my arm pit down to my toes). While everything is numb my torso is the worst. I have difficulty with sensations for example cold feel burning hot. I feel itchy but on the inside if that makes sense. My right hip is aches and my left shoulder hurts. Although I think that the shoulder thing is secondary and caused by the position I find I sleep in since the numbness started. I do also find that I sometimes forget words when I am speaking and forget how to spell. This doesn't happen all the time. So far I have had a CT scan that came back normal. A neurologist assessed me and due to the severity of my numbness has scheduled me for an MRI. I don't have the MRI until the end of August. I found several people had the same symptoms as I did on this blog so I thought I would add my experience. I'll post any changes I feel and, in the end, what my diagnosis is.

Take care,

Posted by anonymous on July 20th, 2008

Has any of you had a decreased sense of smell occur along with all these other tingling/numbing feelings?

I've been dealing with these same symptoms for over 4 months now. I noticed it after I injured my lower back lifting a cabinet. Went to see chiropractor for the back injury and when I told him about the tingling in my upper thigh, left toes, left forearm into left fingertips - he chalked it up to pinched nerves in my lower back. I'm still seeing the chiropractor once a week and I do notice an improvement after a visit. Then a few days later the tingling is back.
I noticed the decrease in my sense of smell about 3 months ago and my doctor chalked that up to allergies. My blood tests all came back normal, however I havn't had any MRI tests done yet. I am 33 years old, drink ocationally have borderline high blood pressure but am in good health otherwise.


Posted by anonymous on July 22nd, 2008

I am very glad to have found this site. I have been experiencing the numbness since the end of May. The first episode occurred at work when the whole left side of my face and head went numb. (Before this, I had tingling in my left arm since beginning of April but I thought it was just a pinched nerve.) The numbness threw me into a panic attack besides. I went to the ER in an ambulance. They ran a bunch of tests (CT, EKG, chest x-rays, blood) that came back normal (no stroke, heart problems, tumors, diabetes, etc.) They suggested MS, shingles, and stress/anxiety as possible diagnoses. I was referred to a neurologist but the appointment was a long wait. Meanwhile, the numbness faded on the left and came back full force on the right...on my head, face, arm, and some leg. I decided to find a different neurologist who sent me for a brain and spine MRI. Both came back normal. He also did this other nerve test on my arms with shocks and needles that came back mostly normal. He has ruled out MS for now. I recently had about 10 blood tests done to check for lupus, lyme, B12, etc. I'm waiting for the results now. The numbness comes and goes in different places (some days better than others), but mostly on the right. Today I have some on my left shoulder too as well as a resurgence in my right. I have cut caffeine which seems to have helped. I read about the aspartame, so that is my next item to cut. I quit the occasional cigarette smoking and the even more occasional pot smoking. (My BF still partakes.) I do have some alcoholic drinks occasionally. I just want to know what's going on. It's difficult to have these symptoms with no explanation. Sometimes my mind gets carried away then I get anxious. I have been taking klonipin to ease the anxiety. It has in no way helped the numbness, so I know that the idea that the numbness is caused by anxiety/stress is bogus. I do take some solace that I am not the only one. Hopefully we all find some answers soon.

Posted by anonymous on July 24th, 2008

I posted a month ago. Since then I have seen my neuro dr. and internal specialist regularly. It seems impossible that anxiety could cause all of this, but it can. The neuro dr. calls it psychosomatic parasthesia (sp?). I am taking thyroid, adrenal support for the adrenalyn glands, a little zoloft for the anxiety and getting a lot of rest. It is slowly working. My energy is up, the numbness is beginning to go away, my legs and arms don't feel heavy anymore, I have a better outlook. I am also seeing a Christian Therapist to learn better coping skills than just holding it in.
Stuffing anxiety can and does cause all of these symptoms. It takes time to get out of the whole, but it is possible. I am doing it.

Cindy C.

Posted by anonymous on July 24th, 2008

One more thing...
I had my neurotransmiters tested and they were very off, so I am on products to help adjust them. One product is 5HTP to help sleep.
I recommend that anyone with these problems find a good dr. to test you and help adjust what may be off.

This should be my last entry. I am getting better and hope that you all do as well.


Posted by anonymous on July 25th, 2008

What worries me is that there are so many things that can cause the numbness and pain I am experiencing and some of the causes are frightening. I'm trying not to search for any more answers but it is hard. The numbness is starting to lessen which is good, and the itchy feeling is passing as well. However the pain is not getting any better. The pain seems to have moved and the entire left side of my neck hurts and the back of my skull (behind my left ear) throbs. It is not a headache pain but rather is a sharp pain almost in the bone, and it actually hurts to touch.

I can't wait for the MRI .. seems like it is so far away. I'm worried though that I won't get any answers there. My neuro hasn't arranged for any blood tests or anything between now and then. I feel like I'm in limbo .. waiting for something to happen and I can't help feeling that it won't be good.

Should I push the neuro to send me in for blood work before the MRI?

Posted by anonymous on July 26th, 2008

Hello everyone. I have been having whole body numbness that comes on suddenly. It is like a numbness/tingling feeling. It started last year and now it just comes and goes. My last "episode" was in March and now it came on about 4 days ago. I finally went to the ER when I became dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. They told me that since all of my test(lab, EKG) came back negative that I was depressed and had anxiety issues. They gave me a doctor to follow up with, but I know for a fact that it is not depression or anxiety. I need help. I don't know what's happening and its RUINING my life!!

Posted by anonymous on August 11th, 2008

Hello all,
I am a 78 year old male and too old to become too concerned about health issues. I have had 3 heart attacks and two stents installed 7=8 years ago. All has been fine until last week when as I was driving home from work, ( I work three days a week in order to stay happily married) I has a headache. I reached into the glove compartment for a container of Aleve capsules. When I opened them, they were swollen to twice their size and stuck together. I think they had been in the car for 2 years. I broke one off and swllowed it with coffee. That capsule was terribly bitter,
That evening while sitting in a recliner watching TV a strange sensation of numbness and tingling came over my right side along with a tightening as though my right side was tightly bandaged. I also experienced a dizzy sensation when attempting to walk.
Since that occurrence I have experienced those sendations with some infrequent periods of normallcy sp.
I may consult my family physician if things do not improve in the next week or so, but I have no pain with this condition and it is not something that causes any anguish. I wish everyone else the best.


Posted by anonymous on August 16th, 2008

i'm so scared right now just the thought that numbness could be a big deal. i'm feeling numbness in almoust every part of my body mainly my right side but not all at the same time i can't eat coz of the ach i've been feelin lately in my teeth and when i go numb my toes turn darker and my heart suddenly stats beating so fast i can feel it every where i thought it was just because i was on a diet eating nothing because it happened to me once, but after readin this am scared to continue searching on this subject. i hope its just because of my diet thing and i wish u all good luck in finding out whats wrong but dont expect the wort coz it can affect u in a bad way.

Posted by anonymous on August 22nd, 2008

I woke up one morning with numbness down the whole right side of my body. I was reffered to the hospital where it was put down to a viral infection in my nervous system. I was told it would clear up within 6 to 8 weeks. 4 Months on I have had some improvement, but I'm generaly quite weak down my right side and am very tired all the time. I keep having regular check ups at my GP and the hospital, but still no definate answers!

Posted by anonymous on September 03rd, 2008

Hi this so bad ..
im a new mommy my son is 2 months old.
i just got back from the hospital..
two days ago my left eyelid started numbing thought it was from wearing contacts for several days so i took them off and waited for the numbness to go awway .. it didnt.

now the numbness spread to my entire left side .. and as i type this its spreading to my right side..
it feels weird .. i cant feel my skin, and now my muscles are getting heavy! it difficult to type and walk .. tingly neck, i feel like im gonna faint sometimes, i dont know whats wrong with me ..
im now afraid to carry my son because im afraid i might drop him.

anyways .. the doctor sent me back home because i need to see a neurologist so im waiting to go ..
i have a feeling this is going to be a long road ..
if anyone experiencing anything similar to mine .. please email ..

Posted by anonymous on September 06th, 2008

Hi! I am 45, extremely active and have experienced numbness in both arms, both legs, the sides of my face and have had varying degrees of sluggishness for the last six years. I have gone through a bunch of tests with both tradional and non traditional doctors and have ruled out MS, Brain Tumor, B-12 deficiency, Lupus, Thyroid Disease, Lymes, etc. I have no loss of strength (I have been going to the gym 3-5x a week since I was 20!). I do feel hot and cold sensations but my reflexes are sluggish. I feel for everyone on this blog because it hasn't been easy to go on with life with these symptoms perking in the background! I have come right out and told the doctors "is this all in my head?" and they look at me with blank stares. My brother is a doctor and the smartest person I know and he has no clue!!! Once you go through all the obvious tests (blood - MRI, EMG, etc), I really don't think they have any tests to help us figure out what we, keep experimenting and posting blogs - maybe we can help each other out. I have found that eliminating sugars : ( and taking a strong multi vitamin and vitamins to help adrenals are helpful. Also, getting good sleep and physical exercise helps the brain fog. Seems like loud music and swimming blocks out the numbness for some crazy reason. Good luck, please let us know what has worked for you..

Posted by anonymous on September 06th, 2008

Hello ... I previously post here on July 20 and 25 and today will be my final post on this blog. I wanted to add the full details of my experience here so that other people searching for an answer might find this helpful. I finally had an MRI on August 27. They did both my back and my head. All I can say is that it was an experience. On September 4 I saw my neurologist and now have the diagnosis .. Multiple Sclerosis. I'm handling the diagnosis well, and have lots of family and friends who are supportive. More so than I ever imagined and for that I feel blessed. I know I have some stuggles in my future, but I also know that I have everything I need to survive it all.

I'd like to also take the opportunity for anyone with a similar experience to contact me. I don't have all the answers, I still have questions myself, but perhaps just talking would be helpful.

Take care,
Crystal -

Posted by anonymous on September 06th, 2008

PS .. to the 39 year old female who posted on March 18, 2008 .. your doctor is WRONG. Bladder problem are in fact a MS symptoms. In fact all of your symptoms are. Please visit the website for the National MS Society for a list of symptoms and you will see that they list Bladder Dysfunction. Fatigue, mood, memory and cognitive issues are all MS symptoms ..

If you haven't already please get a second opinion. Demand one .. and get an MRI.

With the list of symptoms you have, don't let a doctor brush it aside and call it depression. Because the fact of the matter is that depression IS also a MS symptom.

All the best,
Crystal -

Posted by anonymous on September 10th, 2008

I see doctor yesterday for numbness. He asked me to get an MRI. I am doing it today.

Posted by anonymous on September 16th, 2008

My dear friends......
I have the same decease. I have gone through every comment but I didnt find the solution....Please tell me the solutions how can we get rid of from this.

According to me by doing 1) YOGA 2) MADITATION will come down....What U think???

Posted by anonymous on September 19th, 2008

This is ZAINYBABY from Sep 4th 08 :

i would like to gladly tell u all .. i dont have MS
i was going through depression .. i was advised to see a therapist .. because im still not over my mothers passing away .. and recently going through alot of stree with the new baby .. im only 26 years old ..
and ive been through so much .. that my body was starting to shut off .. thats how the doctors put to me .. i just need to relax .. get enough sleep and drink and eat healthy..

i started doing that .. and now thank God im well ..
the numbness is gone ..

wishing everyone a quick recovery from this.

Posted by anonymous on September 24th, 2008

hi, I could have written so many of these posts. I'm 48, female, with 3 years of facial and arm numbness, dizziness, chest pains, heart palpitations. I have periodic spells of abdominal pain, shortness of breath, insomnia and irritable bowel, and of course panic attacks. Life can suck.
I've had 2 MRI's, 2 CT scans, Upper and Lower GI, Colonosccopy, arterial US, Thyroid bloodwork, abdominal US, heart monitor and stress test. My diagnosis so far, is arthritic bone spurs and herniations in my neck, c6-c7. They cause the face and arm numbness and the chest pain. I've been through 3 rounds of physicial therapy, things are slightly better, do not want surgery! No clue on the other problems, but I suspect they are related to menopause, hormones, arthritis, and CNS and I'm ready for an endocronologist.
Try not to feel crazy, I've been told that I'm just stressed by 4 doctors, until I found a neuorsurgeon to diagnose my neck and nerve problems. Many doctors are so specialized they do not see connections. The wierdness that happens at menopause is indescribable. Neurologic pain is also very mysterious and many GP's do not know the connections. No feeling in fingers and numb lips cost me 2 head mris to rule out tumors. Neuro dr. knew right away what and where my problem was for those symptoms.
Try to sleep, eat right and mild exercise. Good luck.

Posted by anonymous on September 24th, 2008

Hi I am a 23yr old female. I think my symptoms really started with severe neck pain, dull, achy..felt like I couldn't hold my head up anymore. Thought I may be holding stress in my neck and got a massage, no help.

I got worried when I started experiencing numbness/tingling in my left leg that over a period of a few days has moved up through my torso and arm and I now feel it near my ear. Only on left side though. My neck is still in pain as well.

I have been through the ringer of tests, MRI of lumbar, neck and brain, lumbar puncture and blood tests. EEG did show some abnormal activity on the right side that could be linked to a seizure but the neurologists seemed none too concerned with it. I am going out with my results to seek an additional opinion through a neurosergeon. I will post when I get results.

I was wondering if anyone has thought of any environmental issues associated with these symtoms. I have recently moved into a new apartment and my roommate ended up in the hospital recently because of what they call a mild stroke or possibly a terrible migraine. Of course no diagnosis has been made on him, but he is feeling much better now.

I feel like my numbness/tingling is made worse with physical activity and seems to get worse throughout the day. It has limited my working ability and put so much stress on me. I understand how frustrating this is to everyone. my email

Posted by anonymous on October 02nd, 2008

I began posting in June and made, what I thought was, my last post in August. But, every now and then I log on to read up on those still hurting. I am 95% better and expect full recovery by the end of the year.
I had all the tingling, numbness, shacking and every other symptom you could have.
Thankfully, the Lord led me to 3 great Dr.s One is an internal specialist who put me on a small dose of zoloft for a short time. The other is a neurological chiropractor (a cutting edge field) and the last a wonderful Dr. of psychology. Between the 3 I am healthier mentally, emotionally and physically than I have been in years. It has taken a lot of work on my part, you must take personal responsibility for your health, and so I am much better.
I encourage you all to not accept the MS diagnosis right away and seek those who will help you get well.
You can google for a neurological chiropractor in your area. Mine is in
Georgetown Tx. and is wonderful.
I wish you all the best and my heart goes out to you. It is a scary thing to walk through.
God Bless,

Posted by anonymous on October 07th, 2008

I have numbness and a burning / tingling sensation that gets worse at times. I have multiple injuries including neck, back and wrist. This numbness is worse when I am typing and I have become somewhat use to pinched nerves. I know I need to go see a Neurologist. I am procrastinating I guess and my work is very demanding and stressful. I would like to just say to hell with the high stress career but I owe too much to stop now. I could use some good advice.

Posted by anonymous on October 12th, 2008

I posted on June 19th and I am back with my update. I saw the nero finally! And he says that he doesnt believe I have don't MS. He belives it is pinched nerves. I have to were a hand brace and go to the hospital for neck therepy and where looser clothing around the waste. Included loose underwear with no elastic. Which I never wore elastic anyway nor tight. But anyways. I guess I have to believe the nero that it is pinched nerves even though I am skeptic.

Posted by anonymous on October 12th, 2008

opps signed Diane

Posted by anonymous on October 12th, 2008


Posted by anonymous on October 15th, 2008

Hello, I felt numbness on my right leg for almost two weeks now. It's bothering me. Is this something i need to be concerned of? A year ago i had a stem cell surgery on my leg to remove the big scar on my leg which did not go anyway. Is numbness one of the side effect of stem cell?

Posted by anonymous on October 16th, 2008

I've been suffering from the same symptoms( numbness starts in the fingers on one side(left or right), then numbness moves up my arm, then to one side of my face(tongue also goes numb and one eye gets blurry). Next I get a painful headache on the same side, the numbness moves down the other side to my arms ending in my fingers. I've been going through this for a couple of years now. I've change my lifestyle completely.I gave up smoking, soda pop, fake sugars, MSG, A 2 pot of coffee a day habit. I eat a clean diet and workout, keep up on all my vitamins and minerals. Since I've change my lifestyle these spells have stop unless I consume a lot of caffeine. I've abused caffeine a lot over the years to the point where it was effecting my heart,,,so I stop consuming caffeine. I haven't had a spell since the summer.

Until today I had a numbing spell,,,I've been taking a fat burner with caffeine in it for a week or so being paranoid because of the caffeine I've been taking a low dosage. An hour after taking this pill the tingling started in my right head and went through it's cycle and after it was over(2 hours later) I felt like someone hit me in the head with a bat. I had to sleep for the whole day to get rid of it,,,when I woke up I took 500mg of magnesium & 50 mg zinc,, the headache went away. I googled Caffeine and numbness and sure enough there are side effects and symptoms from a allergic reaction to caffeine.

Posted by anonymous on November 10th, 2008

I am a lady of 50 and for the last three years I have been getting a numbness all over my body the right worse than the left that lasts for a couple of hours. I go so weak I cannot stand lift my arm or do anything my speech goes slurred. I have been under the doctor sent to see specialists and no one knows what it is.

Posted by anonymous on November 17th, 2008

I have numbness in my right hand. the only reason i am typing or doing anything currently is because of my hand-eye coordination. its whats known as diabetic nueropathy. my diabetes has also affected my eyes and other extremities recently.

Posted by anonymous on November 20th, 2008

Im a 38 yr old male. A week ago I got a numbness/pins and needles sensation in my rightfoot which traveled up my leg, stomach, shoulder neck and down into my right hand, stayed in my right thumb and disappeared after 30 min. After 15min my speeched became affected for a while and then I got a headache with flashing light in my right eye. I went to ER where they carried out blood, ecg, ctscan and reflex tests. They were worried I had a TIA (a very small type of stroke) but think it more likely it was severe Aura Migraine. I am still having pressure on my head and am awaiting an MRI. Anybody have any thing similar?

Posted by anonymous on November 21st, 2008

I have had numbness in both arms and hands since December last year and I still have it. Nothing has showed up so far with all the tests I have had, however, I have recently had flashing lights in my eyes which lasted about 20 mins each time. I have only had this about 3 or 4 times in recent weeks but have been informed that they were aura migraines. I did not know there was such a thing as these migraines but the optician said they were nothing to worry about although you can sometimes temporarily lose your sight.

Posted by anonymous on December 08th, 2008

I have heard that if you smoke it can "choke off" some nerves and cause extremities to go numb. Maybe that could be it, if some of ya'll smoke

Posted by anonymous on December 10th, 2008

to anyone with numbness or problems that people are stating here is that you all are starving yourselves of essential fats in your diet. Fat is the most important nutrient that is missing in our diets today, healthy and natural fats is what we need. Doctors and the media have lying to us along, saturated and animal fats are needed in good quantities. You need omega 3 fatty acids to repair and build strong cardiovascular and nerve systems. Stay away from vegetables oils and margarine they are poison, use regular butter instead. Get on a whole foods diet and don't use refined sugar and refined flour.

Posted by anonymous on December 20th, 2008

I cant believe this post started in 2005 and is still going strong!

I am having some of the same symptoms as everyone else and I am starting to get scared. Mine started with brochitis and I was on 2 rounds of antibiotics. Then all of a sudden I started having really bad neck pain that was causing headaches on right side of my head behind my eye and cramps in my right leg. My neck pain and headaches have gotten better but are still there. Doctor said it was all muscular. I had MRI of brain and cervical spine which both showed nothing. Now fast forward 3 months.

All of a sudden I started getting tingling in my right foot and tingling and cramping in right hand as well as tingling numbness in right cheek. It comes and goes but has been pretty constant now for the last 3 days. I get dizzy and nauseas sometimes when my symptoms get bad. I also have a floater in my right eye that has been there constantly since the neck issues and my right pupil is slightly larger than the left but does respond to light. I have been to a neuro opthamologist who said nothing wrong with my eyes. I went to a neurologist who said if I was older he would think I had a stroke (I am only 27) so he said he wants to repeat all of my MRI's to see if something has happened between now and the last ones. He said it could be something in my cervical spine that they missed or could be some inflammatory issue.

Kim - Noticed you were sending everything to Mayo which is funny because that is where I go. They are wonderful doctors but really hard to get tests done because they are so busy. Good thing is test results are back SUPER FAST like same day MRI report is already done.

So obviously I am worried that I had a stroke only because the neuro mentioned it and now that is all I can think about. He actually said he could tell in my neuro exam that my reflexes and strength was different from my left vs my right side. He could tell he scared me when he said stroke so he appologized and said he did not mean to scare me but wanted to be honest.

I have my new MRIs scheduled for the day after xmas so not too long to go just trying not to think about these strange feeling until then.

I am stressed out as you mentioned above and was a little stress prior to all of this but now I am extremely stressed! I also have IBS, TMJ and anxiety issues but I take celexa, xanax and stomach meds.

Hope some of the others on here have figured out what is wrong and is feeling better.

Posted by anonymous on December 22nd, 2008

Hi everyone

My last comment was on 2 July 2008. I have now had the results of my lumbar puncture and the neurologist said that it is some type of inflamation at the top of my spine which is affecting my nervous system. As I haven't had anything like this before he has suggested a 12 day course of steroids which I will take after Christmas. He's not sure if it will make any difference but he wants to try this as a last resort. My hands and fingers are still very numb - this is a year now which I can hardly believe. Anyway I will let you all know if the steroids make any difference.


Posted by anonymous on December 22nd, 2008

I encourage everyone to keep this blog updated with how things are going with you and reference your previous date's posts - I read all of these as I suffer too from severe headaches and numbness for many months and seen many doctors, tests, pills, etc. and have had no relief so anyone who gets good answers on what is wrong with them post it - mine happened one day in the gym I got a real bad headache while lifting and went to the ER, they did a spinal tap and MRI and since then I have never been the same this was 7 months ago. Seen 3 neurologists, pcp, jaw specialist, sports med. specialist, tons of MRI catscan xray etc., still nothing. Feels like I'm dying every day.

Posted by anonymous on December 28th, 2008

Happy holidays all...
I am a 48 year old woman who also has many of the same symptoms as alot of you here. I have been suffering with this body numbness for quite a few months now, starting out with just a slight numbness in my feet, then progressing to both hands and mouth area...lips, tongue and cheeks. It has now gotten to the point of constant whole body numbness and skin feeling like someone is rubbing it with sandpaper when touched. My hands and feet hurt constantly unless I wear gloves and socks to keep them warm(they are always feeling cold even though it is 80 degrees outside). The last few days my balance has worsened and my mobility has been at risk. I have had some bloodwork done but no doctor has taken me seriously about how my body has been feeling. I have yet another appointment in the next couple of days and I'm hoping to at least get something started to really look into my afflictions. Not alot of faith yet. I will continue to watch this blog site and will also continue with any progress I may have.


Posted by anonymous on December 28th, 2008

Hey, I've been having numbness but in a different way. It's called phantom glove syndrome (when it feels like you're wearing something over your skin but you're not) and it first started in my right hip 8 years ago. Once the numbness is set in it stays permanently. Two years ago my left hip went numb, and then within the following 6 months I've gotten patches of numbness all over my whole body from the top of my head to my toes. I also feel a rush of tingling right before an area goes numb but after that it's just numb. I have pain with it, everyday there is a different area that feels like I'm being stabbed with a hot poker and there is nothing I can do to make the pain go away. I've had blood tests done for diabetes and also have been to the chiropractor many times, but nothing has worked. The numbness is progressive and never goes away. For the last 4 months I've been having bad headaches almost everyday, and since I'm always in pain, I'm always drained of energy. I will be going into the doctor soon to start the journey of figuring this out.

Any idea as to what it is?


Posted by anonymous on December 29th, 2008

I've started experiencing numbness as well as a tingling feeling in my left arm, and hand... my hand actually feels like it wants to curl up in a fist all the time. I'm also getting prickly sensation in the left side of my mouth and jaw causing me to clench it often and I feel like my chest has closed up as well.
I am a 27 year old male, and in reasonably good health although I have been a smoker for a while until recently.I do have an extremily stressful job which requires me to traveling a lot. I also struggle to sleep and I suffer from severe panic/anxiety disorder (largely because of the numbing).
It's a relief to see that most people here dont have some sort of heart disease or suffer from strokes as thats the biggest fear for me that often cause these panic attacks.
I'm currently away again in Japan and things have gotten worse (they seem to happen periodically, and not continuously) so its a tad difficult to find an english speaking doctor here. I'll see one as soon as I get home, or if it worsens try and get to someone whilst Im here.
Thanks to all for your info here, it is very comforting to know there are others in the same boat as myself.

Posted by anonymous on December 29th, 2008

Same poster as above... I just wanted to also add that my numbness seems to occur mostly at night, especially when I try to sleep or especially when Im tired.
@ Kim... I read one of your posts above and it sounds very similar to what I go through with my panic attacks. I used to think they were the only problem but it seems that the numbness is happening now with out the panic at times.
Panic attack symptoms are very similar for me, starting with numbness and tingly, pricking feeling on the left side of my body, then my chest closes up and my face goes numb (kind of like if you hold your breathe for too long and you faint) The worst is the emotions and mental state you're in when it happens. I've been on the phone to my wife crying my eyes out cause I was sure I was having a heart attack... the worst attack I've had yet ended up with me curled up in a ball on the floor in spasms not being able to move at all. That time my wife got me to hospital, however nothing was apparently wrong with me and they gave me a valium (or something similar) injection to calm me down.
I must just add again what a great relief it is too see other people with similar situations here though. Will keep you all informed if I have any news from my side.

Posted by anonymous on December 31st, 2008

Hey, Heather again
I decided to put on here a list of my symptoms.
Numbness & tingling all over
frequent headaches 2-4 per week
neck pain
burning shooting spasms in thighs, back, arms and hands
tiredness- sleeping problems
upset stomach almost all the time
chronic sinus infections
dull pain all the time everywhere
leaking urine at night maybe 3-4 times a month
worst menstral periods ever
heat pain in hips
pain when I walk and lift my legs
unable to gather thoughs at times
anxiety and mild panic attacks
personality change from extrovert to introvert

so, here they are, whether I like it or not...


Posted by anonymous on January 01st, 2009

I just found out from a doctor that breast implants (the outside envelope)can cause all kinds of numbness/heaviness to occur all over a persons body. It is caused from the toxins being absorbed by the body. Some people are more sensitive than others. I'm having my B.I.s removed enbloc and then doing a major detox. If interested do a search for Dr. Susan Kolb and contact her.She is a well known surgeon and expert in this area and experienced all this first-hand herself. Hope this helps someone. :-)

Posted by anonymous on January 01st, 2009

Hi. Found this site today while looking up info about left-sided tingling! I cannot believe what I'm reading! So many others undiagnosed with the same symptoms! I'm a 46 year old woman...very healthy (no meds, no alcohol or drug use whatsoever & healthy lifestyle).Dec 2nd I woke up in the night with my left side completely tingly from my face to my toes! I thought I was having a stroke (even though I have normal cholesterol & BP). At the emergency room they did EKG, chest x-ray, bloodwork, and CT scan...all normal. I had an MRI of the brain...normal, and I just saw a neurologist for a complete exam...everything normal! I'm thrilled that it's not a tumor or MS, but I feel so foolish!
I have not had a symptom-free day since the Dec 2 episode...some days are better than others. This is scary!
Bloodwork did show up low thyroid, so I'll be working on that. Also, some other things I'm thinking:
1. My vitimin D level was VERY low. I have read that low Vit D can cause MS-like symptoms. This is not checked routinely, so you'll have to ask. Also, it's important to use a good lab like DiaSorin (gold standard). You CAN get too much Vitimin D, so you should be tested often if you start supplementing. Research it well ( is a good place to start).
2. I also had a yeast infection (very very rare for me) about 1 month before the symptoms started, so I'm wondering about candidiasis (can also cause MS like symptoms).
3. Sucralose (like splenda) may also cause some issues.
4. I agree with an earlier post about EFA's ( I have started taking fish oil).

I'm just starting down this I'm no expert. These are just some things I've found & that I'm going to try.

Posted by blovegirl on January 09th, 2009

I thought i was the only one!!!!!!

But i have been having this since 2007, when i decide to smoke sum weed! But it was "haze" or something......i was fine at first but then i started tripping because my whole body was numb and tiggling from my head(face) to my toes! I was telling my boyfriend to call 911 because i really thought i was dying! Lol its funny now but it wasnt at all funny then! Eventually i calmed down and the numbness went away after 5 days!

Tell me why...since then i have the numbness every month for a week. I went to the doctor.....everything was normal!

When u touch me or rub me all i feel is tingling! Irratated tingling!
When i put covers on me it jus irratates me because i am so numb i am not able to feel jus tingles!

I havent had it in about 4 months until now.....going on 4 days now!
It will go away sumtimes...for like a moment....
But when i think about comes right back!

I wanna go to the emergency room but i feel like its a waste of time...
My baby boy is scratching me and it hurts so bad becuase i am so numb!!!!!

What the hell is it?????
Somebody please tell me!!!???

Posted by anonymous on January 11th, 2009

Hi everyone!
I just thought I'd update you on my own experience. I have been numb for the past year and like all you have had MRI, lumbar puncture, appointments with neurologist who has told me that it is an isolated case of inflamation at the top of spine so he decided to give me a 12 day course of steroids. I am half way through them and my numbness is worse than ever with my who body being numb from my head to my toes which is most frustrating. I'm hoping that when i finish the course of steroids I will notice some improvement. I think this is just something that we are going to have to live with unfortunately but it's most annoying that no-one in the medical profession seems to be able to help us out.


Posted by anonymous on January 13th, 2009

Hello to everyone. I found this site and it has helped me some. but alot of people who have blogged havent mentioned some of the symptoms my dad has. I a blogging for him. He just turned 40 and has drove a semi for the last 10 years. he pushes himself and has caused his health to go down. He is overweight, a diabetic, and smokes. very rarely does he have a drink. He has been having the same problem for about the last 5yrs and just told us about a year ago. He says he knows he has had many small heart attacks and a few big ones. A while back he had one of his "SPELLS" as he calls it. When he has this spell he has the classic signs of a heart attack.(tightness in chest, pain, shortness of breath ). But when he does this he also has has a sharp pain in his back behind his heart. He went to the doctor and had a heart cath done and they said there was little blockage, about the norm for someone his age. But when he does this his heart beats extremely fast 100-200 beats a minute. I can take his heart rate and it varies. it goes from slow to fast. When this happens his blood pressure is normal or a little high but not what it would be if it matched his fast heart rate. The doctor told him that his heart was fine and that he couldnt do anything for him and to find him a doctor (family) so he could send him to other specialist. and my dad doesnt have insurance so suprise. if they arent getting paid they dont care as much most of the time.
My dad also has spells where his vision blurs and he staggers. He says everything looks a little blurry and he has numbness on his face and hands. mostly his left side. We think maybe it is maybe mini strokes. When he does this he said he gets this tingling feeling and a dull pain. You can look at his face and tell that it swells on the left side. It draws up but doesnt really sag. you can look at him when he has these spells and tell automatically. he normally doesnt tell anyone. He said that sense he has had these his memory isnt what it was. it's not like amnesia or anything. but if you tell him something in general he will forget or have planned out what he needs to do for the day and will forget some of it. he makes a list to be for sure. We think it may be mini strokes and my granny found something that matches his symptoms a little but we havent done any tests. It is called Pulminary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).The doctors also told him when he went to the ER and his heartrate was racing that he could have a bungular nerve problem with the nerves around his heart and the signal not being passsed. The heart doctor also told him it might be his lungs and that is where PAH comes in. I know this is a long blog but if anyone has had similiar symptoms like a heart attack or stroke combo. or anything about and may have some leads or diagnosis. Email me at

Posted by anonymous on January 14th, 2009

I am an "old timer" on this blog. I first started in June of last summer. I am completely free of the numbness. I feel normal again! I recommend a book called "Change your Brain Change Your Life". You will be amazed at what you learn.
Have your neurotransmitters tested. Mine were extremely out of order. Prolonged stress does this.
God Bless You All,
John 3:16

Posted by anonymous on January 16th, 2009

In June 2007 my face suddenly went numb, "flashed" numbness really and then remained for months. Over weeks it spread down my neck. Then other weird neurological symptoms started appearing including muscle pain and tangible lumps in the muscles, muscle weakness, inability to go up & down stairs, exacerbation of symptoms after very limited non-strenuous exercise and a feeling that my brain and muscles were not working in-sync together. Then lighting-bolt nerve pain in fingers and toes began. Saw a HUGE long list of doctors and specialists who ran every test under the sun (looking for stroke, MS, tumors, etc). They even sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester NY. Those idiots ran some tests and the Dr. then looked at me and said (and I quote) "I've seen this a million times in women. We run a bunch of tests and nothing is every found. It's in your head and I would recommend psychiatric testing." I was SO mad. I looked at him square in the face and said "If I was a man with these symptoms, there isn't a chance in h---- you would have just said that to me." He walked out of the exam room on me. Months of continued searching led me to a chiropractor/nurtitionist. He was the FIRST dr to actually read all of my extensive medical records. He asked what they had me on for my hypothryoidism. I told him I don't have hypothyroidism. He pointed out my TSH had been rising over the last three years of regular blood tests and I was now .03 under the maximum and had almost all the symptoms of hypothyroidism! I was floored. After a year of seeing doctors, over $6,000 out of pocket medical bills, being told I was crazy, etc etc. - here was an answer! I was started on thyroid and ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS RESOLVED OVER 3 MONTHS! Please, all of you, so many of your stories sound similar to my symptoms. Please re-check your TSH. Look at the range. The American Association of Endocrinologists changed the upper range from a maximum of 5 down to 3...but many doctors and labs are still interpreting results above 3 as "normal" and many people are not getting the thyroid they need! Find a doctor who works with the right range! I was at 2.97 and was having massive sypmtoms. When my TSH is closer to 1.0 I am symptom free. I got my life back! I hope you all do too. I recently started having facial numbness and muscle/nerve pain again so I know it's time to go back in to my dr and check my TSH levels again. I suspect they're creeping up, which can happen, and thus the symptoms. Regular blood checks are required to monitor hypothyroidism. Good luck. I wish you all the best. Remember...YOU must become educated and YOU must be your own ADVOCATE. Do not listen to these dr's who say nothing is wrong. We know these symptoms are not normal. Keep searching. Keep looking for clues.

Posted by anonymous on January 21st, 2009

I am 34 year old canadian female, smoker (trying to quit), and last night I felt what so many of the past bloggers on here have. I was freaking out entirely thinking that I was going to die last night, which brought me here, for which I am eternally grateful.

I have to thank you all for the information you have posted on here over the past few years. I had an issue last night with numbness on my left side, including the "novocaine" or "ghost" feeling which included my scalp...i felt so cold but it was as though it was just the surface of my skin (under my hair too?!). Incidentally, this was all on the left side of my body, which had me terrified I was having a stroke.

Anyways, I have read this entire blog, and to anyone who hasn't read the entire thing and still has no answers, read the whole thing, and keep a piece of paper beside least you will be able to note possible tests to ask for as well as possible diagnoses. I am now going to go see my doctor and ask for tests for MS, thyroidism, B-12 levels, Lyme Disease, Lupus, possibly a spinal tap, test for blood clots, test for Mononucleosis, candida, as well as having him check my TSH levels. If any of these tests come back with results that can help anyone, I will be certain to come back here to let you all know.

I am also going to check out the books "The Healing Code" by Dermot O'Connor who healed his MS, as well as "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life"

God Bless everyone, and I hope we can find the answer(s) to our medical problems (which is far more widely spread than I had thought's very good to not feel so alone anymore).

Good luck all...Tess

Posted by anonymous on January 30th, 2009

Im a 46 years old female with a job tht keeps me on my feet for 8 and half hours a day.

I've been experiencing this numbnes also for the last few months.Mine numbness is mostly in my feet with pins and needles.I've seen doctors with everyone just putting you on fifferent medication. During December last year both my centre toenails went completely black. And to be honest i experience this mostly when i sit down for too long. Today I've seen anew doctor and he prescribed Magnesioum Chloride and Neurobion for the problem. He also ruled out blockages in the veins aswell as danaged nerves. Well all I can say it does make you feel scared. I have to go back in 2 weeks if there is no improvement.

Good luck to us all.I will certainly take some of the advise some people has put out here. Faith and beleive will make us stronger.

Posted by anonymous on February 01st, 2009

I have read the entire page but I did not find any one
talking about their feelings. I feel numb just like you guys. to give you an example, I could never use an epi lady for hair removal purposes on my thighs. Yesteday I wnted to see how numb I was and used the epi Lady on my tighs. I felt nothig. Just for people that have never used epi lady I wan to say the pain is worse than waxing. I felt nothing.
Now, I have numbness in my feeling too! when I laugh or cry I dont feel anything. I dont feel the joy of laugh and I dont feel the sadness of cry. When I cry I have teras but no burning sensation in my eyes and no nerve tingling in my head. Absolotley none. It feels so WEIRD. I feel completley disconnected from this world.
I am going to seek help for it. I am very confused it could be many many things. I have to mention that I had the same feeling 18 years ago I was 27 at the time and it took weeks but I got my senses back. This time I don't know how long is going to take.

Posted by anonymous on February 08th, 2009

Hi Guys.....I don't know if this will help you. I commented here on 31/1/09. Friday past I had such a lot pain down my legs and sides with numbness. I then called a chiropracter and went to see him.....Thank God.....he checked my spine and did different test to my surprise after he treated my spine and my pelvis I since now had no numbness and pain.....Im not saying this is the answer but I have another appointment for treatment on Monaday.

Posted by anonymous on February 19th, 2009

I've got to say that it is a relief to know I am not alone. I started to think the tingling and numbness was just in my head. I have been to the ER twice thanks to over protective mothers. I have had a CT Scan, Echo, MRI, and blood tests. Everything has come back normal. I went to a chiropractor as a last resort a week and a half ago. I haven't had any more symptoms for the last 6 days. If it is the cure, that would be great, but I am still cautious and waiting for another numbing spell to occur.

Posted by anonymous on March 06th, 2009

I'm 41, lost some vision in left eye (colors not as bright), thought had optic neurititis, met with neurologist, had MRI which showed small spots but said not cancer, had spinal tap which came back negative, tested for lupus, lymes, etc., tons of tests, all of which came back negative except was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden blood disorder and Protein S defieincy. I have PRE-diabetes. Was told by hematologist (blood doctor) that spots in brain could be small blood clots. Started sharp pains in left temple, tightness of scalp on left side, and chronic itching on left side of head and face. Had 2nd MRI that showed no changes from the first. Then saw neuroopthomologist who said spots on MRI couldn't be from blood clots, spots VERY unlikely MS, and diagnosed my vision loss as optic neuritis, but more likely Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Left temple pain pretty much gone finally but I continue to get twingie pains in my left ear and now left side of throat and hard to eat and can't drink cold drinks. Now have numbness in left arm and hand, as well as left side of face and neck with continued chornic itching... Saw another doc yesterday who tested thryoid and that came back okay. Also had evoked potental test that came back abnormal, sedrate came back normal, looks like MS, doesn't look like MS, no one knows... but all these strange things keep happening on my left side. Oh, I'm on a full does aspirin and took in-vitro meds (but not successful), but was told by two docts that if allergic, it would be worn off by now...
Help... I have a 16-month old to take care of during the day and feel like doing nothing or some days am in alot of pain and chronic itching...

Posted by anonymous on March 06th, 2009

Oh, and I had an echo of my neck too, which came back normal. I am scheduled for arm/hand scan this Tuesday.

Posted by anonymous on March 07th, 2009

Posted by anonymous on March 08th, 2009

I too have these symptoms. 25yo. I used to smoke lots of pot and drink. I have not done either for 2 months now. I work out and eat right, even compete in MMA and grappling tourneys. I work out 6 days a week. My left side feels funny and tingly, sometimes my arm, sometimes my leg, sometimes both. The chiropractor seemed like it helped but sometimes I got the feelings after I went. I take Vit B supps and multi vit. I used to experience these feelings along with a panic attack. Now its just these feelings with no panic. I have not had any tests done because of I believe the panic to be linked somehow psychologically. I have thought about asking for some anti depressants to see if they work but I don't want to become a "zombie" like some people describe. I wish there was some herb I could try like GABA or something. This thing really can hamper my training. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.
MMA fighter

Posted by anonymous on March 12th, 2009

I too have these symptoms. For the past 3 months now i have been numb on my left side. It started at my toes, my 2 left toes and calf. I only noticed it when i went to shave my legs at night. It's not tingly just numb. Everyonce in a while my arm and fingers on my left side will be numb and my lips, cheek and forehead too. It's the weirdest thing. My aunt has MS so of course i made a doc appt. I found out i am hypothryoid. My blood pressure is also low and my chlosterol is fine. I had an MRI to see if i had MS and i do not, yea!!! I am now going to see a neurologist next week, per my Doctor. so we will see...


Posted by anonymous on March 17th, 2009

I just got back from the DOC with full body, (including head), numbness.

Posted by anonymous on March 18th, 2009

I suffered severe hyperthyroism in 2004 and by 2005 I went hypothyroid. I have been feeling the numbnees in all of my limbs for the last few days and today it is really bad. I know for sure that it is my hypothyroid condition that is causing the problem because I have not been taking care of my thyroid for more than a year.

Posted by anonymous on April 06th, 2009

36 otherwise healthy guy. 3 weeks ago started to have numbness in the right side of my face. Not numb like just back from having a cavity filled numb, but like maybe a 30% loss of feeling. This went on for a few days then disappeared. It then returned and disappeared again, each time being a few days. Now it has been back for about a week straight, but I have also experienced the same feelings in my right foot and leg. Each day the numbness is a little different in location and duration. Luckily to this point it hasnt been constant in any location. I went to the doc on Friday and he did bloodwork looking for thyroid and lymes, and scheduled me for a CT. He's saving the MRI for after these results. I have no other symptoms like pain or weakness of any kind. After reading a lot of these postings, Im hoping i have a hypothyroid condition as it seems easily treatable. My wife has MS so obviously I cant even comprehend the irony if I were diagnosed. The "good news" about MS is that many many people live completely normal lives, and the medications are getting better and better. I will post after my test results as I find it helpful to hear how everyone resolves their issues.

Posted by anonymous on April 07th, 2009

A few years back I woke up and my entire body below my neck was numb and tingly, kind of like when novacaine from the dentist where's off. It seems to be mostly surface... heat, cold, moisture... can't really feel it. If I pinch or hit the area it feels kind of ticklish. After a week of experiencing this I went to my chiropractor, he said my main corotid arteries in my neck where being cut off by the muscles in my neck. For the next two weeks he would both adjust me and use a muscle stimulator on my neck. It slowly went away over that time. I'm not sure if he was right or if it just wore off. Either way I woke up the other day with the same symptoms only mostly on my left side. I definitely have less strength right now. Both times I have been under some amount of stress, this time I was also sleeping on the floor. I am 31 now and in fairly good health. I am going to see my chiro. again to see if I can get rid off this feeling ( or the lack thereof ). I think it is blood flow related. Hope this proves helpful to anyone.

Posted by anonymous on April 14th, 2009

I am a 16 year old active male and i have full body numbess including my face all the way to my feet.... i can not feel any pain at all and my body feels like parents are ignoring it saying it will wear off eventually and im not real sure what to do? any adivce?

Posted by anonymous on April 17th, 2009


I have those symptoms too...I didn't understand them at first...but any kind of spinal cord compression...congenital, herniated disc etc...can cause those symptoms. I had an MRI done of the neck...most drs do the brain first because they think its MS and say there's nothing wrong. They finally did my neck and I have a large disc herniation at C7. There is no pain because it herniated into the cord area. These are rare herniations...usually they herniate into the left or right side. Any fall could make me a quad. I am now scheduled for surgery to repair it. Also, my neck is slightly bent forward...kyphosis....not good since that joint area is too week.

My suggestion...check out the NECK!

Posted by anonymous on April 30th, 2009

Hi there,
A numb sensation for a week now on my whole left side and went to see my Actupuncture doctor Chen and she did work on me including deep massage, cupping work and needlework and it cleared all the numbness above the waist. It relieved the uneasiness and gave me the strength to search for more openings of how to heal myself. Together we'll find the way, I'm sure of it. S

Posted by anonymous on May 02nd, 2009

I was driving today and my left arm got numb then my right arm got numb. Then the numbness moved to my legs and feet then my abdomen. Then later into my face. Practically my whole body had became numb and tingly. Then I started to have tunnel vision. It was a very scary experience since I was driving while this occurred.
I'm a 15 year old female.

Any ideas why this happened?

Posted by anonymous on May 03rd, 2009

please men and women the are going thru the numbess tingling no feeling in the body there is a desease called GBS SYNDROME CHECK IT OUT ONLINE

Posted by anonymous on May 06th, 2009

I am a semi healthy 26 y/o woman that recently (2 weeks ago) started having numbness in my right hand which has spread to my right abdomen to my toes on the right foot. Normally the numbness comes and goes but this time, it has been constant for the entire 2 weeks. Earlier this week I took a trip to the ER and was told that there was nothing that could be done and was referred to a neurologist. I did get pain pills for pain I obviously do not have, I felt that that visit was a waste of my copay. After reading this blog I am troubled to see that I am not the only person with this problem that has gone undiagnosed, it seems wide spread and culturally diverse. I go to a Neurologist tomorrow after my PCP could not find the answer, hopefully I will begin to get some sort of answers or at least get a few questions answered. I will keep everyone posted when I get some helpful information. Take Care and hopefully we can find answers and not just more questions

Posted by anonymous on May 06th, 2009

Very nice site!

Posted by anonymous on May 12th, 2009

Ladie - from May 6th. I had my doctors appointment last week, I was given steriods and was told that if there is any nerve damage that should help out. I had a MRI done on my neck and will get the results this Thursday. My hand and fingers are still numb and of course I am wooried about the small things that are hard to do. I.E. type on a computer, cook, and comb hair. I will keep you guys posted on any new problems or answers that I have about my condition

Posted by anonymous on May 13th, 2009

Posted by anonymous on May 14th, 2009

Ok guy I am not a doctor but I have the same issues... Rather had the same issues... Stop Drinking Starbucks coffee!!! Drink plenty of water to and do some basic exercise. Mainly I ruled it out to the coffee (especially starbucks). Let me know if this helps...

Posted by anonymous on May 30th, 2009

I do not drink coffee.

Posted by anonymous on May 31st, 2009

I just woke up with my entire body feeling numb. Just thought I was tired at first, but this is strange. It's everywhere, it even feels like the inside of my lungs are numb when I breath. Nothing hurts... Quite the opposite... Everything just feels weird. I've been on three different antibiotics four times in the past few months for lung and ear infections. I've been to the doctor and have had a bunch of test run, because I have been feeling tired more than usual. Well this is the strangest thing yet. Maybe I should see a different doctor, mine has attributed it towards stress, as he has found nothing else wrong with me.

Posted by anonymous on June 01st, 2009

I have had the same problem. In the middle of the night my whole body gets numb, so I wake upp and run around in cirles. That works. So does taking some Tylenol and take a nap rtright after and you'll feel better in a jiffy!

Posted by anonymous on June 05th, 2009

I have the same numbness from the waist down, really bad in legs in feet, cant even keep sandals on my feet as cant move toes to hold them. Well had an MRI on brain and spine. Was told the results of it was "patches" showed up on my brain and spine that indicated i have a virus of central nervous system. Giving no idea of causes etc. Was told it will heal itself but is a long slow process!! I have been suffering with this for over 4mths. Cant stand or walk for any lenght of time. As no one else who posted on here seems to have got any answers hope this helps.

Posted by anonymous on June 06th, 2009

Very nice site!

Posted by anonymous on June 07th, 2009

for the last year and a half i have been having very unpleasant tingling sensations, discomfort ,numbness, and aches in my rite torso. then it jumped on my left side. then to my back. and recently ive been feeling discomfort and tingling on my entire rite side of my body. my leg, arm, torso, and even some on my upper back. At first i thought it would go away, but its not getting any better. This is making me miserable. IF anyone can help me please email me at or if you have had similar symptoms and found a cure. thank you

Posted by anonymous on June 17th, 2009

has anyone looked up "transverse myelitis" the symptons are very smilar to what alot seem to have on here and what I am suffering from.

Posted by anonymous on June 21st, 2009

i found this to be of help for my own numbness i have in my right had side but it was not the coz of my numbness and its still unknowen some test i have had say M,S and outhers say its not M,S or any knowen numbness if you to have a numbness in you right side form your shoulder to your knee and know can say what it is well your not the only one hahhah thanks

Posted by anonymous on June 21st, 2009

Very nice site!

Posted by anonymous on June 22nd, 2009

I am a 26 year old female. last year 85% of my body went tingly numb for a month then got better then a month later I lost my balance and couldn't walk with out assistance for 2 weeks. I went from one doctor to the next, had and MRI done which was incorrectly read and eventually came down to LA from Northern California where I went to one of the bigger hospital emergency rooms and was immediately admitted and got diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and I am now participating in a medical study and taking Copaxone and doing great. From my uneducated opinion many of the symptom's people are mentioning sound like multiple sclerosis to me.

Posted by anonymous on June 24th, 2009


Posted by anonymous on June 30th, 2009

im 24 yrs old and also felt numbness on the left side of my body..pls help me to find some med.....all y test are's my again....

Posted by anonymous on July 03rd, 2009

hi, even my boyfriend is suffering with the same kind of symptoms.. his whole body is numb and he is not able to walk properly. doc says he has viral infection though i have never heard of such thing ever.... doc also says this numbness will come and go through out his life.. am really scared for him... please please help me with your guidance..

Posted by anonymous on July 03rd, 2009

my daughter is 17. her numbness started in her feet, 24 hours later was to her chest and in her hands. she also had 3 periods in a month. went to a clinic and was given b12 shot but has gotten worse. when would any effects of this shot be felt? the earliest we can get in to see the doctor is 3 1/2 months away. she's never had health problems and this scares me but i feel a little better thanks to all of the comments here. i no longer feel the need to rush her to the emergency room, it sure doesn't sound like it would do any good.

Posted by anonymous on July 05th, 2009

hi i am 56 years old and 3 months ago i sat at my computer and my right foot felt like it was going to sleep and it traveled up my leg and into my right hip and pelvic and then my left foot went numb also to my knee. i could not walk for a few days without support. i am seeing a neuroligist and so far he said i have nerve damage behind both knees and left foot. i go back the 10th of this month (july) for an emg on my legs and back. he has mentioned m.s to me also but i dont have all the symptoms i read about on that. i have only one which is the tightening feeling around t he trunk area. anyway, i am starting to get depressed because i am an active person and istill want to do things i have always done and it is really tough.

Posted by anonymous on July 15th, 2009

Hi, i'm 19 - i've had numb big toes since pril, 2 wks ago i started geting a tingling in my lips and then they went numb about 2 hrs after, before the lips my hands felt out of contact, e.g. i'd try to goive my partner a rub on the back - but feel i can't grip or f#touch so give up. I have such strong grip and energy in my hands too but they just feel wierd. Lately i've felt numbing in my cheeks, forehead, legs, stomah and back of arms. But now, i have deep shooty pains, in my riht hand only but on the left side of my right hand, and they travel up my arm to my elbow,, and on my arm, not only sometimes numb but a strak stings, feels fleshy and sunburnt.. very sore.. and that carries on at my shoulders, chest.. the soreness feels locked... i've had so many blood tests, and nothing has really came back.. i am awaiting more blood test results.. i'm vegan, rather healthy... but it must be to do with the blood.. when i touch something, e.g the table.. i get so much a stron pulse.. the communication theree sometimes multiples in pulses and beats intensely.

Please email me, if anyone knows, or can help!

Posted by anonymous on July 15th, 2009

** since april

Posted by anonymous on July 17th, 2009

I am 29 and have had no health problems. I just had my 3rd daughter. The last 2 weeks of my pregnancy I had high blood pressure and during labour. Before they released me I had to start meds. I've been on them for the last 2 months. About 2 weeks ago, I was sitting up watching a movie when out of nowhere I got a really bad pounding headache, my left side of my body went numb as well as my face and tongue. My mouth would not stop wattering, and my hands filled up with sweat. I went to the hospital , my blood pressure was 163/120. I was prescribed more meds.
The next night the same thing happened but on the right side. Went back to hospital blood pressure was fine. They hooked me up to a heart machine & did a ct on the brain. Everything showed normal. I am now waiting to see a neurologist- as this keep happening. I get a really bad headache and it all starts. As well as a pain in the back of my neck and behind my eyes. I can't sleep at night and I never really feel tired.

If anyone can relate to this please let me know. thanks!!!!!!

Posted by anonymous on July 19th, 2009

i have the SAME exact problem, except im 15 years old and i am going to the hospital later today. i had the numbness thing in my lower legs about a year ago ! now it is my whole body ! It lasted for 2 weeks last year idk what to do !

Posted by anonymous on July 20th, 2009

Very nice site!

Posted by anonymous on July 24th, 2009

this is the mother of the 17 year old girl again. went to a different clinic. had all sorts of blood tests done - all came back negative. next step is the neurologist. she was given a drug called gabapentin to take each night and after a few days the numbness started improving pretty quickly and now seems back to normal. we were told it's something diabetics normally take. one test they did at the second clinic was the eye test where they shine a light in the eyes to see how the pupils change. hers changed very little and very slowly. that is also better now. so now she has to see a pediatrician who will be the one to set up the neurologist.

is anyone else having problems with their employer because of dr appointments?

Posted by anonymous on July 25th, 2009

I started having muscle cramps in my left calve, with numbness in my left hand. This came with a wave of depression and sinus problems. Went to the ER and doctor, everything was negative. It went away. Not long after I had a week long headache with numbness in my left side, sinus problems, and a toothache on my left side as well. I could not tell if the left side cheek numbness was from a toothache or from something neurological. The numbness would come and go along with the headaches, which is characteristic of TIA's. A TIA, I believe is a transient lack of oxygen to a site in the brain which in result causes transient "weird stuff" to occur. Then the headache went away, and my left side is now achy and slightly weak. Which is not characteristic of a TIA but more alone that of a stroke. I am still debating my trip to the ER. I hate hospitals and my results are always negative.

Posted by anonymous on July 25th, 2009

Ok, ok, i am going, you convinced me!

Posted by anonymous on July 25th, 2009

i am a fifteen year old girl and i have numbness in my left shin,foot, arm hand , my left cheek and my lips. My heart feels like it beats too hard at times also. But i went to a kyropracter and she said it was from over excersizing, muscle tension, and pinched nerves. This was two weeks ago, it went away, but the numbness didnt. So i did some research on what i was feeling and it said that it could either be from pinced nerves or an anxiety. Two weeks ago i was at a friends house for a sleepover and i had to call my mom at 3 in the morning so she would come and pick me up. It felt like I was going to have a heart attack!!! So we went to the Hospital a few days later and they found nothing wrong with me. my parents are smokers and i wonder if that is what could be affecting me? but i have had nerve issues in the past. Pinched nerves and nervousness for no apparent reason. the internet said that it can take afew weeks up to a few months to get better...but i am a very athletic person and i think that is what is happening to me... but if anyone has anything to say i would love to read about it ...but i just have to be patient and wait for a while

Posted by anonymous on July 28th, 2009

I am 44 years old and have had numbness to my feet it started when I work out after 20 min. this goes away. I went walking for several hours on 7/25/09 at the field days. By 10:30 my feet were killing me and I could not wait to sit down, I went home went to bed and the next morning I could not walk on my feet. By Monday the pain went away but now I have numbness, I have been able to work out and when I was on the treadmill after 45 mins of working out my butt was numb. As of today the numbness has also gone into the ball of my hands and month.

Posted by anonymous on July 29th, 2009

I am 24 years old and i have the numb problem too. Since two weeks ago, my leg start to feel numb always in the office. At first i thought it was normal as maybe i have sit too long time in the office. Therefore, i have ignore the problem. But what happen recently really make me feel worried. The numbness became more serious than what i think. Both of my leg have numb from morning to night for whole day. I went to see doctor but the doctor couldn''t tell the reason since i have no injured before.
Doctor gave me medicine for muscle relaxation.
But what i felt today is even worse than yesterday, now my hand, face and head felt the numbness. i am very worried and don't know what should i do.
Can anyone tell me what happen to me and what should i do?

Posted by anonymous on August 16th, 2009

Last summer I had numbness and some chest pain which I thought was a heart attack. I spent a night in the hospital and afterward underwent further testing (EKG, several stress tests). The conclusion: my heart is perfectly healthy.
In early spring I had left arm / leg numbness and a really bad headache, as well as a numb face which I thought was a stroke and felt better to visit the ER just to be safe. Again: everything's fine, likely a migraine. After several tests including an MRI, once again all is normal.

After one really bad night several weeks ago and unable to sleep because of the symptoms I began searching the internet for what this could be. I happily stumbled onto this blog, where it appears most people have the same symptoms - and this blog appears to be quite the unexpected support group! I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories (and to frost for starting this blog), we're not alone.

After doing research on a number of different websites, med journals, etc. The three most likeliest causes for most of us here seem to be a thyroid problem, ALS or MS.

If you notice you have symptoms in the summer much worse than the winter (as I have) there's a great chance it's two of the formers.


Posted by anonymous on August 21st, 2009

I have had severe tingling it started about 1 year ago. First my feet. Then it felt like they were freezing. Then I started getting numbness in my head, arm and leg on left side. Also I feel very confused at times, off balance, extremely bad headache, neck ache, very tired, dry eyes. I just to a leave of absence from work. It continues to get worse. I am on my third Neurologist. They are thinking Lupus. I check positive. This is crippling and I am newly married. It is devastating for my husband and 15 year old daughter. I am very scared. Reading the internet it comes up with vasculities. I keep on going until I get a diagnoses. Don't give up. My head and body are constantly numb with the exception of laying down.

Posted by anonymous on September 01st, 2009

It's a very big relieve for me to know I'm not the only one...

I've had my first experience with the numbness, when I was 16 years old. It started with a part of my right hand, slowly moving up to my shoulder. I saw a neurologist. He scheduled some tests but also talked to my foster parents, telling them this would probably be inside my head. When they told me, I skipped the tests because I was afraid to be diagnosed as crazy.
Eventually the numbness disappeared on it's own.

I'm 36 years old at the moment.
For a couple of weeks I've been seeing specialists for shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, chest pain sometimes left, sometimes both sides. Specialist diagnosed me with copd caused by smoking and working with chemicals (2 component painting, fiberglass, silica). Definite test results will have to confirm this in two days.
4 Days ago I woke up with chest pain and rapid heartbeats at night. When I became aware of numbness on both of my legs from the knees up onto my breasts, I started to panick and went to the ER.
Because of the shortness of breath I have they first thought I was hyperventilating. Because of my high blood pressure and abnormal ecg they let me stay for further bloodtests. When the numbness did not disappear in a few hours a neurologist would be coming to see me.
At that moment I memorized my visit to a neurologist 20 years ago. Afraid (again) I convinced them to let me go home. They finally diagnosed me as having an anxiety attack. The numbness is still there at this moment, although it is starting to shrink since today.

I really have know clue how to deal with this. It's frightening to me.
Do you think I should mention this to my pulmonologist I will visit in a couple of days or do I have to see a neurologist?

My body has always reacted in extreme ways to stress, and I also have a stress period at this moment in my life..
So maybe it's nothing but a reaction to that?

Hope anyone can give me some advice.


Posted by anonymous on September 02nd, 2009

Two more things I want to add to my story above..
First a complete list of all my symptoms at this moment (I have no idea if they are related to each other): Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain left and right (like wearing a corset), headaches at least 3 to 4 days a week, numbness stomach and legs and yes, also a lot of stress.

Second thing,
From all the stories above, all the research I did on internet and what friends can tell me from their own experiences, I came to the conclusion there are two simple things you could let them check in your blood, which could be causing these symptoms.
Not enough vitamin B12 or not enough potassium in your blood.
It's worth it to check these things, apparently it can cause extreme symptoms, similar to a stroke or heart attack.

Posted by anonymous on September 18th, 2009

I am a 34 year old female with the same symptoms. 10 years ago was my first episode. After jumping on a trampoline I went numb starting at the tip of my little finger on the left side. As the evening progressed so did the numbness. My complete left side was numb. Went to the ER they did some x-rays told me they couldn't find anything see my regular doctor if symptoms persist. Went to my Chriopractor the next day he did more x-rays said I had strained my neck and had some vertrebreas (sp?) out of place. Had a few adjustment, stayed off of trampolines and was fine. Last fall I started waking up in the middle of the night with my hands and feet asleep. Went to my Chriopractor for some adjustment and it went away. In January of 09 started going numb in my left side again. Went back to my chriopractor, but as I got adjustments my numbness got worse. He sent me to a Nerosurgeon thought I might have MS. Had a CAT scan on my head which revealed a aractinoid cyst on my left temple horn. Had a MRI to see if it was pressing on anything to cause the numbness. The DR doesn't think that is the cause of my numbness. Had a MRI on my neck nothing wrong there either. My nerve conduction test was normal. My family doctor ran every blood test she could think of and then some and every thing was normal. I go back on Sept 22 for another MRI on my head to see if anything has changed. I am still numb most of the time but not as severs as it was. I have actually had a few days with no numbness. Since I found out about the cyst I have payed close attention to what I eat and drink and have found that I just can't tolerate caffine at all. Not even tea, which I love. Other than that I haven't a clue what the heck is going on. After reading this blog I have a list of things I wrote down to research. Thanks so much!

Posted by anonymous on September 22nd, 2009

Hi everyone mother of 6 girls Nov of 08 started feeling numb tingleing in my hole left arm n right leg n my right hand now my left leg hurts to touch it, seen my dr he sent me 2 pain dr then he sent me 2 a neurscince dr I seen 2 neurologist did nerve testing it all come back good did tons of lab work everyone come back neg had mri's done they thought it was ms n got good news not ms then thought it was ra that come back seeing new neurscince dr in seattle virgina mason he did more lab work I'll find out oct 6 he also thinks its stress wants me to go talk all my problems to 1 of those head drs thinks because of everything I'm going through is making me feel this way. I myself think he needs one. To let everyone no I don't drink been sober 20years don't smoke. I don't even drink soda pop are drink kool aid. Just water ice tea no suger lost 35 pounds I watch what I eat. Kim I sent email to you telling about my numbness n tingle pain let u know what new dr says in oct 6 09 thanks

Posted by anonymous on September 28th, 2009

Hi everyone, i can't believe i have come across this site. Am 29 years old and got the first left-sided numb attack at the beginning of July. I was rushed to hospital but all the checks were negative.
I was so stressed from work with so many deadlines and I had swallowed anti-biotics the previous day for an infection so i thought this could be the reason. Four days later, i got a migraine attack, i'd never suffered from one before.
At the moment i always have a slight headache that only goes after lots of rest, like two days.
Last week, i got a numb feeeling again that i even feel right now though it freaked me out. I thought i was dying.
Doctors had better read this website and quickly find a solution to or a cause to this.
From what i see above, it looks like stress is the major cause but we need an explanation from medical professionals.

Posted by anonymous on September 28th, 2009

Hi everyone, i can't believe i have come across this site. Am 29 years old and got the first left-sided numb attack at the beginning of July. I was rushed to hospital but all the checks were negative.
I was so stressed from work with so many deadlines and I had swallowed anti-biotics the previous day for an infection so i thought this could be the reason. Four days later, i got a migraine attack, i'd never suffered from one before.
At the moment i always have a slight headache that only goes after lots of rest, like two days.
Last week, i got a numb feeeling again that i even feel right now though it freaked me out. I thought i was dying.
Doctors had better read this website and quickly find a solution to or a cause to this.
From what i see above, it looks like stress is the major cause but we need an explanation from medical professionals.

Posted by anonymous on September 28th, 2009

Hi everyone, i can't believe i have come across this site. Am 29 years old and got the first left-sided numb attack at the beginning of July. I was rushed to hospital but all the checks were negative.
I was so stressed from work with so many deadlines and I had swallowed anti-biotics the previous day for an infection so i thought this could be the reason. Four days later, i got a migraine attack, i'd never suffered from one before.
At the moment i always have a slight headache that only goes after lots of rest, like two days.
Last week, i got a numb feeeling again that i even feel right now though it freaked me out. I thought i was dying.
Doctors had better read this website and quickly find a solution to or a cause to this.
From what i see above, it looks like stress is the major cause but we need an explanation from medical professionals.

Posted by anonymous on September 28th, 2009

Hi everyone, i can't believe i have come across this site. Am 29 years old and got the first left-sided numb attack at the beginning of July. I was rushed to hospital but all the checks were negative.
I was so stressed from work with so many deadlines and I had swallowed anti-biotics the previous day for an infection so i thought this could be the reason. Four days later, i got a migraine attack, i'd never suffered from one before.
At the moment i always have a slight headache that only goes after lots of rest, like two days.
Last week, i got a numb feeeling again that i even feel right now though it freaked me out. I thought i was dying.
Doctors had better read this website and quickly find a solution to or a cause to this.
From what i see above, it looks like stress is the major cause but we need an explanation from medical professionals.

Posted by anonymous on October 04th, 2009

I had the same symptoms in 2005 with my left side going numb and tingling. I thought it was because I had my purse on my shoulder and it had cut off the circulation. But by the time I got home I could not walk, my son took me to the ER and after having a cat scan the discovered I had a bleed in my brain.and they diagnosised that I had a stroke. I still have the numbness, tingling, a heavy feeling on my left side like there is a ton on weights. I have learned had to live with it until the last couple of months when it wakes me in extreme pain, that I have to take a pain pill (prescription) to get any relief. They can't find out why this is going on, I had high blood pressure and have had it for several years before this happen and was taking medication and had it under control and still have it under control, but get really scared when this happens and not knowing why it is happening.

I am was really surprise to see other people are going through what I go through, but don't take for granted that it is nothing, because there could be something going on and it is a warning sign for you to seek medical attention.

Posted by anonymous on October 10th, 2009

This has happened to me several times in the last few months. I am only 15 years old. It only seems to happen when I am in my dad's car. The first time it happened, I went on a trip with him and rode in the car for several hours but felt fine until I was riding during the night. Along with the numbness, I was feeling weak and couldn't control my legs. After i drank some water and laid down I felt fine, so it might have been dehydration.

My dad had little mats on the floor in the car. He took them out because he thought maybe those were causing it, but later decided that was kind of a dumb idea so he put them back. Earlier today, (which was one of the first times i rode in his car with the mats back in) I had the numbness and weakness. (no spasms this time)

I went to the doctor a few months ago, they did an EKG, blood test, and x-ray and didn't find anything. So I went to a cardiologist and he did an echocardiogram (a sonogram of the heart) and he didn't find anything, but he told me to stay away from sugary drinks. (which I had this morning)

I can't figure out if it was dehydration , car sickness, the sugary drinks, or allergies (maybe to the car mats)

We are definitely getting rid of the car mats though!

Posted by anonymous on October 12th, 2009

I have been reading this and it has helped a little bit, last Tuesday I had something like this happen to me I layed down, and I could not breath so I got up and when I got up I was numb on my whole left side from my head down to my toes when I sat down I could not get up I was so numb and when I was finnally able to get up I was scared to sit back down I was even numb in the left side of my throat I could not swallow unless I squirted water in my mouth I was rushed to the ER it was the scariest thing that I have ever experienced in my life but like all of yaw they did cat scans to rule out stroke and tumers on the brain, and did lots of blood work I was there almost 24 hours but every thing was negative and I was happy about that but still scared because they had no clue what went on they gave me anti flamatory medicine they said it might be my nerves inflammed I still tingle and burn on the left side but it is getting a little bit better.

Posted by anonymous on October 21st, 2009

*takes deep breathe* hehe, uhh I smoked weed one morning when I woke up and I had a buzz from it, and then after a few hours that feeling wouldn't wear off, the tingly part worn off but the numbness didn't. And it is 2 days after that mornin, and I still feel that way. I'm 18 years old.It's stressful at home but I highly know that that isn't it.This wierd feeling isn't gettin better.....and so I am not sure what to do...

Posted by anonymous on October 21st, 2009

sorry Ididn't explain where the numbness was... I meant to say that there is numbness throughout the whole body...

Posted by anonymous on November 12th, 2009

I have a lot of these symptoms too. The first time i noticed it was right after i smoked weed, just like some of the others had mentioned. It went away within a few hours, and i smoked the next day and it stayed. It has stayed now for 5 days and is spread to my whole body. I have been to the doctor and had many tests done (MRI, CT scan, blood tests,etc.) and everything has come back negative so far. I have an appointment with a neurologist, and hopefully that will give me some answers. DOes anyone else with these symptoms think that weed had something to do with it? I have smoked weed for about 2 years and i just find it coincidental that a few other people on here mentioned that it happened when they smoked in the same way it happened with me. Any info:

Posted by anonymous on November 13th, 2009

I have hypothyroid. I can tell when I need meds changed because my arms go numb when I am sleeping and my right leg at the knee goes numb. Such a weird feeling. I did notice a lot of people saying when tested, their labs are normal. Don't always go by the numbers. If you are having symptoms, it doesn't matter what the numbers say. You may need more thyroid medication. My numbers are not what they consider normal when I am feeling right.

Posted by anonymous on November 15th, 2009

I am 11 years old, I have been numb all over my body for the past 2 months. The doctors don't know what is wrong with me. I'm worried about it and hope that someone can tell me what is wrong with me. I'm am thinking it is a pinched nerve in my back, when i was 3 i fell off a side a i have had back pains ever scine. I went to have an x-ray they said my back is just the tiniest bit out of place and is almost inpostible to have a pinched nerve because of it. The numbness is the worst at night. It doesn't hurt me or anything but it makes me fell funny. I don't have tingles either. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.... Iam 11 but im desperate.

Posted by anonymous on November 17th, 2009

So vast, so many of us. Wake up with a rubber right arm and hand. Wake up next morning with whole left side tingling. No loss of memory, played piano and preformed with no problem. My legs are restless, bruising pain on thighs.
No blue or red skin, no swelling, just a tiny in my ankles at end of day. Skin not hot or cold it's just right.
Having stomach pain though and slow digestion and constipation. Water and bran and exercise help huge, but sometimes doesnt' help at all.
Low BP all my life, have to remain in hospital after opperations because it's so low.
That was 2 ops. and a baby. They put me on 24 IV and I ripped it out, hate that thing.
I say I'm fine, and I am. I don't feel any different in the least, only angry they keep that damned IV in me. They put it back in and made me lie down, I was more angry but glad I was allowed to go home after 5 days.
Maybe menopause. Maybe my lower back pain which is severe.
Maybe my air mattress I've slept on for 3 years now. The double height ones you buy at Walmart for guests.
Maybe older age.
Maybe thyroid. Maybe heart or stroke, though I don't get headaches or chest pains.
Maybe nerve damage. Maybe virus of some sort. Maybe MS, don't even want to touch that one. But if it gets worse I'll check it out with the doc and blood tests.
I went in 3 monhs ago to emergency left shin numbness and stiffness. They looked, asked and took my hemoglobin said it was normal and sent me on my way after a 5 hour wait. Still numb, stiff left leg.
Sometimes exercise makes it better or worse. Stress is heightened because I need more income, looking for more work like crazy. Insomnia is huge and yes I'm online way too much. That's probably something that needs remeding this week.
It's a scary thing to be certain waking up in the morning and your body is literally asleep. Like someone tortured you by tieing you up.
Today though it was all day with the added brain fog. Could be allergies. Mmm, maybe. Could be contrails for all I know. The flu shot, the water, the air, canned foods, frozen foods. Life is not like it was in the 1700's. I wonder how fresh water tasted back then. I wonder what the air was like, and what cherry rose cheeks looked like. I wonder as I wonder.
Did anyone see 2012 yet?

Posted by anonymous on November 17th, 2009

To the 11 year old who wrote on Nov 15 2009
A little out of place? A little out of place can mean alot is not right.
Ask your parents to take you to a chiropractor.
You're just a wee thing, a young one. You need to get things right.
Keep complaining, keep searching, I'll pray for you.

Posted by anonymous on November 20th, 2009

AMALGAM FILLING in tooth causes the problem. It releases toxic material from the biting surface and/or absorbed through dentin. Then it enters the circulatory system.

Posted by anonymous on November 21st, 2009

Hi, 4 days ago I took a pretty strong dose of ephedrine that activated my body in the same way as other central stimulating drugs. .Some hours after i noticed that my whole body was getting numb and it still is today 4 days later. Generally I feel OK. I'm slightly dizzy but I dont feel pain, so I feel ok.
So the problem is that i still feel a slight numbness in my whole body. My skinn sensation in my whole body is noticably a bit weaker than normal.
I am worried that i might have damaged some nerves or reseptors in my brain when I took the big ephedrine dose some 4 days ago. I'm afraid that i will never recover totally.
Anyone else with a total body numbness as result of drug abuse?

Posted by anonymous on November 23rd, 2009

Hey, just wanna say i fixed the ephedrine numbness my selvf. I figured out my self the my blood vessles had gotten restricted after the ephedrine abuse. Thats why i got numb, dizzy and slightly blue in the skinn. I fixed it with the amino acid beta-alanine that makes the blood vessles wider and blood streem better. No problem.

Posted by anonymous on December 06th, 2009

I've had numbness down my left side, from armpit to toes for two years now. Docs have done all tests and found nothing. My mother's family have a history of Hypothyroidism, but so far these tests have returned negative, she herself took seven years to show that this was her problem despite repeatedly tell ing them that this was what she thought it was.
A little further on I now have reversed sensations - in the summer the kids sprayed me with the hose and it felt like boiling water, not cold water. I also have trouble telling how hot the shower is on that side - it feels as though I could have the shower hot enough to scald and wouldn't know.
My best piece of self- diagnosis other than the Thyroid bit has been Guillain-Barr Syndrome, which appears to be the body's own self defence mechanisms attacking the nerve sheaths. This it seems is common post-shellfish food poisoning or following a bad viral attack.
I had had a stinking dose of the 'flu' just before the onset of this.
Back to the Quacks again in the new year for the Thyroid Function Test - still hoping that a little pill each morning will be the answer.
My Mother's episode when I was little had such a dramatic effect on her, some people thought my Dad (the local plumber) had taken up with a new woman - and one staunch Methiodist lady told him what she thought of his supposed affair !!
Hope that's a little cheering for everyone - at least we're not on our own

Posted by anonymous on December 08th, 2009

Well this is the mother of the 17 yr old girl again, only now she is 18. she has had 2 mris- the first only on her brain, the second a few months later on her brain and spine. there were lesions on her brain and because of their location in the brain it's most likely ms. i was so sure they would be smaller by the time she had the second mri but they're the same size according to the report. the neurologist hasn't seen it yet, we go back to him in about a week. sure hoping he can tell us more. to be diagnosed for ms she has to have a spinal tap while she is having an episode. so for now it seems all we can do is wait around for it to happen again. the neuro said to watch for headaches, mood swings, abnormal behavior, etc. but she is a teenage girl, that is normal for her. how am i supposed to know when to worry and when not to?

i'm trying to have faith in God. it's hard. sometimes i know He loves her even more than i do, other times i wonder if this is His will for us and how much harder will this life get. nevermind i don't want to know the answer to that one. she has stronger faith and morals than anyone i know, why does this have to happen?

Posted by anonymous on December 09th, 2009

Hi, I use to have your symptoms, it happens randomly, and it's always with my right sides. I use to have a brain tumor on my left side of my head, but it got removed 5 years ago so I think it's something that's related to that that it only gets numbs in my right sides. Mostly it is just my hand, but sometimes it numbs my right hand, right face, right arm, and little of my right leg. I've been in the hospital many time because of this but they only tell me that they didn't find anything bad or weird.
I'm still worry about it because I don't really trusy the doctors, they just test my blood and when they check my x ray, I think they only scans it near my head part since I use to have brain tumor. I still don't know what is happening, until now.

Posted by anonymous on December 14th, 2009

sounds like Multiple sclerosis

Posted by anonymous on December 19th, 2009

Numbness is sometimes due to cirrculation problems Ive heard. Ive been numb for the past few days and have disovered I have a fever. I have no idea whats going on with me so yeah any advice? Im also 16 and have been in good health before this.

Posted by anonymous on December 27th, 2009

Hey im a 17 year old girl i have never had any health problems, recently i have felt numbness throughout my entire body in my left side of body mostly. I do feel right side tingling/numbness as well. I'm really scared and dont know what it is, i went to the er and they thought i had a panic attack but the feeling have been persistent for the last few days. I also have a headache that seems to move from front of head to neck. Culd i be experiencing what you have? I do occasionally feel it hard to breathe and chest pain...

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2010

I have just experienced the same problems, exactly the same. Had an MRI at a world class hospital, they are thinking it is MS. You should have an MRI.

Posted by anonymous on February 07th, 2010

I posted and had a problem with this about a year ago (smoked pot and got very numb for about 10 days), and just recently found out its because i have Lupus. Lupus can immitate lots of diseases like ms or lymes, and is very hard to diagnose/detect in early stages. I would suggest looking into this.

Posted by anonymous on February 07th, 2010

Chances are if you are having numbness problems that are persistant over a period of time, and you are a woman between the ages of 18-40 its probably some auto-immune disease, like lupus or ms. Especially if this happened to you after smoking weed, it did to me and i have Lupus. So it seems that weed can maybe trigger a "flare" or "attack" of ms or lupus, because weed actually does have an effect on the neurological system and on the immune system, which are the major players in autoimmune disease. It took me monthes to figure out what was wrong with me because these things are hard to diagnose, and even if you test negative at first, you can still have the disease. Its mild at first.

Posted by anonymous on February 10th, 2010

Over the past year my husband has developed Skin Numbness over his entire body
"Feels like I'm wearing wet clothes, or latex, or had a shot of Novocaine".
He has seen a Dermatologist, Neurologist and Kidney Specialist to rule out toxicity. No real results and condition is a mystery and the fear is that it might go further than "skin deep." Don't know of a Skin Numbness site. Anyone out there who can help?

Posted by anonymous on February 12th, 2010

Ok, not sure if anyone still reads this post, but here goes. Off and on, for the past 6 months, I have had lots of "weird" things going on. First area. Tightness in the chest, not too bad, not super painful, more discomfort. Would move from right to left, cente, etc. No real solid area of pain. Second, had dizziness, one instant so bad I fell to my knees. Was hospitalized for 2 days. Blood work and heart monitoring was fine, no past heart attacks from the 6 hour or 8 hour tests they ran. Put me on Prilosec after trying a gastric cocktail and chest pain got better. Still on Prilosec today.

Sent to cardiologist. Got a holter monitor for a week, did a sress/echo test, no abnormalities, but my blood pressure has been creeping up over the last few months, now up to 159/109. Cardiologist scripts Lisinopril. Blood pressure moderates around the low 130's, high 120's / low 80's. Still in that range today. All heart testing came back fine.

Noticed that sometimes the chest pain comes after eating, seems almost like bloating, right under the center of my breastplate (center of ribcage? not sure about terminology). All throughout this time, I have on and off numbness in my left forearm, nothing seems to aggrivate it or make it worse/better. Now, in the past 2 months, I have had the left center of my forehead, down my left temple to just about parallel to the bottom of my eye going numb (to touch, noticibly on it's own, but not drooping). This is freakin me out, and the doctors are saying it's part of a nerve in my stomach getting pressed against when my reflux acts up. Does this sound legit, or does it sound more like M.S or something? Oh, I forgot to mention, I get pain often in my shin area, not right in the front, but kind of on the side, right where the calf meets the side of the leg, both legs hurt, on the inner portion. Right near where the veins run up and down the leg (noticibly on me). My feet do get cold (I thought maybe circulatory problem, but now don't really think so) but they were also patrially frostbitten when I was about 8-9 years old or so.

If anyone can please give this a serious read, and post maybe an email contact, or something, or even just post something u may know about my symptoms so I can maybe steer these doctors in the proper direction, please let me know!!

Thanks in advance,


Posted by anonymous on February 13th, 2010

Ok I just freaked out last night, becuase I never thought it could get that severe. Usually when a part of my body goes numb and I wake up and move around and it returns back to normal with the usual needle sting that ensues. I normally get it in my feet, sometimes legs, rarely cheeks. So I guess it was usual of me to assume that it was just your normal nerve pinch or something like that. However, I am now starting to have my doubts. Just last night I woke up and the first thing that alarmed me was that I couldn't hear, like someone had stuck thier fingers in my ears and all the noises had gotten plugged out or faded off. I tried to get up and go to the bathroom but collapsed on the floor becuase my feet had gotten so numb that I couldn't walk on them very well. I had dragged myself into a sitting position where I tried to move parts of my body to get them working agian and surely enough my feet started to come back to life, and after a lot of patience so did my hearing. I began to calm down a bit and dragged myself back to bed where, when I laid down, I had the surprisng experience of having the numbness go away a lot faster. I fell asleep after that but I have a suspicous feeling that my lower lip was also numb, my tongue or at least the tip of it too, and maybe the lower half of my legs as well. I'm really worried that it might happen agian or something worse so I really need to know what's going on, ok? Oh and as for my health record, I have been tested for thyroid problems due to having little to none menstrual cycles that have absolutely no pattern what so ever. I had no problems there I have had a history of reflux in the kidneys and bladder infections, but that is pretty much under control now. There is absolutlely no pain involved in this, but I have been have minor moments of chest pain, but I don't know how frequent those are. I'm not sure if it's stress or something else. Although I have been light on excersize and the whole healthy diet thing so maybe that's it. Anyway, I'm 17 and I hope you comment soon cuase I'm really freaked out here...

Posted by anonymous on February 13th, 2010

well i was gonna post my own thing but first i'll comment on you, *I* would well it's up to you, but i'd go to the ER, tell them whats going on, and just start let them doing some testing. Make a friend go with you to make it easier if you can. I've been having numb stuff the past month myself, thought i had control over it 'its just nerves/anxiety' but now its back and worse than ever and *I*m freaking out too, i'm putting off going to the ER as long as possible as i do have a reg. doctor and just starting seeing a chiropractor and want them to have their says first.

I would guess that you probably have a pinched nerve in your neck, that is what i think *I* have, which if you read up on it causes all KINDS of symptoms like yours and mine, numbness in the limbs, face/forehead, ear pain, headaches. But also inner-ear infections can cause this.

I ACTUALLY just today 'figured out' that all of these symptoms i'm having may be, I HOPE, be from this simvastatin pill i've been on the last 3 months, and the timing of it all would make sense. IF you're on a pill, the stuff you're going through could be a side effect too. Lots of pills will mess you up. IF it's not from the simvastatin, i'm hoping it's from a pinched nerve in my neck which i think i could have too.

SOOO good luck, everytime i think i'm 'ok' with my stuff, 'oh its just this n that i bet' it seems to get worse and i'm freaked out again all over again instead of thinking i'm in control over it and can just ignore it. IT SUCKS, i know! I'm obviously afraid it could be a brain thing, MS, diabetes, spine problem/disease, or a bad virus.


Posted by anonymous on February 13th, 2010

Oh PB just read yours too, there IS a nerve that runs right past your stomach that i read up on TOO, which again *COULD* be my problem TOO, i too have had lots of stomach problems and bloating etc the past few months, lack of hunger. It's the vagas nerve i believe. Sooo, i don't know, all i know is I HATE THIS SHIT, but i know this, i'll never forsake being healthy and NOT dizzy, NOT feeling sick ever again, these past 4 months have been mega stressful. And the more you go to the doctors, the more you realize they're all just guessing, and most don't want to send you for tests, and ignore a lot of your complaints and symptoms. I hate it all, tests, pills.

ANYWAY, good luck to EVERYONE!!


Posted by anonymous on February 16th, 2010

I have had this numbness problem a couple of yeas ago and i now have it again. the first time i had it i was told by a doctor he wanted me o wait a few weeks to see if it went away and if not then send me for a cat scan to check for MS. this frightened the life out of me and i couldn't wait a few weeks with this on my mind so i went to another doctor who immediately prescribed me some Diazepam(sleeping tablets). I asked what was wrong with me and he just said 'anxiety'. I took the Diazepam and 2-3 days later i was fine. I now have it again but i am too busy at work to be taking Diazepam so i am just trying to relax when i can and hope for it to go away soon. It looks like i will be going back on the diazepam soon though as i can not seem to shake it. I know i have over worked myself lately but in these recession times, i have no choice so anxiety is the obvious answer in my case. if you have been stressed out then try relax and get things off your mind.

Posted by anonymous on February 16th, 2010

I am 20 years old and have recently have been feeling a weird sensation on the left side of my body only. Im typically really healthy in that I try to eat right and exercise. i thought it was because i started working out again so i stopped but it kept going on. It has been two weeks and the sensation is getting more intense. It feels like the left side of my body is gettning weaker and numbing of the face (mostly the left side happens but not often). there is no pain jus a weird sensation. I dont have insurance because my parents both lost their jobs so i went to a clinic. The doctor was very kind and made me do all these test in the room. He told me that it could possibly be one of 3 things. a pinch nerve in my arm, MS, or something is happening with the chemistry of my blood. He said he thinks its more MS because symptoms tend to show up in strange ways. He told me to get a blood test and Xray first to see if there is something happening with my nerves. Then he said to get a MRI last. Ive been praying that its jus something simple because a month earlier i fell and hit my head but there was no serious symptoms. Plus i really dont wanna be a burden to my family but i dont know whats goin on. I would really like to know if this happens or has happened to someone close to my age.

Posted by anonymous on February 20th, 2010

I also want to join in the list of complains.. for the sake of it.

I have been working a lot lately, and suddenly I have this very funny sensation going on in the left side of my body. I find that the more/faster activity I do, like this typing, the tighter my head feels. It's just on the left side. And I feel quite cold on the left side only. I am not like shivering cold. But it feels colder than the rest of my body. or just the right side of my body is not being too sensitive to the cold.

My vision blurs as I type faster and faster.. which is really irritating right now, because I've got to get an assignment due. There's no pain, just feels heavy, and odd. I've not felt like this before.

I'm not sure if I have some confusion. But my friends have been saying that I have become a bit absent minded lately, and uncoordinated. I've taken note of that. I just thought it was because I'm tired.

I'm laying off the doctor option, until it becomes more significant. I want to try to consider that I'm just tired right now. However, I must say that I feel quite relieved to hear that so many of us are facing the same problem. That means I'm not imagining stuff.

My ear feels weird too, and my neck and jaw, and even my left nose feels a bit cold. It does't feel painful.. Just heavy. And its affecting my vision. I have caught myself, unwittingly a few instances covering up my left eye so I can read properly. This has been happening for the past few weeks already.

K i'm going to stop here.

Posted by anonymous on February 20th, 2010

oh yes.. i'm in my 20s too and I'm female.. sounds like MS doesn't it...

Posted by anonymous on February 20th, 2010

Hi, i have found this site very interesting, my dad has been rushed into hospital earlier today. He was up throughout the night violently shaking and being sick, we thought it was food poisoning as we had been out for a meal the night before.
He now lost use of the left side of his body which he says feels like tingling. It is horrible to see him like this and we have to wait another 2 days for MRI scan. Has anyone experienced anything like this??

Posted by anonymous on March 07th, 2010

Ok, 53 Y.O. male, myself.

December 18th, after waking, had noted pricking in about a quarter size patch of skin between the thumb and finger of my left hand. It didn't feel as numb as when your arm or foot "go to sleep." Later just after starting using the computer at work about 8:15 AM, the feeling shifted to the tips of my thumb, and the first two fingers of my left hand AND the left side of my upper an lower lips. Again not real tingly, more sparse, like rolling a hair brush over those parts of my skin. That wouldn't have alarmed me if my entire body had not gone into a flush. I took a couple of Alleves (Naproxen), checked out of work, and drove myself to the hospital, since stroke runs in both side of the family at about 15 year normally older than I am now.

The ER was annoying, they didn't see me for 30 minutes. When I told them I was leaving to see my GP, they went ahead an ushered me in. My blood pressure was elevated 160/90 vice my normal 120-130/70-80. They did a chest X-Ray and put me on a cardiac monitor, and did a CT. Also pupil checks, noting possible left side dilation, but no loss in strength in my hands or feet, either side. The CT diagnosis showed some evidence of "small vessel disease," and "acute infarct could not be ruled out."

After several hours in a very cold ER, and my BP coming down, I asked to be released, figuring if there were something more drastic going on that they would have already given me some meds or admitted me for more tests. The ER doc squawked about me needing to be admitted for echocardiogram and carotid doppler. I had them release me since we were coming into a long holiday weekend, lkely with reduced staffing due to christmas vacations at the hospital. Having worked in hospitals, I knew I'd get more rest at home. They gave me an RX for 75 mg Plavix and 325 mg asperin daily. The numbness moved to include the left upper part of my face around my left eye in almost a question mark pattern. By then I no longer had numbness between my left thumb and finger and the tips of my left fingers had returned to almost normal. Occasional tingling.

I was too afraid the first month to sleep prone, since the few times I tried, I felt terrible. Not surpising that's something I've had trouble with off and on. I had not had as intense numbness as that first day (12-1cool.gif, but it was persistent. I also slept almost sitting with the lights on. Never had any problem falling asleep much to my surprise. I didn't sleep deeply, but usually enough to perform reasonably well at work.

Well it took 2 more weeks to get MRIs, with and without contrast, the echocardiogram, and the carotid doppler. The MRIs showed an older small infarction I wasn't aware of, but nothing recent. We did all the the blood work. Most all normal. I've kept my weight down most of my life and had gotten a bit heavy recently, 170 at 5'7". The doc also prescribed Vytorin for cholestoral, though I'm holding off on taking it till I get my weight down by diet (dropped a belt size so far).

In early february, I did a sleep lab, which confirmed sleep apnea. I'm still holding off on the CPAP titration since I don't believe I'll keep the mask on all night. When I sleep wrong, I definitely feel horrible all day which makes the numbness in the left side of my lips and left side of my face worse. Started having the same feeling of numbness in a half-dollar size area on my inner left heal, which lasted for several weeks and was very itchy, but that's sense subsided. Also had the side effects of Plavix, which is clot preventing, involving prolonged bleeding of minor scratches, occasional nose bleed, etc. All manageable.

During the first month things went from 1 good day a week, to 1 bad day a week. During the first 2 months, I got better with a few set backs. I'd learned to sleep on my side to avoid any sleep apnea problems and pain from sleeping sitting. I use a futon couch for this. Whenever I do slide down and sleep almost prone, I suffer for it.

Last week, I had a set back at work during an argument, where my blood pressure became elevated. That surprised me since other activities which normally rase my blood pressure really didn't have much effect. That episode though left me feeling like a baloon head during the rest of the day, with increased along with the numbness in my left face. Moreso in the face now that the left lips. Although, I felt better the next day, I slept wrong that follpowing night and had pronounced numbness in my left face and lips for two days. The heal no longer gets numb, nor the left fingers nor thumb.

So let's track back a bit... I'd noticed dimming of my left vision about 3 weeks prior to the 12-18 attack. I thought it might have been a cataract coming on since that runs in the family too. My vision changed for weeks but has since largely recovered. It seemed like I lost "resolution" except in one small area of my left eye, right eye ok. Now I relate the vision change to whatever is going on with the numbness.

5 years ago, I had been on meds daily for months and had MRI, doppler, etc done, which they never concluded anything about. Without the painkiller, I'd get a headache by 10 AM. I quit using anything with caffeine or chocalate for almost 10 years now, so nothing related to those. By chance, I noticed that if I propt my head up about an inch while sleeping that I wouldn't get a headache. I went from daily painkillers to rarely using painkillers for sinus headaches, by sleeping on a "C-ring" padacross the back of my head cut from a coozie for soft drinks. Worked great. Did the old infarct trace to that time frame? If so they didn't find it on the MRI back then.

Since the early '90s, I've had occasional, (1-5 times a year), optical migraines. This is the one that kind of builds up over a period of days, then becomes a shimmering circular area that grows from a point to take up the entire visual field -- involving temporary blindness for about 30 minutes -- eyes open or shut same shimmering with very geometric patterns. Some folks are calling that auras here I think. I could always avoid them if I'd take a painkiller before they started, so no problem to manage. After having one though, and left neck area would go from feeling stuffy to feeling released. I was always glad to get over one since I felt so much better. There was never any major pain associated with them. I think it's too much coincidence to believe that these aren't related to whatever is going on with the left side numbness I'm experiencing now.

I was satsified that it was symptoms of a minor stroke until I read your postings on this page. Pretty sure it's not MS or hyperthyrodism now, since it's just on one side. Same for pre-diabetes. In any case, I've radically changed my diet to reduced calorie and reduced salt while watching out for excess sugar and fat. Really bumped up the veggies, fruits and nuts and eliminated most meat except fish. Oranges really help when my head starts to feel stuffy, btw.

I've had some neck and spine problems during my life, so that's worth checking. Same for the Omega-3 fats as a building block of nerve tissues. My GP has suggested Krill for fish oils, and MTH for folic acid. I'd love to have enough gumption to take up the diggeridoo, which is a long horn the aborigines blow that helps with sleep apnea. You have to learn to breath in through your nose and out your mouth to sustain the long star wars like notes it plays. My best guess at this point is that I've damage a small part of my sensory cortext that's mapped to feeling on my left side. Whether that's directly a result of sleep apnea, or congental, or small vessel disease from aging, who knows. Maybe I'll request they take a look in an autopsy whenever that comes up.

In the mean time, my main problems have been fright and depression. All I really want to do is avoid everyone, including family and friends and sleep. I'd normally consider that depression, except that one person wrote about needing a lot of sleep after her stroke so that her brain could reorganize itself. I'm sure my relatives don't understand that I really don't want to talk with them or anyone else now.

It has helped greatly to see that other folks are going through largely the same thing, that doctors don't have solutions (no great surprise), and that these things can go on for years. I kept wondering when I'd lose functions, such as motor skills. I do seem to have a bit of a problem swallowing on the right side of my throat, but that's inconsisent with everything else. I need to see an ear, nose, throat specialist anyway, as a double check on the sleep apnea stuff. I've always had a small throat, so any swelling or growth would definitely make apneas worse. Cancer might explain some of the symptoms, such as clotting in the blood. Remote possibility, no doubt.

Let me close with a prayer for all of us, since I can do so incognito.

Father-God, from my heart to your heart in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for all those who have been looking to find out about numbness in their skin and limbs and face, whether on one side or both, whether the problem is with nerves, brain, glands, toxins, or diet, or matters which baffle even the best physicians, that we all can know that we don't have to go through this alone, that many others are feeling the same worries and weirdness, and that we can deal with these things with hope of complete release from them. Please make this well understood in the medical community so that so many expensive tests, and medications, and complications aren't heaped upon us. Help us please to learn if diet, or posture, or computers or cell phones are involved. If curses or attacks from enemies are invovled, I ask please that you send your agencies to police them, that they not be allowed to get away with any evil thing that's done, and that all their wicked works are destroyed. Abba, please restore us in our families and to our friends and in our duties. And let none of the symptoms we experience or the repercussions of our illnesses be magnified beyond proper concern. Thanks for those all here who have taken the time to share about their situations. What they've written has blessed me, I'm greatful to them and to you. Please give us the wherewithall to deal with our health problems in ways we can each manage and the faith to lay down all that we can't in your most capable hands. We are such fragile creatures, O most Holy God! Our bodies are wonderous that they can work so well in so many ways for so long, as you've intended. But You did not intend that they not wear out, or be protected from abuse or neglect or ignorance. Time and chance come to all of us. It is by the suffering, death, and resurrection of your Son Jesus that we can look past the frailty and transience of our flesh -- believing that by your love and will that Christ Jesus will raise us up new bodies like His when the time comes -- for all that want to be forever together with You (and him, your flesh). Let there be healing here among us in your name, Jesus ...Yeshua, and may it be to your glory, world without end, Amen!

Posted by anonymous on March 25th, 2010

-ME-30ish, female, location: Pennsylvania--(To describe myself ---otherwise healthy asthmatic on Zyrtec & Singulair who hasn't had a cold or infection in several years)----
My symptoms began late Aug.2009/early Sept.2009--started with pricking, pinching sensations here and there throughout the body at seemingly random spots, barely noticeable until they increased in frequency. They began to increase not just one every hour or so but multiple pinches in an hour and then stopping for a while and then starting up the next hour. The pinches or pricks would arrive randomly all over the body...the best way I could describe it would be if someone pushed a button on a pinball machine and the ball hits -ding-ding-ding-ding on all of these different spots. Other symptoms emerged as well ---I developed this sensation of "heat" feeling...not a fever...on my forehead and at times on my face. My heart sometimes beat rapidly especially at night and I would have a cold sensation, and shaky sensation at night when sleeping/laying down. Also at night I began to develop this feeling of what I call "almost numbness" feeling all over the body from head to toe. It feels like there is numbness just right under the skin inside of the tissue...but the numbness has not yet reached the outer part of the skin (so it has not yet created that feeling of your leg fallen asleep feeling yet but it feels on the verge of emerging) This scared me because this was definitely not normal behavior for my body...and being an asthmatic I have always been aware of strange or abnormal sensations in the body. Since that time I have seen a primary care doctor and a neurologist who have no idea what I have and offer no suggestions about what it could be or what i should do. The neurologist visit was especially disappointing because she insists because I'm a "young person" and I don't fit in the category of any of her MS patients she typically treats that she can't help me...and she refuses to give me an MRI stating "if I gave you one ...I would have to give everyone one" pretty much refusing me care on the basis of my insurance. This was at the University of Penn Med.!I'm astonished by the lack of concern, doubt, and downright coldness displayed by today's medical community and this is at a supposedly top notch institution. How do we ever expect to learn about or treat new diseases if doctors continue to dismiss patients concerns simply because we don't fit in with a stereotype or we don't "appear" physically ill (our skin looks fine to visual inspection) that doesn't mean that something is not going on underneath....different diseases manifest themselves differently all the time.
Well, it's now March 2010...months since those symptoms began...if it weren't for my own intervention and perhaps whatever genetic healing i've been lucky to possess...many of the symptoms might still be there. Since then the heat has dissipated...pretty much gone, the pin pricks have mostly gone, the coldness and shakiness off and on, which i credit to a change in diet and increase in exercise. But the numbness continues most of the time and I'm still concerned. I plan to go to an endocrinologist.
The thing I've been doing that I want to recommend to others out there who are concerned about their conditions is a couple of suggestions that will help you track what could be the cause of your problems:

1) record everything---keep a journal of all of your activities
-record diet...everything good, bad, or otherwise that your eating--how much you eat (serving size...even if you have to measure it) AND most importantly what brands of food you are eating (save labels if you have to)
-record time of day of eating
-record time of day taking other medications, vitamins, anything extra
-record time and amount, and type of exercise

2) if you go on other blogs or other web sites record for the benefit of other readers
at the minimum- the hospital or doctor's place you have been to so that readers can know what places offer good services as opposed to bad

3) Record your location as in state, city, or country---that way readers can learn of the prevalence of a condition or disease in a certain area---we can help each other and figure out what is going on in our communities this way...if there is an environmental cause to the disease or condition

4) also record as much background info. as possible such as other medical conditions

I have been recording every day since September my symptoms, how i feel every day, and my daily activities so that when i do visit a descent doctor if needed i would provide this info. to them.

If anyone has an suggestions for me i welcome your comments. I'm really not sure what other tests I should go for.

I wish everyone on this page luck, my thoughts and hopes are with you that you find some explanations and solutions to your concerns.


Posted by anonymous on March 27th, 2010

wewwww!i feel all what u guys says here,i think just stress,and maybe liver problem?migraine?hhhmm i have apointment to dr.this april 1st again,it is my 5 times apointment ds year,hehhehe,maybe braine damage only!toinks!GOD bless us all!!!take good care of ur self guys!

Posted by anonymous on April 06th, 2010

wow, it happens to my feet only, like my toes just randomly numb up , feeling like their paralyzed and move to the sides like it's deformed.

Posted by anonymous on April 11th, 2010

Well with me, I haven't been getting to sleep now for nearly 2 weeks until 3-4am, and I have a constant headache across all of my head mainly the right side, and I have been getting tight chest I.e pains and numbness in both legs however it is now just the whole of my right leg, I'm only 18, would should I do?

Posted by anonymous on April 17th, 2010

hi , i am a bit relieved that many have experienced this numbness , not only me..i was thinking this could be a new kind of sickness and i am the first one to experience as i have never heard of it before..i felt this numbness about 3 weeks back and i could not walk , the left side was partially numb, then gradually it started moving upwards to the stomach then left hand , neck and finally to the ear ..i was taken to the hospital immediately ..i was ok after a while , completely back to morning this happened on the right side of the body, this time it stopped at the neck ..i was extremely terrified as i thought this could have been a mild stroke , but looking at the nature of this numbness and the way it occured , i thought this could be something far this has happened 5 times but everytime the numbness was less severe..could someone suggest me what doctors are the best for this ? Shall i consult a neurologist?

Posted by anonymous on May 05th, 2010

Ive had the same problem.... Except my WHOLE body goes numb, even my tounge which causes me to throw up... My dr tested my protein level, which came back severely low!.... it turns out my body has trouble storing protein from food... So when i feel a "numb spell" is what ive called em, ive found that tofu blended with frozen fruit and yogart. and also muffins for some reason! haha.. i hope this works!

Posted by anonymous on May 09th, 2010

Very glad to say that my lefts side area numbness has largely resolved. I reported here before as having symptoms starting 12-18-2009.

Most days now, I experience no numbness. The exception is when I get into any situation of high stress, such as an argument, or public speaking, or strong emotions. Another trigger is herbal teas with chicory, which I've had to give up. I used them like coffee, but caffiene free. Primarily Celestial Seasonings brands, Roastarama, Bengal Spice, or Gingerbread Spice. One the spices likely elevates my blood pressure. The elevated blood pressure is likely a common trigger to all the above. Numbness when it occurs is now mostly confined to the left side of my lips.

My best guess is that I have some damaged tissue in my left side brain sensory area (right side of the brain), that affect adjacent areas when the blood demand increases due to heavy emotions, high stress, or elevated blood pressure from something I ingest (chicory & spice teas).

My GP has me on 75 mg Plavix daily, 325 mg Aspirin, Vytorin 10/20, and Androgel (1 squirt per day). He says he's trying to improve my odds regarding stroke prevention. I'm maintaining a mostly fish and veggies diet. All this helps. The GP also gave me a little Xanax to use (1/2 tab) on the infrequent occasions I have to do public speaking.

I definitely have problems swallowing capsule like meds. Food, mostly no problem, but gel caps stick in my throat, even with water. I have to take them with a swallow of food. I've also been diagnosed as having frequent sleep apneas. I'm able to sleep prone now rather than on my side, by making sure my head is tilted back and neck raised, no pillow under my head, but I do use a pillow on the left side to keep my head mostly nose up. The doc wants me to go ahead and get fitted for the CPAP machine, but I don't think I'll wear it well sleeping.

I've had a variety of tests. Frankly, the specialists have been remarkably useless. The hospital has been the worst. They gave me nothing during the initial incident which was so acute, (highly elevated blood pressure that first day and left finger, left lips, and left face numbness). They probably should have given me a clot buster. CT, carotid doppler, echocardiogram, and barium swallow showed nothing useful. The MRI supposedly showed an "old" infarct -- which was probably what happened 2 weeks prior to getting the actual tests. The HMO requires so much input from the doctors (clinical notes) that the tests are delayed past any real utilty. The MRI with & without contrast showed the infarct (not sure which one). The ENT ordered the barium swallow, which the hospital had a speech pathologist conduct. By the end of the procedure, 3 things were obvious: a. they were only concerned about the top 1/3 of my throat, not where the capsules stick, b. as long as I could swallow fluids or well chewed solids nothing else mattered to them, and c. any tests below the upper 1/3 of my throat needs to be done using a scope, ordered by a gastroenterologist. I could have told them all that. They need to look with the scope. I'm never going back to that hospital. They're idiots. And of course bills come in with no way to relate to anything that was actually done, from this, that, and the other specialist, never seen during the procedures.

Now. Resting helps. Lying prone helps. The longer I work during the day the more aware of I am of "pre-numbness" symptoms. Basically an awareness of very mild numbness in my left cheek and left side of my lips. If I let myself have an argument or get "over invested" or "over concerned" about anything then the full numbness comes on along with stuffiness in my brain and sometimes feelings of mild pain on the left side from my upper shoulder outer muscle skin area up through the left side of my head. The sypmtoms mostly abate when I sleep overnight.

Other notes: I have a swelling in a lymph node or some other mass on the upper right side of my throat, that's very persistent week-in week-out and sometimes quite pronounced. Neither the GP nor the ENT want to actually touch and feel that area -- which is bonkers. Since when have doctors given up using their sense of touch? The GP has ordered a doppler for all the good that would do. I think we should do a round of antibiotics, which I never take. From my reading, it's possible the swallowing problem is due to: a. esophageal rings (easily treatable), b. neural damage from the stroke, or c. cancer. I have had a nasal reconstruction due to basal cell skin cancer and smoked for about 12 years from late teens, when I was young. Age 53 now.

It's obvious now that generally speaking, the doctors and HMOs only deal well with things that are blatantly obvious. Otherwise, they only have guesses and far too many patients to care about what happens to those with "numbness" symptoms which aren't obvious.

I'm ok now, mostly, 4 months later. No thanks to the hospitals, HMOs, or specialists. And that's where probably $10,000+ in cost went to. They don't care. Nor do they know your body. Might as well be dealing with automechanics.

Prayer, the innate healing of the body, personal research, diet, the GP treating symptoms and prevention, and checking to see what happened with others has helped far more and for far less cost. And of course just figuring out how to live with it.

Hospitals are a waste of money and effort. There's no fix. No magic potions. Only accepting and dealing with the damage.

Posted by anonymous on June 10th, 2010

I was on here a few moths ago ---read posting by -ME- and would like to add that everyone who is experiencing numbness symptoms should check into whether or not they have a genetic propensity to blood clotting problems. I have been reading a few articles that may suggest some cases of numbness and pin sensations maybe linked to blood clotting issues and of course the diseases that may be causing the blood clotting issues could vary. The best bet from what i've read is to get some kind of blood test or genetic test done to learn if it runs in your background. I have not been able to look into this yet...but would definitely like to. Perhaps these conditions are then triggered by an external environmental factor such as diet and regional exposure to pollutions and your body being thrown off balance, all the chemicals out of proportion somehow. I sadly have not yet gone to see an endocrinologist but i am thinking of going to a Naturopathic/Holistic physician when i can, so at least there the ND would be willing to do blood tests and take the time to go over the results and guide me through finding what areas are deficient.

Posted by anonymous on June 17th, 2010

1 - cevical nerve compression after been shocked
1.1 - other nerve may be involved in your back (compression, awkward movement)
2 - sciatic
3 - scleroris
4 - bad blood circulation

N.B : cervical nerves pressure may exist for a long time without any effect on your body. But, after stomac problems or any other infections you will start to see symptoms. I have a friend who was entirely paralyzed after small infection when gardening ! it took to the hospital one year to discover that he had 30 years ago a cervical nerve compression. after an operation he is out and he is thanks to God living a normal life.

Hope those informations will help you and i pray for all of you to recover soon.

MOUJANE Abdelouahed

Posted by anonymous on July 01st, 2010

The very top of my right leg is completly numb. I'm in good health and I'm only 15 years old. It was all of a sudden and its been like that for almost a week. I have no idea what it is, or if I should go to the doctor.

Posted by anonymous on July 11th, 2010

Six weeks ago I awoke on a Wednesday morning with my left side of body from upper torso down numb. I have full function, no other signs except inability to concentrate and fatigue. I can run, swim, wear heels, work etc. I have began to experience pain associated with this problem. I have been diagnosed with thyroid problems and will began taking medication tomorrow as soon as I can get to the drug store to pick up my prescription. I am excited to hear your success story. I spoke with a lady by the name of Elaine DeLack who has MS and she strongly disagreed that I had MS. The doctors are saying that MS is what I have even though I have NO other symptoms. I am praying that once I get my thyroid under control I will be back to normal. Thanks for the information.

Posted by anonymous on July 11th, 2010

One thing to remember. Years ago when there were no modern machines such as the MRI CT and Spinal Tap a suspected MS patient was immersed in hot water. If the patient became weak, immobile, lethargic, paralized then the diagnosis was MS. 70% of MS patients are heat intolerant. Keep this in mind when you take a hot shower, bath or just are outside for an extended period and start having MS related symptoms. Also there is a Compound Drug called Prokarin that Elaine DeLack invented for MS. She has had astounding results. You can google her and she has a your tube video that you can watch. I have the name of the Compound Pharmacy that you can get this from. A Nurse practitioner can prescribe this for you. It is free for the first month as a trial basis and it is a patch that you wear for a 24 hour period of time. You can contact me @ for more information.

Posted by anonymous on July 12th, 2010

Hello All,
I have had tingling and numbness now since i was about 16 or17 years old and i am now in my30's. Any ways a motor vechile accident in 2007 it has only gotten worst. Ihave had all kinds of X-rays and MRI's done and never coming back with anything.. i get these pains morning day and night. i was working as sandwhich maker and hand keept going numb, an when i am driving these are the times when this (what ever i have ) scares me the most..

So if anyone knows what else i can do or a wa to fiure out what is wrong please help me...

Sandi From Amarillo, TX

Posted by anonymous on July 22nd, 2010

Yesterday I woke up with numbness in my right arm, thigh, and leg. Today in my right upper arm and in my left hand. Ive never had this before I'm only 18 yr old female. What could this be ?

Posted by anonymous on July 23rd, 2010

I've had numbness, pain and altered sensations down my entire right side, head to toe for nearly two years. I have a blog about it:

rightsidednumbness dot blogspot dot com

Posted by anonymous on August 14th, 2010

i had something like this happen a few times when i was around your age and lasting a few hours to a week at a time, i had messed with psychedelics so maybe thats to blame but still not normal, also got knocked out a few times as a child. i also get a pain in my chest sometimes like one of my upper ribs like a bruise i think goes along to breathing. anyway its been several years and the numbness hasn't happened again, i think anxiety might have played a role in it which as also been gone for some time. hope you get better and aint nothing serious

Posted by anonymous on August 20th, 2010

hi. I just want to share my story. Well, it was just this afternoon when I experience body numbness. My whole body was really affected. I try to pinch my skin but I just felt nothing. I'm so nervous of what is happening to me. I have a scoliosis and lung disease and my mother has a goiter. I'm really afraid. really. sad.gif I hope that its just because of stress. I don't want to have another illness. sad.gif I just want to share this. P.S. (While I was typing this, I still suffer from numbness.) sad.gif I'm Aya by the way.

Posted by anonymous on August 23rd, 2010

I've also had numbness on the right side of my body, after extensive tests they've still found nothing and I suffer with the illness every day.

Posted by anonymous on August 26th, 2010

37 Male- I developed numbness in my hands around Memorial Day weekend. Within a week it had spread, and I could only explain it as "my whole body is numb". I started through the parade of doctors, neurologist/internist/orthopedic. Initially I was put through a brain scan, and comprehensive blood work looking into things from MS to Lupus to circulatory disease (ex smoker). Let me add that, after about two weeks, the numbness seemed to "settle" in my hands and feet. I felt weakness in my legs, not in my arms. I began exercising (walking) like crazy, mostly just a reactive instinct to the situation. Nothing showed up in the brain scan or the blood work. The situation never got worse. I never felt sick, never felt tired or worn down except from the stress and anxiety. I have often said throughout this process, I'd rather have a lot of pain in one place than numbness all over. Numbness can drive you crazy.

The orthopedic finally did an MRI of my cervical spine and found significant degeneration, and two discs impinging my spinal column. I have no explanation for this. I've had a series of plausible events over the years, a few car accidents, jumped off a cliff in Bermuda when I was 21 into shallow water, but who knows. The ortho told me to stop trying to figure out how this happened, b/c I never will. Regardless, I was sent to a neurosurgeon. I had to undergo neck surgery on July 28th, almost a month ago. Unfortunately, the neuro told me the surgery was an absolute necessity b/c even the slightest fall, slip or whiplash could cause permanent paralysis. I had a second opinion that verified this.
HOWEVER, my numbness is still here. I also have been told by the surgeon (in contrast to what I was told by the orthopedic) that the neck issue was NOT the cause of the leg numbness. So, how does this all happen over the course of a week but not be connected? Impossible. I believe the discs collapsed into the column and sent a ripple effect throughout my body (hence my original sensation of total body numbness). I also have been getting pain in my hips, which the ortho said was early stage arthritis (he thinks from my cliff jumping incident), induced by the excessive walking exercise.

I have weakness in my legs. I can't reconcile any of this. I was hoping the surgery would be a cure all, but now am afraid it was a necessary event that is, amazingly not related to any of the numbness. I don't know what to think, the doctors keep telling me to relax and just heal for a few months. Easier said than done. I wonder if the surgeon is saying my legs are not connected to my neck problem only b/c he can't say definitely, so doesn't want to speculate. Several other doctors have told me it could be from my neck.

I will say that if anybody is experiencing numbness, don't discount the back or neck simply b/c you don't have terrible pain. I have done a lot of research, and have found that nearly half of all herniations and bulging discs are pain free. There are several muscle related issues that can happen as well. For example, the natural curve of my neck had deteriorated over the years from the discs losing their placement, and this caused the muscles to tighten. Muscle related nerve impingement is a big problem. My ortho thinks I could have had hip and leg issues for years that were "unveiled" by my exercise, and the muscles are restricting the nerves. Hence the weakness as well.

Bottom line is, I have also been fighting serious anxiety and, after countless doctor visits and tests are probably no closer to a solution. I am at least trying to convince myself that this is probably a physical problem related to my neck in some capacity. That would make the most sense. I have been tested for most everything, something would have shown up by now. I also, like I said, have never felt sick throughout any of this. I was afraid of MS, but MS does not present itself bilaterally throughout the body in perfect symmetry over the course of 72 hours. It also doesn't present itself with JUST symmetrical numbness in hands and feet. It's effects vary throughout the body dependent on the location of the lesions. Plus, my brain scan showed a "clean brain". I also have a brother in law who has MS and is somewhat of an expert. Both the neurologist and the Neurosurgeon said it's not MS. I thought Rheumatoid, but the tests were negative and the symptoms don't make sense. Lupus, same thing.

The last thing I am exploring is Celiac disease. Celiac is a gluten allergy, an increasingly common problem, and can present with numbness and joint pain due to absorbtion problems, mostly Iron and B6 (I think). Many people think it's simply lactose intolerance, or don't have any stomach problems at all.

Who knows. Anybody with any thoughts, I'm all ears. I will say to all of you, keep your chin up. As soon as you let your brain take control, you will only get worse.

Posted by anonymous on September 11th, 2010

hello this topic is old so you probly have your answaer \ solutions me myself ive never had the numbness as you speak of until around 30 minutes ago, normally just have pains of the most extreme on any random spot of my upper body and sometimes in my legs when this happens and started this way in my arm around 30 minutes ago i jump in emmidiatly in the shower turn it hot and proceed to massage thos areas the pain always stops but this time the symtoms you describe above happened freaked me all out i thought i was having a stroke i stayed in the shower and had the water hotter than ever before and blistered myself a bit but i have no phone and no way to contact a professional so self medicating is bout my only treatment these day needless to say the numbness stoped due to the hot shower and im feeling better now id say the pains of numbness lasted for around 20 minutes . ive been to doctors and other than them coming right out and calling me phucking lyer about the pains im experiencing they automaticaly assume since im the age i am im just out tring to score drugs phucking hypocritcal bastards im at my wits end dont know what to do cant get any answers for the pain i feel if they dont know right off what im describing they just assume im fine ive taken the stress tests guess what the stress test has no symtoms of the pain im feeling , so phuc the medical profession for now im content with the hot showers

Posted by anonymous on September 29th, 2010

Posted by anonymous on October 17th, 2010

i just woke up with my face arms and fingers whole body felt weird tired and clamy.i was wondering if it might be anxiety or a pinche nerve.i should get my thryoid checked.i just had blood pressure checked due to a broken wrist and it was fine

Posted by anonymous on October 31st, 2010

i have had tingling feelings down the left side of my body neck ache feeling weak and having migraines i dont know why this has come about im usually fit and healthy. i had bloods done for just in case it was my thyroid, my bloods have come back clear has anyone else had this and what could it be?

Posted by anonymous on November 02nd, 2010

im izzy,
im from philippines. i also feel this numbness both may arms, chest and face. ive been feeling this years ago. im 26 yrs old. i took iy for granted before but last night was the worst. i woke up and i cant breathe. i went to the er and everything in my blood and ecg was normal. they told me to see a neurologist. so that's what i will do later.
this numbness really scares me. im healthy. i cycle, run 15kms a day and play basketball weekly. i just want this to stop.

Posted by anonymous on November 02nd, 2010

what's the pill you are taking?

Posted by anonymous on November 05th, 2010

My mothers full body is also going num. She had an eye operation yesterday and she got 3 numbness injectiontion her left eye. I am so scared. Please help me.

Posted by anonymous on December 02nd, 2010

hello i am 17 and have been enduring numbness in body especially right leg.i have experienced it before but never so bad as this.I have good blood pressure and exercise often.Does anyone have any idea what normally causes body numbness?

Posted by anonymous on December 31st, 2010

Hi, Im a 13 year old girl, I started feeling a numb feeling in my back about a month ago. Since christmas, the numbness moved up my body, to my throat to the right side of my face in 3 days. I can still feel pressure and temperature just not as well as I used to. My lower torso to my upper legs is worse. It started going down my legs to my ankles yesterday, to my right arm today. I'm also having trouble falling asleep because of my throat. I had a pins and needles feeling in my lower back that only occured if I sat in a certain position it went away a week ago. I havent told my parents yet, but I intend to if it gets any worse. I noticed that I lost 5 pounds in the last few weeks, which is kinda rare for me. Im at a healthy weight and have no serious health promblems before. Ive wore glasses for over a year so thats probably not related. No serious health promblems run in my family execpt schizophenia.

Posted by anonymous on January 20th, 2011

Thank you so much for letting us know it was your thyroid, I've been going numb from my waist down, headaches, lower back aches and now sometimes I feel numb all over, my Doctor doesn't know what it could be, I went to the ER.the said see a Neurologist, They did an MRI with and without dye, and 2 X-rays on my lower spine. They thought Multiple sclerosis but so far they said everything looked ok. My mom recently had strokes, she's now 57 I'm 37 female Since my MRI the Doctors have not suggested anything else to do or check, they just don't know...It's very frustrating for them to just stop trying to find out what's wrong..Any thoughts?

Posted by anonymous on February 17th, 2011

_-ME-_----Hi , I wrote on this blog last year about problems with neuropathy related symptoms and numbness in the body.

I want to suggest to all of you on here to at some point get a blood test for vitamin deficiency or too much of a vitamin.
I believe that is what opened the gates to my symptoms.

I discovered I had a vitamin D deficiency --a count of 10!!! ---that is really's like not getting any vitamin D at all!

Over 2010 and into 2011--i've been keeping up with ensuring I get enough vitamin D from as natural sources as possible---like fortified foods--I'm not saying what i'm doing is what will work for you but---if you are in any way a busy or distracted person who is fairly healthy but perhaps does not always get in enough vitamins---this could definitely leave the gateways of your body open to disease.

also, you have to make sure you are not getting too much of a certain element or mineral...that could throw things off too!

Since I have been ensuring i get more vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, (from natural sources not supplements ) my symptoms have seriously disappeared and I am mostly back to normal. Whenever I fail to take get enough vitamins, occasionally a pinch will return and then I know I need to remember to get back to nutritious habits. Also, I try to walk at least 30 mins. a day...whether outside or keep my circulation flowing.

Besides learning of the deficiency I still have yet to find out what the under lying cause is or was. The deficiency of Vit. D seems to have been certainly a critical part of my problem but it does not explain what may have caused it to become so low.
My plan is when I have the money or the ability---to seek out additional assistance.

After this experience I recalled that when I was a teenager I use to get a pinched nerve feeling around my spine area about once or twice a year. I'm thinking now that I might have been not been getting the proper nutrition back then.

Also, want to suggest to people reading this blog to look around at your neighbors and your community, whats happening in it and
find out if your water is polluted, or soil/air polluted...because that can cause abnormal occurrences in young people (every people)...and symptoms are not always the same for every person...but if everyone in your community is reporting strange symptoms...something is happening and it is not natural.

I grew up in a community that had alot of air pollution from jets flying directly over head as a kid and I developed really bad asthma. For most of my childhood I struggled to breathe every single day from 8 years old until the age of 18 but eventually when i moved away from the body did get stronger and it was amazing. I survived.

But as a society we can't really run away from our problems that are causing all of us to get so sick. Not every one gets to "move away". It's not fair! Being the "survivor" "with persistence" I hate to also be the realist but I can't ignore the place of pollution i originated from as being a contributor to my prior health problems.
If anyone of us hopes to "survive" we need to stop and prevent pollution from ruining more regions in our country and around the world.

Posted by anonymous on February 19th, 2011


Posted by anonymous on February 19th, 2011

Hello , I am a 15 year old girl and i am experiencing this numbness too . This numbness for me is like being high. I have gotten high in the past and the last time i got high i thought everything was ok. Well i experienced the 'numbness' at first only slightly in my legs . I was at school so i was kind of scared because i had no idea what too do . So i just assumed it would go away. So 2 hours later it did , But the sypmtoms came back . For the next 4 days these symptoms got worse and worse and now it has hit its high point. I'm very scared because i'm going too the doctor too see if i have strep throat but i am also going too ask tthe doctor about the numbness
(which would include telling her that i've been getting high). So i just wanted too post this up here for any of the younger people who are expirencing the same feelings as me .

Posted by anonymous on March 31st, 2011

This thread is incredible! I have had 'yearly' numbing, about this time of year, for the past 4 years. I am a normally healthy 44 year old woman. The numbing ALWAYS starts in my feet then works it's way up my body from there. I have been to a neurologist, had an MRI, taken anti-inflammatories, and every test has come back 'negative' and every doc cannot seem to figure out what is going on. I have had a test for my thyroid, but it came back 'normal'. grrrr. I have heard of another more specific test for the thyroid? Does anyone know what it its called?
My numbness is more intense in specific areas; ie: my knees, hips, arches of my feet and the front of my whole stomach. My feet are always cold and the arches of my feet are always numb. This past episode started after I had a Colonoscopy.... weird stuff!
What got really scary was last year, about this same time, I got the numbing again, then had a seizure in Applebees. The doc didn't consider it an 'actual seizure' ... because only my face 'fired' in sporadic places when I passed out... no bodily movement. I am starting to feel this way again, and am scared out of my wits!!! Has anyone else had this happen to them? Thanks for your time.

Posted by anonymous on April 12th, 2011

lack of some minerals can cause numbness...tingling...try a mineral supplement.

Posted by anonymous on May 07th, 2011

Could you be anemic?

Posted by anonymous on May 12th, 2011


Posted by anonymous on May 24th, 2011

Get checked for Guilanne Barre

Posted by anonymous on June 02nd, 2011

You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.

Posted by anonymous on June 13th, 2011

hello my name Sean and i,m going through pretty much the same very unexplainable i smoke , and when it happened to me i had doughnuts and coffee for breakfast and fish sandwich for lunch just trying to figure this out and i,m a chef so i,m on my feet all the time so you guys and girls cant under stand
it started on my left side and now it all over my body more intense in the feet area

any feed back will help because the doc dont have a clue

Posted by anonymous on June 23rd, 2011

Hi guys,
i read all those comments and stories about numbness of the leftside of the body and its amazing i am having almost the same problem.
Presently i feel numbness on my leftside from my left arm to my left leg.And it seems whenever i have a heavy cold/flu, this numbness strikes.this is the second time its happening.Lat year it happen to me for about 3 weeks and disappeared.
Now its affecting me again.
Does any body know the medication/advise for this problem

The Gambia, West Africa

Posted by anonymous on July 01st, 2011

I have the same thing, its from the back of neck covering my face and in every crack and crevasse on my body (head to toe's). My mother told me she has it too, she got it two years ago. The doctors told her it was a poor circulation throughout her body. Am twenty as well.

Posted by anonymous on July 18th, 2011

Thank you to whomever started this blog. reading it has helped calm me down. I'm a 37 yr old female and started having symptoms 2 years ago. I've had numerous blood tests, MRIS, EMGS, seen neurologists, you name it. None of the docs I've seen have been able to help. In fact I've been told it's all psychological. After my last MRI the numbness grew from my lower back and legs to my left arm and hand and a tightness that surrounds my torso. I am due for more blood work in a couple of weeks and will point out hypothyroid as a possibility as a result of this blog. Those of you who have found answers please share.

Posted by anonymous on July 24th, 2011

Hi, I am a 22 years old male, and my problem is serious.
Three days ago, just after woke up and checking email, I suddenly found myself a bit difficult to breathe. I went to the sofa to have a rest, then I felt that both my hands begin to numb and then both the legs. After that I felt numbness in my WHOLE body and my hand was shaking, very serious, just thinking I was dying. After twenty minutes, numbness gone, and my parent took me to see the doctor.
The doctor said he had never heard of my symptoms, and let me have the Electrocardiography(ECG). The result shows nothing wrong with my heart. The doctor can do noting.
By the time I am typing this comment, I feel numbness on my upper chest...
Anyone know whats happening?

Posted by anonymous on July 28th, 2011

I deal with the same simptons.. However, it is only on my left side! I've been having bad back problems lately, and get headaches like a normal personl usually does, but not very often. My neck pops very easily, and recently I popped on the left. That night, it triggered my nerves and my left are was numb and tingly. Ever since then, I haven't popped my neck. I don't know why it's like this... The doctors did blood tests and said I was perfectly fine. What is this?...... Btw I'm 14

Posted by anonymous on August 18th, 2011

Im having the same numbess as what you were getting. Im 21 years old. I came home from work last friday and had really bad pins and needles like in both my legs. I had been getting this feeling in my arms and hands every morning when i woke up. Went to see the doctor on the saturday morning as the numbess was still there but I had a very painful right calf i couldnt walk on it so i was limping aswell. He sent mew to the local hospital who did a DVT scan aswell as some blood tests and they all came back clear. I have been signed off from work for this week and got to go ack to see the doctor monday morning. Im also waiting for an appointment from the back doctor at the hospital as he thinks it might be a slipped disk in my back causing the numbess. I want this sorted . I have looked on the internet as to what it could be and lots of people are saying that it could be MS or a stroke.

Posted by anonymous on September 01st, 2011

BEFORE you read anything, I'm letting you know this is only my personal theory, it is absolutely up to you to believe anything or doubt anything that I wrote, but I am being truthful from my own experience and I am 99% positive what I know is real, but it's something, many people would never know about. Once again, do not read any further if you are going to be disturbed by any of it.
Because I do not care about what you might think or, how serious you are going to take this. Ok, so this is the deal...

The numbness or any sudden anxiety, uncomfortable feeling is probably not from any type of physical toxication or cause by stress, if it was it's only leading to your body to the "condition". However, this is one type of the "being's" possession over your physical body, this does happens to me often when I feel the other "beings" presence around me. It's often with strong numbness all over my body, usually starting from legs up to my arms and head, and i feel slight oozing in my brain almost. When the presence of the evil "being" is stronger, the "condition" worsens and almost makes my whole body want to shut down, and try to lead me to death or serious accidents. But I have a high tolerance towards those evil "beings" over many experiences and luckily I've been managed to fight them off, couple of time but "they" almost had me once or twice, really close one and SCARY. If this ever happens to you while driving, or during any moment that you must stay alert and focused, you just need to clearly state to the presence of "being" out-loud that, they are not welcome in your presence. I would say "Whoever you are, your presence is not welcome. And I do not appreciate your attempts to possess my body. And death does not threatens me."
You might not believe me but, this does happens more often when you find out something, or anything, that "the being" doesn't want you to know (Have you recently leraned about something random?, or had any weird/strange dreams?) I encourage you to always prey, after you survive from the symptoms, you may have used some of your positive mana power, out of your physical body, from the encounter of the "dark ones", I STRONGLY encouraged any of you to make a habit of preying about anything with very strong emotion, this will help you regain your positive mana, which could save your life, when your soul is threatened by the "beings".
Don't let any "6"s take you away, always prey, it could be any day.

May the Power Blesses You, mY People
M66 6he P666r B666es Y66 6Y P666le

Posted by anonymous on September 07th, 2011

Hello my name is taylor weisner and I am haveing the same problem I am 16 and it hit me the first time about 3 days ago my hands are what is the most numb Also my teeth and tounge but I can still use all of my extremities it is really weird it goes on and off through out the day and I was hopeing that you would possibly have something to help me.....

Posted by anonymous on September 08th, 2011

I used to have this too, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet and scalp, always worse on the left side, really scary. It was caused by an allergy to gluten. If I ate a strictly gluten free diet, it never happened, if I slipped up, even a crumb, I suffered.

I strongly recommend that people try going gluten free to see if you get some relief. Take a few weeks off gluten (the list of safe GF foods is on and see if things get better.

BTW, my gluten intolerance was not permanent. I detoxed the mercury which had been leaking from my fillings and everything cleared up.

My full story is at

Good luck!

Posted by anonymous on September 08th, 2011

PS: Celiac disease blood tests or gluten allergy tests are not reliable. I've had them all, and come up negative on every one, even though it's wildly obvious that gluten caused my neuropathy.

Going strictly gluten free and seeing how you feel is the only reliable test for gluten intolerance.

Posted by anonymous on November 20th, 2011

I ran across these comments three years ago when I had body numbness with no clue about the cause. In my case, several doctors later I was diagnosed with MS. Because it was caught early, I was eligible for a experimental trial of treatment by a major drug company. The treatment has been very successful with no MS symptoms in three years! And all costs to me have been covered by the drug company! There have been side effects of my MS treatment (hyperthyroidism in my case), but I am glad for them as they can be managed. The cost for managing the side effects is also covered by the drug company. My numbness has gone away but there was some permanent nerve damage which left my skin less sensitive (to pain or pleasure) than it used to be. It would have been better not to have the problem, but I am alive and relatively healthy and very blessed. I'm a 50 yr old man and was never sickly. I had a strong immune system which got too strong and turned against me. See an MS specialist if you can as they are familiar with the many different symptoms.

Posted by anonymous on July 09th, 2012

my hubby is feeling the same sickness...
did you find the cure?
please enlighten me with your progress in your health..
u may send me a message trough email..

Posted by anonymous on August 20th, 2012

I have the same thing. Half of my body , the whole left side is very numb and I cant do things the way I can before. I'm a left handed person, I draw and I'm also a painter but now I find it really hard to draw and paint -_- I cannot play piano the way I can before. When I touch things, It's like all rough . God I'm crazed about this. My numbness occurred right after when I participated in various sports consecutively, it was tedious obviously and then the day after I jog 5km . I suspect this is diabetes since I like eating sweets.

Posted by anonymous on January 15th, 2013

I have your symptoms. Started in my feet, moved to my hands. Now on top of hips and moving up. Not my thyroid. MRI shows bulging discs in Cspine. having EKG next week. No pain or weakness. good balance and coordination. very annoying.

Posted by anonymous on November 22nd, 2014

I have numbness on right side of torso, mostly at night, skin feels dead




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