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I have recently occurred a rare $15/year Low End BuyVM Virtual Private Server (VPS) from (aka Frantech). I say these are rare as when BuyVM has stock, usually within 15minutes their stock is depleted. I got extremely lucky with my purchase. I have been very pleased with BuyVM's support, their staff and most of all the VPS Server.

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Cheap VPN
My 128MB $15 per year BuyVM box is used for a Vitrual Private Network (VPN) tunnel for my Phone. I like having the secure tunnel for my phone, especially when you are doing banking transactions etc. The extra layer of security through the VPS puts my mind a bit more at ease. I have used dedicated VPN servers in the past and never had any luck. Earlier this year I was looking into VPS's to create a test site and saw that BuyVM advertised the use of VPN tunnelling, this totally intrigued me, so I signed up for their mailing list and bought one 3 months later (yes I was waiting for 3 months!). For a $15 per year VPN Server, this box is doing everything I want!

Irssi and GNU Screen Please!
To say that I only use the box for a VPN would be lying. I love IRC and I love to keep chat in context without having to join / part all the time. Luckily Linux has Screen and Irssi. This allows me to leave my IRC connections on all the time (well as long as the VPS box stays online), and removes all the annoying parts / joins that usually show on IRC servers. I can access the IRC from my Android HTC EVO with Irssi Connect Bot, so I have IRC at home easily and anywhere with my phone. Perhaps my second favorite part of my BuyVM Box.

Canadian IP
Another bonus to BuyVM is that Frantech is a Canadian company. The servers are not based in Canada, as they are located in Fremont, California. But Frantech does offer Candian IP's. Having a VPN to another country is extremely handy, as it can avoid country set filters like seen in Europe. This allows you to see the full web, in case some sites are blocked, from your home connection! Browsing "anonymously" is something that I love and now I always do. The other awesome part is, if I just want to browse and not have my full connection over VPN I can using SSH Tunnelling. Having all these options for security and privacy is great.

Over all I am extremely happy with my Box. The Frantech staff is awesome and fun to chat with in IRC and they are extremely helpful and speedy at resolving issues. I have had some downtime, which for the most part was not Frantech's fault. At one point I was going on 40days uptime, then my VPS rebooted for some reason and was restarted, unfortunately. However, since this VPS is not used for any major websites of mine, and I generally just use my BuyVM VPS for SSH Tunnelling, VPN and Irssi / Screen (for IRC) I got a steal of a deal for $15 per year. I do not think I will ever let go of this box, just too great of a deal. Thank you Frantech for offering great and cost-friendly services!

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