Checker Auto Parts Sucks

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Checker Auto Parts Sucks

The Checker Auto Parts in Littleton, CO off of Bowles near Southwest Plaza sucks! As most of you, who keep up with my blog, know I had an issue with my truck's gas tank having a leak in it. Well there was also a bad fuel pump in my rear tank that we needed to replace. Little did I know I was not in a huge rush to get a new fuel pump for my Ford F-150 4.9L 2WD truck! I have heard rumors about Checker Auto Parts being bad, but never really had an experience of my own with Checkers Auto Parts until now. Here is my story.

Filling Up my Rear Tank
I was putting some unleaded fuel into my rear gas tank; because of course it was empty after I started driving I noticed a pungent smell. It smelt an awful lot like gasoline. By golly it was gasoline, not just any gasoline unleaded fuel that I just barely put into my rear tank. The leak was not horrible when driving, but when my truck stopped the gasoline just dripped out of my rear tank. Well shoot I just spent a lot of time with Leif and Chancey fixing my gas tank, what could possibly be wrong now?

The Call to Leif
I called up Leif and informed him about the gas leak and what I thought the leak was. He told me that it sounded kind of fishy and he would stop by work tomorrow to help me look at the problem. After Leif got here, we dropped my rear gas tank, and found the source of the problem. The main hole where the fuel pump goes into your gas tank was not sealed tight. Luckily I kept the original gasket seal that went with the old fuel pump. Guess what happened, the new gasket that came with the fuel pump was too BIG.

Checker Auto Parts BIG Mistake
Checker Auto Parts sold me a fuel pump with only 1 gasket for my truck that was too big! Checker Auto Parts, although open late, made a big mistake by selling me only 1 gasket seal that was too big. Now I have to write this article on why Checker Auto Parts sucks. Anyhow we took the gasket seal to Advance Auto Parts and they showed me the same fuel pump for $30 less with a TON of gaskets! I could not believe it. I literally got ripped off by Checker Auto Parts. The guy at Advance Auto Parts was nice enough to let me have one from that fuel pump box, thank goodness! We put the new gasket seal on my tank and it works like a champ, no thanks to Checker Auto Parts.

Ending Notes of Checker Auto Parts Mistake
Well now that you know my story I hope you learn that Checker Auto Parts do not know what they are doing. First they attempted to sell me the wrong fuel pump and then they sold me a fuel pump with one rubber gasket seal that was too big. I will never shop at Checkers Auto Parts unless I have to. Thanks for the hassle Checker Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts has Checker Auto Parts beat! Thanks for reading!

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Posted by jim on May 26th, 2006

No David's was Brake Check.


Posted by anonymous on June 18th, 2006

can't you use a measuring device (ruler, etc) yourself to measure for the correct size gasket?

Posted by frost on June 18th, 2006

I do not know, the fact of the matter was it should of came with multiple sizes in the fuel pump and did not, which in turn caused a problem. Where as Advanced Auto Parts offered the fuel pump cheaper with multiple gaskets, which included the right size gasket.


Posted by anonymous on June 20th, 2006

you are a dumbass, learn to work on vehicls correctly or take it to a mechanic. its not checkers fualt

Posted by frost on June 21st, 2006

How does me working on vehicles correctly have to do with Checkers giving me only 1 FREAKING gasket when Advanced Auto Parts gives you 5 with their $130 fuel pump as appose to Checkers Auto Parts $160 fuel pump?

If I would of taken this to a mechanic the cost would of been well into the $1,500, I saved myself $1,200 by doing it on my own, whose the dumbass here?


Posted by anonymous on July 05th, 2006

checkers are a dumbass

Posted by anonymous on July 13th, 2006

How can that be, that you bout it for less at advanced? Checkers and Advanced Auto Parts are the same company! They charge the excat same price for my F250 starter. Same everything. Huh....

Posted by frost on July 13th, 2006

They had a huge different of $30 between the two fuel pumps. As for starters I bought my starter from Car Quest for $120. NAPA actually wanted $140 for the same starter.

If they are the same company I would goto Advance Auto Parts over Checker, at least in the Denver CO area any day. Maybe it is different where you live?


Posted by anonymous on July 13th, 2006

I agree with the price difference with other stores, like Napa (who are always the highest), but that is weird with Advanced and Checkers.

I live in Denver. 6th and Wadsworth.

Posted by frost on July 13th, 2006

Yea, I did not know they were the same company, but I went to the Advance Auto Parts off of Alameda and Mississippi in the Green Mountain Area. The Checkers I went to was in Littleton off of Bowles.

One thing I would advise you is to stay away from the Checkers Auto Parts in the Southwest Plaza area near Bowles. My brother-in-law, his friend and I have both been had by the Checkers their with them giving us the wrong parts.


Posted by anonymous on July 13th, 2006

Thank you for the warning




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