Choose Your Own Color Scheme for Aeonity Blog

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Choose Your Own Color Scheme for Aeonity Blog
by FrosT


Aeonity Blog Community is deciding whether or not to add a new feature for Aeonity Options, choose your own color scheme. The new feature would allow you to view the colors for Aeonity that you would prefer to see. Grant it that you are logged into your account. Providing this new feature will ensure that you, as a loyal Aeonity Blog Community user, have control on how you view aeonity.

Aeonity Colors and their Uses

Aeonity, in the past, has undergone many changes. Why not make the change to allow users to chose their own colors? Well we do not know, which is why we are diligently looking into this as a new solution for the users. Once you are logged into Aeonity, the color scheme that is being viewed is up to you. Whether it be Black, Blue or even red you get the choice. This can provide many uses to the users. We know that our users have many different computers and settings. Why not find a color scheme to fit your own personal computers settings.

Providing the colors to work with user's computers scheme's will prove to be effective so that Aeonty Blog Community can be your own Home Page. From these new color schemes a world of colors is at the push of a button.

Usability for Color Schemes

As part of the Aeonity Blog Community staff I understand that the ease of use is an issue that needs to be addressed. Well I can asure as easy at is it is to change your TimeZone preferences you will be able to pick the colors that appeal to you. Just a click of a few buttons and bam Aeonity Blog has a new color. With its ease of use you will wonder why it took so long for us to implement this. One simple answer, the code behind Aeonity Blog is more complicated than the use of the site.

Making the color schemes easy to change and implement is Aeonity Blog's main priority. Do not worry about usability.

Ending Notes

Color schemes are very useful for the right person. We know that everybody is an individual on Aeonity Blog. With your own color choice this allows for even more individuality. This feature will be implemented on Aeonity Blog in the near future. Just a reminder, these schemes will not affect how a user views a blog. As Aeonity allows their blogs to be customized by bloggers we will never try to change their colors. Aeonity Blog Community Staff will keep the users informed of these new features and as they develop.

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Posted by frost on November 10th, 2005

Lol I am one intelligent bot =)


Posted by frost on November 10th, 2005

On the bot note, if we had an egg drop server do not doubt I would of created my own bot who would just just talk to himself. But oh well.


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