Coca Cola Blak Softdrink

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Coca Cola Blak Softdrink
by FrosT

While I was on my Safeway Trip last night looking for some food I spotted a new Softdrink from Coca Cola. I think this is competeing with the MDX Eneregy Drink from Mountain Dew. I have never had the MDX Mountain Dew Energy drink but the Coca Cola Blak was rather interesting.

Coca Cola Blak
After reviewing the ingrediants it became apperent of the name and design of the bottle for Coca Cola Blak, it contains coffee extract. The bottle was a dark coloring with the look of a coffee drink. I personally liked the design of the bottle and that ultimatley is what made me purchase the new Coca Cola black. Coca Cola Blak is housed in a glass bottle. As some might of expected Coca Cola Blak had little coffee taste to it. If this is considered an Energy Drink it tasted 100times better than Monster or even Red Bull.

Ending Notes
Try Coca Cola Blak, I promise you will not be disappotined. With it's slick design and awesome glass bottle, Coca Cola Blak hit the spot for my drink of my Safeway Deli Sandwhich. Give it a try, who knows Coca Cola Blak my twirl your taste buds a little bit.

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