So complicated

KeyWords: mother fuckin black.

Why the hell does everything good have to be complicated. Fuck it pisses me off. Sorry for the language that will be contained in this blog, I have to vent.

Anyhow my gf who I love with everything I can give and than 100 folds more, mom said she will not support us getting married in May. But she said if we wait a year, she would support us. Well I know her mom does not think I am fit to be with her daughter, and I think it is because of my religion.

I am a mormon, or a Later Day Saint, which often times is considered crazy or something else. All I have to say is do research =)

But yea it sucks because now we may not get married in May and have to wait a year. I do not see how it will make a difference. It pisses me off more or less because Lyndsey hates it at home, she is controlled 100% by her mom.

She has to be home by midnight on weekend and 10 pm on weekdays. Even though I can only come down like once a month. She also does not think I will support her, which pisses me off more than anything.

No matter what marriage will be hard the first few years. But yea. It makes me mad how her mom is putting her in this situation. and i do not know, She told me she thinks about committing suicide because of her mom all the time. But doesn't because of me.

So I feel that if she stays there another year, she may be pushed to do it. Because I am going to move whereever I get a job. As much as I love her, I don't want to piss a year of my life away waiting for something that will never seem to happen. I will stay truthful and when the May after next comes if she still wants to marry me I will marry her.

I just cannot stay to where everytime we want to see each other we are under her parents control. I cannot do that another year. I cannot stand seeing her get hurt and frustrated by her mom. Well yea.

I see how she wants their approval, but I dont think she will ever get it no matter what if she marries me. Anyhow just had to vent, maybe someone will put some good info up I dunno. My stomcha is all in knots, gonna go throw up. Later.


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