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Authoring/Converting MPG MPEG to DVD Video Files
by FrosT

Please read Convert AVI to MPG MPEG for a DVD or VCD before continuing on.

Now that we have our AVI video file converted to an MPG/MPEG file, it is time to do one last conversion before our process of converting an AVI video file to a DVD video file format. Let's kick off with the required software to convert our newly created MPG/MPEG file.

Cucusoft DVD Author - MPEG to VOB Converter
Contrary to the Cucusoft AVI to VCD/DVD/SVCD/MPEG/MPG Converter software, the Cucusoft DVD Author - MPEG to VOB Converter is freeware. For being freeware, the Cucusoft DVD Author program works flawlessly. Personally, I have converted over 100 MPG/MPEG files to DVD Video Files and all worked great in my DVD Player. After you downloaded and installed the DVD Author software from Cucusoft start the program.

Converting AVI to DVD Video File VOB
Once Cucusoft's DVD Author program is opened and running let's first choose a drive to put the DVD Video Files. Usually my choice is the largest drive, but pick your poison. Next locate the MPG/MPEG file you wish to convert to DVD Video Files (VOB). After selecting the MPG/MPEG file to convert over to DVD Video Files (VOB) your next step is to click "Start to Author". The Authoring of DVD process usually takes about 3 minutes for a 1 GB file. Once the MPG/MPEG file has been Authored to a DVD Video File (VOB) you are ready to burn the newly created DVD Video Files (VOB) to a DVD with your favorite burner. I currently use Nero. Feel free to use any DVD Burning Software that allows you to burn DVD-Video Files (VOB).

Ending Notes
I will not create a tutorial on how to burn these files because I feel it is common knowledge and I would just be re-inventing the wheel. Feel free to comment, I welcome them as I am considered a newbie to video creation/edting. Thank you for reading.

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Posted by anonymous on July 11th, 2006

I tried the Author and it said my mpeg file was not an mpeg file and would not convert it. So it appears you need another program before the Author.

Posted by frost on July 11th, 2006

Not if you do it right.


Posted by anonymous on November 15th, 2006

3 minutes for 1G of mpeg file? Hum... Took about 24 hours for 2G on a fast machine here. Might be that there are variations in the format of mpeg files.

Posted by frost on November 15th, 2006

That really sucks for you. Every MPG thatI have converted from AVI and than authored it with Cucusoft's free DVD authoring program does it in about 3 minutes. I am on an average computer. The original AVI is 350 MBs


Posted by anonymous on October 17th, 2007

just want to view an mpg file

Posted by anonymous on January 25th, 2008


Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2008

I downloaded youtube videos and I can see them with Windows Media Player but I cannot convert them to see them on a dvd and be able to see it on a regular dvd player. Can somebody help?

Posted by anonymous on February 16th, 2008

I'm having trouble too, I used DirectShow Dump Utility to convert .tivo files to MPG's, which themselves play fine on my computer, but Cucusoft refuses to recognize them as real MPG's and so won't convert them to VOB. Any ideas?

Posted by anonymous on March 05th, 2008

Same here Anon.... have had the thing running for hours on a VERY fast machine.... nothing... the vobs just arn't being created despite most of my processing cycles apparently doing "something"... seems to be the reverse rule to "you cant get something for nothing", here we're getting NOTHING for something lol !

and we're not the only ones... been on several forums and they all say the same..

Posted by frost on March 05th, 2008

Given that this tutorial was written NOT for TiVo conversion or files that DirectShow Utility produces I do not claim that this will work for those files. Nor do I claim that it will work on "ALL" mpeg files. In general this works on MOST mpeg files and I have yet to come across and mpeg file that did not work.

So please, refrain from putting me down, comment on March 5th has been edited. This was written in good faith without being compensated to give knowledge out, please criticize it with respect as I do not see you taking the time to learn how to do this on your own without a guide.

Posted by anonymous on July 04th, 2008

ok very nice

Posted by anonymous on September 09th, 2008


Posted by anonymous on November 14th, 2008

very good convertor other than convertor

Posted by anonymous on May 10th, 2010

i want to download mpeg to dvd converter




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