Cruising With the New FJ Cruiser

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Cruising With the New FJ Cruiser
by FrosT

On April Fool's day of 2006 my brother-in-law, nephew and I all went crusing in Buena Vista on Chinaman's Gulch with his Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser. The day started off at 6:00am on our 2 hour trek to Buena Vista for this Land Cruiser 4-Wheelin' convention. As it was they were test driving the new FJ Cruiser Land Cruiser with just stock parts. Meaning no Lifts or any extra perks. What we saw was pretty amazing.

The new FJ Cruiser from Stock
The whole point of the trip to Buena Vista for this Land Cruiser convention was to test out the new FJ Cruiser and see if the factory shelved version can compete with the beefed up older Toyota Land Cruisers and other trucks. When the FJ Cruiser comes off the shelf, with no Lifts or bigger tires it is very comparable to most of the Land Cruisers that went on this Chinaman's Gulch trek. It was actually pretty amazing that a stock vehicle of the FJ Cruiser could climb like a beefed up FJ-40.

All I could think about is if you beefed up the FJ Cruiser like you did with the That would be one hell of a machine!

Crusing with FJ Cruiser

Riding behind the FJ Cruiser in an old FJ-40 with my brother-in-law was a blast. We were able to take some good footage where is tire was at least 3ft off the ground. Leif, my brother-in-law just barely gat 4 new 35" tires and a 4" lift on his FJ-40 Land Cruiser with Rear Differential Lockers. His FJ-40 is a beast. Not only did we not get stuck, but almost every obstacle everyone had trouble with was a breeze! From climbing up rocks, to going down rocks the FJ-40 although the ride was very bumpy, the FJ-40 did not have a lick of trouble.

Ending Notes
The new FJ Cruisers are an awesome addition to the Toyota Land Cruiser line. Althought they start at $20,000 I would not buy one. Mainly because you would not want to take a brand new one off-roading and jack it up. If you ever get a chance to go off-roading in any Land Cruiser go for it. I gurantee you will have a blast!

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