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Counter-Strike: Source is not your average every day game. You are a terrorist, or counter-terrorist battling it out against each other. With the wind at your back and a Desert Eagle in your right hand you venture onto stop one another. In this exciting multi-player game, you will see the awesome graphics, a brand new engine and most of all a new Counter-Strike. The new textures, models, and skins in Counter-Strike: Source are amazing. Gamer beware that you want at least a 128MB graphic card with 1 GIG of Memory and need 5 GIGABYTES of Hard-Disk Space.

For you hardcore gamers out there you can skin your own models, build your own maps, and even skin your own weapon modifictions. With Counter-Strike: Source's new features and still retaining the old feel of Counter-Strike it makes this an easily addictive game to play online. You can see me playing On-Line through Steam and Valve software. Let's see what you got!

Counter-Strike: Source Gun Game Mod


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Posted by anonymous on July 23rd, 2006

how do you create your own map

Posted by anonymous on October 16th, 2006

how do you make your server a guhn gun game





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