Deer Hunting in Wyoming

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As none of you know I was out hunting since Friday in Wyoming with my mom and dad. I had a great time. We went to Hanna Wyoming and hunted for a Buck Deer. During this trip we did a ton of walking (about 20 miles worth). I do not think I have ever slept so good out camping.

The tempature was nice and cool, but not too cold. The wind was not nearly as bad as it could have been. The first day we saw a bunch of Does and Fawns, but no Bucks. In reaction to that we decided to walk a different area. My dad hiked aout 2 miles east of where I was walking (I just walked along the ridge) and in that walking he found a small 2-point buck. Instead of killing the buck he just quietly walked away and came to my mom and I and that afternoon we went to that area.

I was walking below my mom and dad, where my dad said he saw the buck lay down. Not a minute later about 15 deer jumped out, one being not a 2-point buck but a small 3x4 point buck. The first shot I hit him, but it was a gut shot. If you know something about hunting you know gut shots are bad. The next shot I nailed him in the jaw. If you have ever shot an animal in the jaw it sends them into shock. This deer was standing in one spot for about 30 seconds just in shock then I put a bullet in his heart.

Since it was a gut shot the gutting of the deer was messy and stunk horribly, that and some of the meat was ruined. After that we quartered him up and took the meat that was not tainted by the gut shot.

The next day we decided to go around that area, because there was a lot more deer in there then just those. We jumped a few does and fawns but no bucks. We drive up this little hill and behold there was 2 fawns a doe and a small 2 point buck. We chased them till the stopped and let my mom out to get a shot, but she missed. We waited for a minute to see if the deer would just go lay down over the ridge, but they were long gone.

Driving back we took a different way out. On this way out we found a different 2-point with a group of does. My dad shoots and misses then we walk up on this mound and my dad shoots again and kills the buck. From the angle my dad was at we were not sure if he gut shot this deer or not. When we finally got to him, sure enough my dad barely nicked his guts. This one was not as bad as the one I shot but still stunk. Instead of gutting him we just quartered him and took his back straps.

In between these walking periods of deer hunting I took my dog and went rabbit hunting. I shot 9 rabbits and 2 prairie dogs, one of which I shot with my .243 rifle from about 150 yards out.

This was definatley one of the best weekends I have had this year. It is nice being out about 10 miles from anything that is near a town and no cell service. Very nice to just get away from all the politics and crap of the real world.


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Posted by anonymous on March 14th, 2006

If you were hunting in Hanna you probably shot at the town herd. They roam the town and spend alot of time in our yards and such. They are not that afraid of human's. You would think they are pets. Mostly made up of fawns with an occasional 2 pt buck which is way to small to hunt anyway! It sound's like you need a few hunting lesson's. Grow up boy that isn't hunting!

Posted by frost on March 14th, 2006

Nah these bucks we were hunting stayed in that area all winter. I know what the town herd is just around the cliffs there. These actually take some work to get to. Thanks for the input though, gladly dismissed.


Posted by anonymous on March 22nd, 2007

I thank you for your help in the blog but why shoot innocent creatures ! Not fair !




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