Finally Engaged

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Well I asked my girlfriend on December 23rd if she would marry me. She said yes =) Here is what I did. I made her put on a blind fold while I took her somewhere, so she didn't know where we were going. I took her to this place where i had flowers laid out that spelt "Marry Me"

Once we got there I took off her blind fold and stood in front of her so she couldn't see the flowers, and read her a poem. Once I was done with the poem, I moved and got on one knee and said lyndsey will you, and pointed to the flowers. This is all going on while our song, Inside Out Acappela - Love, Me is playing. She said yes with tears in her eyes =)

After this we went to a fancy place in Colorado called the Fort, where Dinner is about $50 a plate. The Fort is a place where you can try "Exotic" food. Such as Ostrich, Musk Ox, Access Deer, and many more. Unlucky for us we went when at the wrong time of the season, well unlucky for me anyhow. Because there was no Musk Ox or Ostrich = So I decided to get this Game Plate which included Elk, Buffalo, Quail, and a Lobster Tail. Lyndsey had an 8oz Buffalo Filet.

It was delicious! Every thing was perfect. I also had a half dozen red and a half dozen pink roses sent to the resturaunt to put on our table. =) It was a wonderful night. So now I am engaged to be married to the woman I adore the most. WOOHOO! =) Go me.


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