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The Opera 8 Web Browser is a new free web browser that can be found at

I recently downloaded this new free web browser, frankly I was impressed and dissappointed. This new web browser is fast, slick and very flashy. It is quite a bit faster than Firefox 1.6. The only thing the Opera Browser is missing is total custimization of the top toolbars. I like to have only 1 or 2 lines for my tool bars.

The top most line holds the File, Edit, View etc. with my address bar and back buttons. IE and Firefox both allow me to do this. For my own reasons I hate IE. So I stick with firefox.

Opera does not allow you to switch the "Tab views" and the "Address" bar with each other. Nor does it allow combining the 2. Which to me is necessary and is why I will not use Opera. I am very disappoined in that because I would love the speeds it produces. But when you do not allow simple custimization such as that you are limiting yourself to certain users. Frankly I am not that type of a user.

All in all if you like how IE is setup by default or FireFox, Opera is probably a better solution for you. If you prefer the total custimization I would say go with FireFox. For now I will stick with firefox, maybe someone will show me the right way to custimze Opera, or Opera will fix this inconvience.

Anyhow Opera looks and runs wonderful, it is just not for me.


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