From Two to Three

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So I have not written a poem for a long time. At anyrate every year for our anniversary I always write Lyndsey a poem, well I completely spaced it for this one so I finally got time to write her a poem. Here it is: (this is our 3 year anniversary)

From Two to Three

From two to three I love to be the only man who can see the beauty of your soul. The only one who knows just how far the rabbit hole goes.

Once was not enough twice was even better but three will be hard to beat for the heart that beats inside of me beats for only you.

Three years have passed come and gone and yet we still live on through each other with our love only growing stronger.

What once was one and two has become three and even more loving. For our love will never die. Yet I still wonder what four will be like.

For if four is as good as one, two and three I will be filled with glee that we can be loving each other for all eternity.

By James A Worthen

Hope you enjoyed it (I have not shown her it yet)


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