Ft. Collins Colorado Marriott Hotel Review

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Recently I have been having to travel for work to Fort Collins, Colorado for one week a month. Work puts me up in a hotel and I have chosen to stay at the Ft. Collins Marriott on Horsetooth for a few reasons. Perhaps the main reason being the proximity to the job I am working. Since I am staying there so much I decided to write a review about them and whether I would recommend others to stay there. If you are looking for a Hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado, give this a read and you can see if the Ft. Collins Marriott on Horsetooth is the right hotel for you!

Ft. Collins Colorado Marriott Hotel Review

First impression of the Ft. Collins Marriott is that it has a “homey” and “upscale” feel for it. I have always had good customer service from the Check-In people and have never had to wait for more then 5 minutes while attempting to check into my room. I do of course book the reservations online, through Marriott’s easy booking system, and I am a member of the Marriott’s Reward program, since I have been staying there so much lately. But after checking it, it is quite a walk to the elevator, which is fine I mean who does not need a little more exercise these days? But for some people, it could be an inconvenience, but they do have baggage carts if needed, since I am only 26 I never felt the need for one. The hotel is generally clean and is a very good sized hotel.

Once you get in the elevator, depending on which floor your stay, it can be quite a walk to your room if you are on one side or the other, again not necessarily a down point, just something to be aware of if you have a lot of baggage. Inside the rooms, they are generally nice. I do not think this hotel has ever allowed smoking, so the rooms do not have that smoking smell to them at all (unlike the Ft. Collins, Residence Inn on Harmony that it always seems their rooms were full of smoke). The rooms are pretty cozy, especially for me since I am the only one staying in there. I usually opt for the King size bed, but I will stay in the Twin Beds as well. Both beds are nice, although they do have a ton of pillows on them, I usually just stack the pillows to one side or put them on the other bed. I always ask for the Foam Pillows, as they are much more comfy as apposed to the Downed pillow, in my opinion. The beds are very comfortable, although they have nothing on my own bed, they still do pretty well for the week.

I have had issues with their TV, in the sense that the regular cable channels always are low quality, IE you can see like scan lines through them, which is a shame because the TV’s are extremely nice LG TV’s, it is a shame that they cannot afford to push better TV Quality through them. Which is alright, as I have my DVD collection on a Harddrive and I always take my ASUS O!Play with me, which pushes out 1080p video quality to the TV and it looks beautiful! I cannot speak to the Pay per view, as I never had the need to purchase it, as I prefer my DVD Collection and generally bring it with me.

The Internet they provide there is kind of weird and mis-leading to connect to. The great thing is, they include the Internet for free for my stays generally. But when you connect you have to opt for the “$12.95” Internet, which over course they remove from your bill, so it does end up being free, just kind of unnerving, it took me a few nights to brave it and try it out (which I am sure I could have just called the front desk and asked about it). But sure enough it did not show up on my bill. That is nice, but luckily I have a Sprint 4G EVO and was able to tether with 4G. I was delightfully surprised that Sprint’s 4G service is in Fort Collins and available at the Marriott on Horsetooth! I prefer to use my Sprint 4G anyhow, as I know I can secure that connection with my VPN very easily. I did try the Marriott’s Internet and it seemed pretty decent for being free. I like wired Internet more then wireless, given the better performance, some people might consider this a downside the Marriott does not offer free WiFi Internet, I do not.

The bathrooms come with Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion, not that I would use them, but it is there and generally has plenty of Towels, although I try to only use one towel the entire time. The “Coffee Pot” is just a small 1 cup pot, but makes a cup of hot water (or coffee if you like that) pretty fast. I generally just drink Tea, which they have, or Hot Cider / Chocolate from home. The lounging chair they have for you to sit in is really uncomfortable, so I generally sit in the computer chair, which is decent. The view, depending on where your room is, can be quite nice, and I generally have the curtains open when I stay at the hotel.

Finally, the room temperature is actually quite nice. They thermostat is easy to use, and control and the furnace / AC work really well, depending on the time of year you are staying there. All in all the rooms are quite nice. In the end I would definitely stay here again, my main reason is the TV as I like to be able to watch my DVD Collections easily without having to need an RF Modulator, like you would if you stayed at the Residence Inn in Ft. Collins. Even though there is no free breakfast, I always found the Continental Breakfasts to not be worth very much anyways, the Fort Collins, Marriott on Horsetooth is an excellent place to stay if you are visiting Ft. Collins, Colorado.

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Posted by david on April 03rd, 2011

Great review, looks like a really nice hotel to stay at. I've stayed at many Crown Royals in the past and enjoy those. It's nice to have a hotel bar and restaurant. Also the rooms don't stink like mildew / water. Is the pool there indoors or out?

Posted by frost on April 05th, 2011

The pool is an inside / outside pool. Granted the outside section is only open during the Summer time, the inside is always open. Its not very big, but nice.

There is a Bar inside the hotel, which advertises different happy hour options, which can be nice, such as $0.50 cent wings. And the Rueben they offer is a great sandwich which makes an awesome dinner coupled with Sweet Potato fries.

Posted by anonymous on May 23rd, 2011

nice review grin.gif





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