Futuristic Stereotypes: What Does the Future Hold

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Futuristic Stereotyes
by FrosT


What does the future really hold for man kind? Looking back at many movies made through out time it seems that humans will advance to flying cars, breaking the sound barrier daily, and artificial intelligence ruling the world. What does the future really hold in store for us?

The Stereotype

Movies such as Demolition Man, Terminator and Back to the Future 2 all protrays the future as a great advancement in mans technology. One common object I have noticied throughout all these movies is that none of them show wildlife. In the future, as portrayed by many directors wildlife and "nature" seems to be non-existant. Why is it that nature disappears in all these movies. Did the directors plan that portion out to show that as technology advances wildlife has to be delt with which pretty much makes it non-existant? Or was this simply just a mistake maken by the directors because they did not notice it. The answer will probably only be revealed if someone asks the directors.

The Real Future

What does the real future have instore for man kind. Will we advance so much as portrayed by these movies that man kind basically destroys itself and everything else on this earth? Will man kind stay like it is advancing little by little but never reaching the full extent as those movies portrayed? Honestly I guess we will have to wait to find out. To me the real future is nothing more than just faster computers and better technology, but unlike as portrayed in those movies wildlife will still be around. How could wildlife and "nature" just disappear without a trace and earth still be intact. Even with the great iceage and the meteor that hit the earth to wipe out the dinosaurs somehow wildlife survived. Whatever is in store for this earth and our lives in the future the change will not be as drastic as is portrayed by the futuristic stereotypes.

Ending Notes

For me futuristic stereotypes are just that stereotypes. There is no real proof of them just speculation as can be seen from what was noted in the changes through out history. If the future is to be completely different than what this world is right now...I hope I do not live to see that new future. Frankly I love wildlife and being away from cities. It will be a sad day when cities rule the earth.

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Posted by alone on October 23rd, 2005

I hope that poverty is history in the future.

Posted by anonymous on April 13th, 2006

Consider Phil K. Dick's novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' turned movie in 'Bladerunner'... Overcrowded cities and engineered animals...

Posted by anonymous on July 31st, 2006


Posted by anonymous on November 04th, 2008

I hope the self-contained, mile-high cities become a reality! That way, cities could be everywhere & wildlife could still proliferate. I hope we eventually get robot servants, flying cars, teleportation for humans, & personal, safe jetpacks! For me, imagining this type of future is very exciting! grin.gif

Posted by anonymous on October 09th, 2013

To think, I was cofnsued a minute ago.





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