Good News on My Hypothyroidism

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Good News on My Hypothyroidism
By FrosT.


I went to the doctor today for a checkup and received good news along with some bad news. For those who do not know what Hypothyroidism is, it is basically a disease to your thyroid. Your thyroid contols pretty much every aspect of your body, from your moods to dandruf and even weight gain. I was diagnosed with a Hypothyoid (under active thyroid) in June. I went to the doctor because of numbness spells I have been receiving and because of my family's history with Thyroid problems they did blood work on me and found out my thyroid was our of wack.

I ahve been taking Synthroid, probably the most common thyroid medicine there is for the past 6 months. To this day I feel a ton better, more energetic, not depressed, happy, less dandruf and no numbness spells. Now on to the bad news (Always good to end on a good note).

The Bad News

The bad news I received from my doctor's appointment today for my Thyroid condition was that I gained 10 lbs since June. I know that the weight gain is because of my diet. I have not been eating nearly as healthy as I should. I plan on trying and doing little stuff to change that such as eating Oatmeal for breakfast instead of Eggo Waffles or nothing at all. On top of the oatmeal I will get up at around 7am to cook my breakfast and eat. Then to also make my lunch. I plan on trying to find some good lunch ideas that I can use to help me become healthier. With that after a few weeks of getting up at 7am and succesfully eating I plan on working out at he gym every other day (to get in shape for Spring Rugby). Then I have been running every night for a while now, I plan to keep that up and maybe even run every other morning.

I know that is all just talk for now, but I feel that now is the time to try and change that. Then in 3 months when I goto my next doctors appointment I can tell if it has been working for me. Now that we have the bad news out of the way lets get onto the good news.

The Good News

Well despite the bad news of my weight gain there was a spec of white light during my doctors appointment today. My doctor told me that my Hypothyroidism may be curable. Meaning I will not have to take pills the rest of my life if everything goes as planned. During my last blood test he said that my antibodies were not what he expected. Because of this my thyroid has a high probability of being curable. The plan of action is depending on my blood work today he is going to give a different dosage of Synthroid. I am to stay on that for the next 3 months till my next Doctors appointment. At this time we will know if my Thyorid is curable. If it is we will start lowering my dosages over the next 6 months until I am completely off. From there I will probably do blood work for the next 6 months to make sure my thyroid is staying the same. Depending on that I will not have to take Synthroid anymore!

Ending Notes

I am not sure how to feel about the good news. Due to the fact what if my thyroid goes out of wack again? I do not want to become depressed and gain more weight. This good news is great, but kind of scary at the same time. Either way if I have to take pills or if I do not have to take pills I am fine with that. Well now that you know about my disease, I welcome any questions or comments. I am here to help and to receive knowledge and wisdom anyone else has to offer. Thanks for reading.

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Posted by unplugged on October 27th, 2005

mmm...oh please please please!you are the nicest person around here really!come on!

Posted by femmeemo on October 27th, 2005

It was a spectacular night. And I hope that your anti-body count is low enough so that the treatment works!!


Posted by frost on October 27th, 2005

Thanks =) Yea I hope so too. I dunno if it needs to be low or high but yea. Would be nice to have a problem I thought I was going to deal with for the rest of my life disappear.


Posted by frost on October 27th, 2005

Yea my mom has graves disease. She no longer has a thyroid. She takes the same medication ubt at a much higher dosage. If she misses her pills 3 days in a row she will die. It was a rough 6 years before she sought help.


Posted by unplugged on October 28th, 2005

sorry to hear.I dunno much of the disease but i wish things become good for you=)

Posted by frost on October 28th, 2005

Thanks, things are definately getting better with the hope that I will not have to take a pill the rest of my life. =)


Posted by anonymous on April 12th, 2006

i just got told that i have thyroids i am 19 and i have to go tomorrow and get and check-up on it.wish me luck!!

Posted by anonymous on July 05th, 2006

Hi! I Just got diagnosed with hypothyroid disease. I have a question - did any of you or your family members experience weight loss after a certain time on the medication? Provided that you follow a diet and all. Because for the longest time I have been trying to lose weight, and I cannot, now I know that my condition is a strong factor in it. So I wanted to know if that might change. Gaining some of my lost hair would be good too!!



Posted by frost on July 05th, 2006

I have not been able to lose any weight. My weight stablized but losing it has been very difficult following Body for Life and Isagenix. I am trying to stay active and eat better but my weight does not decrease. If I figure something out I will let you know.


Posted by anonymous on September 11th, 2006

i have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and i wanted to know if any body b4 they got the pill did they feel like they were cold and something was wrong with their circulation?

Posted by anonymous on January 09th, 2007

I have been diagnosed with hypo thyroid after my C section Delivary. Before starting on pills I was feeling breathless, tired, Typertension. Once I am on pill I feel better.

Posted by anonymous on November 24th, 2007

I had Graves Disease and took the radioactive pill to kill my thyroid about 3 months ago. I just started taking Synthroid last week. I've experience lots of changes in the last few weeks. A few days ago I was so tired that I barely could stay awake. I had no control of my body. Has anyone experienced anything like that?

Posted by anonymous on April 04th, 2008

im 18 and was diagnosed with hypothyroid six months back...before the medication i felt breathless,experienced chest pain,bad skin,swollen face,weight gain(even though i do high intensity work outs everyday!)confusion,irritation,very very tired and used to feel sleepy all the time...even after getting up at 1pm i use to go back to sleep at 2pm.
and now after getting my medication i feel much much more active,though i cannot wake up early in the morning and also i am losing weight!

Posted by anonymous on April 04th, 2008

and yes i feel cold all the time!im stil sensitive to cold even after taking the pills.
i was wondering if anyone has a TSH of 150 out here?

Posted by anonymous on August 03rd, 2008

synthoid medicine only works on your t4 levels, I was on synthoid medicine and it worked on hair falling out as well as being tired all the time but gave me tremendous headaches everyday. I could not lose any of the weight so I decided to do research on hypothyroidism and found that lots of doctors put people on synthroid medicine which is why it is popular but there are other medication that came before synthroid. cytomel is another type of medication which is for you t3 and t4 levels.This medication allong with a few other if you search the web help with weight lose. I am on cytomel and have no problem and losing weight, the only problem is convining your doctor to give it to you because they swear by synthoid which if you look it up is fairly new on the market. Trust me do your homework, it does pay off.

Posted by anonymous on August 03rd, 2008

well i am from a wee tiny town in northern ireland called banbridge co down and the only medication that is on offer here is levothyroxine it does not work and all my body parts are failing my system has almost came to a standstill i envy you women in america as you have a choice of other medications ETHEL

Posted by anonymous on February 26th, 2009

does anybody have a dr. who will persrcibe cytomel only for hypothyroidism? i would prefere cytomel only as synthroid makes me feel terrible. thanks

Posted by anonymous on February 27th, 2009

i have hypothyroid too. i am taking pills for the same and i feel much better.i just read that it is curable.but also read that u fear getting back to the same depressed state again..once it is cured,what are the chances of us getting back the disease..curing means not getting the disease again,right?

Posted by anonymous on February 27th, 2009

hypothyroid is reversable? how do u cure it? let me know please thanks

Posted by anonymous on February 27th, 2009

selenium is vital to converting t4 synthroid i just found out. my dr. never told me this even though and i have had trouble converting my t4. now im taking selenium supplement 400mcg day to indure the proper t4 conversion. what has anybody else heard?

Posted by anonymous on March 04th, 2009

am sufferring since past 4 yrs but yet am still in same phase... meanwhile once it got low but again came back..

is it like we must change our amount of MCG we take? shud we alter the amount of intake? plz help me sad.gif(

Posted by anonymous on May 30th, 2009

I felt so awful before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.I realise now that I may well have suffered most of my life and I'm thirty five!

Posted by anonymous on May 30th, 2009

I had that many symptoms I wouldn't know where to start!Different ones at different times.This year my thyroid finally went completely nuts.I went deaf!

Posted by anonymous on June 04th, 2009

hypothyroidism is not curable. I've had it since I was 14. It may even out for a while but It's still there.

Posted by anonymous on September 23rd, 2009

just want to tell people that I've suffered hypothyroidism for 2 years now. I've been taking Levothyroxine .75 mcg until August 2009 when I convinced my endocrinologist to boost it up a notch to 100. I was sick and tired of feeling tired all the F---in' time! I was exercising and eating healthy every single day but always felt bloated, exhausted and not my normal phyiscal self. I was also feeling dazed, fatigue and lacked in vigor not to mention by libido was at zero. All along I thought it was OCD- obsessive compulsive anxiety disorder that was driving me up the wall, had I known it was my underactive thyroid that was causing this I would have felt a lot better 2 years ago. I had trouble sleeping well at night and felt groggy all day. I haven't been able to lose a single pound of body fat and that has been super frustrating. The lesson of this is to check your TSH levels often, and if you don't feel better and sure the problem is hypothyroidism, insist on getting the right dose of levothyroxine or synthroid, your life is too precious to live in misery.

Posted by anonymous on January 15th, 2010

I've had hypothyroidism since I was 14. I've been taking Levothyroxine for 14 years. The dosage now is 100 mcg daily. I go for checkup with endocrinologist every year. Until now still there is nobody telling me this disease can be cured.

Posted by anonymous on February 10th, 2010

Posted by anonymous on February 23rd, 2010

Posted by anonymous on March 31st, 2010

I'm still following the above thyroid diet and I've lost weight and feel more energetic. I haven't yet checked my thyroid levels because it takes a long time for your levels to actually change.

I've added Vitamin D to my regime as well as coconut flour, which I use in place of white flour. I've heard that glutens in most flours are not very healthy for people with hypothyroidism. You should also switch from white rice to brown rice. And I LOVE cooking with the coconut oil - delicious.

Posted by anonymous on April 11th, 2010

Thank you for blog. I find the food info helpful. I am researching for possible cure for my 17 year old son's hypo thyroid which he was just diagnosed with recently.
He is taking synthroid 25mg for 1 week now. I never knew of this kind of desease in my life. I hope and pray that there is really cure for this illness.

Posted by anonymous on May 04th, 2010

thanks for this info i have been using MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil to loose weight

Posted by anonymous on May 15th, 2010

You might want to read the book, "Hypothyrodism Type II: An Epidemic" by Mark Starr, MD. He addresses many of your problems. He also recommends using a natural thyroid after trying nutritional supplements. My doctor told me to purchase the book.

Posted by anonymous on July 05th, 2010

Just a thought...

You mentioned running. Doesn't that build muscle? And isn't muscle much heavier than fat?

Perhaps your "weight" gain is muscle, or lots of muscle, or some muscle, and not all fat? I think you need to "talk turkey" to whoever weighed you. Scales don't tell the whole story. Is there someone who knows how to calculate your muscle mass weight vs your fat mass weight?

Just sayin'...

Posted by anonymous on August 05th, 2010

I'm glad to hear good news about your disease. Goodluck! I'm a 21 year old college student recently diagnosed as being hypothyroid. My symptoms started as constipation and slightly anemic and later slowly but surely escalated to Extreme fatigue, Excessive sleeping , Terrible muscle aches , feeling tired and run down for no reason! Depression and feelings of sadness. Just to name a few. I went from doctor to doctor and found no answer. Which made me feel even worse. I couldn't bear the thought of living this way forever. I even went as far as getting a COLONOSCOPY , ABDOMINAL CT SCAN , PELVIC ULTRA SOUND AND X RAYS thinking it was something with my colon or intestines and there was absolutely nothing wrong. A friend had mentioned seeing an ENDOCRONOLOGIST. I did my research and decided to check it out. Two problems there. I have no insurance and No $. Later my sister had mentioned a Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic her friends worked at and said they could probably get me a discount. Now to fast foward a bit. They did a thorough blood check. My results were .......Hypothyroid , low vitamin D levels and slightly anemic OUCH!! I wasnt happy to hear that my thyroid is the culprit of all my awful symtoms but relieved to finally know. Now the next step ...They decided to start me on the lowest dosage of T3 Meds. Its been three weeks and Im very happy to say i have noticed a slight diffrence. One thing for sure My body doesnt require as much sleep as it once did. I still dont feel exactly where I want to be .....I would like to feel NORMAL again like the old me ....Energetic happy bouncy My questiont to you is ...Once on the right dosage will I ever be normal again??? and how long does it take for the meds to really work

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this !
and for all of you suffering from thyroid disorders Don't give up!!!

Posted by anonymous on September 09th, 2010

I am not diagnosed with hypo but I have all the symptoms... what bothers me most being the feeling sad for no reason, puffy face, broad nose, thickened lips, droopy eyelids and fatigue. (I'm only 29!) I'm afraid to get tested because I fear the side effects of any drugs that have to be adjusted, and that mess around with your hormones. The only way I will feel convinced enough to check it out is if taking the meds will do anything to get my normal facial features back!! I havent heard of that happening for anybody. Will my puffy cheeks and baggy eyes go down? Will my lips stop looking swollen? Will my nose get back its definition?

Posted by anonymous on February 03rd, 2011

Armour supplements is used for treating underactive thyroid as well as preventing certain goiters and untreated thyroid problems.

Posted by anonymous on April 13th, 2011

I have been taking 200mcg's of Synthroid since I was 11yrs old. I reciently went to the doctors to check my levels and to my surprise , my doctor told me that I no longer need to take any medicine. I was Shocked and excited all at once. I am now 41 and eat healty with no more thyroid condition!!

Posted by anonymous on April 25th, 2011

Im 27 yo and since last one year i have a thyroide Disease and im taking thyronorm 100mcg, i want to control my thyroide & weigth gain, i dont want to take this medicine rest of my life............

Posted by anonymous on September 11th, 2011

Yah I was just diagnosed with Hypothyroism and my circulation was cuy a lot too. Like if I leaned on my elbow to watching a movie it always got numb in a few minutes and when I slept my arm and legs would sometimes get numb and for some reason out of the blue my feet will get partially numb. I was also experiencing frequent headaches. No hair loss or brittle nails though. I was diagnosed kind of early I'm only 22. I didn't even go to the doctor for any issues just a normal check up and he decided to check for this based on my family history.

Posted by anonymous on February 06th, 2012

reasons why thyroid occurs in the first place

Posted by anonymous on February 06th, 2012

my dear friends, i am writing this blog from my experience and with the help of some experts in ayurvedic, yoga and acu-puncture field.
i have suffered from Hypo-Thyroid for more than 12 years. this disease has been dis-abling for me as i had not been in touch with a good endochrinologist.
over the years cusosity and a chance encounter with a very experienced ayurvedic doctor opened my eyes to this disease and it causes. i wanted to share this as some of the causes were a shock to me and will be to you as well as some modern doctors too.

I have been working with a large MNC for several years and have to travel all over india. during one of these trips (banglore)i met a ayurvedic doctor from kerala at an local eatery. it was rush hour and no palce to sit, we had shared our table. seeing my restricted eating habits lead to a chat where we introduced ourselves. this ayurvedic doctor was traveling for his hospital to all major metros over india. his insight into thyroid was amazing and the addtional symptoms and causes mentioned were eye opening. later over the years i have seen some additional symptoms (added to the thyroid symptoms list by alopathic doctors which were known to this ayurvedic doctor from years, maybe decades). this chance encounter with this doctor opened the door. we later met in delhi too, where i had invted him to my place. i then enquired and met a few other ayurvedic, yoga and acu-puncture specialist. Amazingly the older people practicing over decades too had similar views. it dawned to me the inadequate info with people on this simple but sometimes disabling disease.

Read completely this blog and ever word has been verifed by one of the experts.
(kindly spread the word as this disease can been reduced to a great scale)
(i have written this blog too late, a couple of years as i did not know the extent many people suffered due to it)

A few common but now known reasons

my keralite doctor had in year 2000-01 told me to use iron, steel utensils, non-sticks were a big NO. today a debate over Teflon has been raging for quite some time. similarly toxins, chemicals(house-hold cleants/insectides), heavy metals (lead, lithium (in cell battries) ) too are resposible too swing the gland (these toxins effect a range of organs, effecting their functions as well as creating tumors or nodules). some time the swing of the thyroid gland is temprary and a doctor start medication which should later be stopped however sometime a doctor who is not a expert at thyroid would not do so which effects a patient badly. hence a good endochrinologist is a must.

severve throat infect lasting days/weeks, exposure to constant heat/pressure on neck region (in some industry this is a common working environment) too lead too an imbalance of the gland. exposure too radiation has a big and immediate effect of the thyroid galnd.

my googling showed chemicals (triclosan, perchlorate, man-made fluoride, bromine) found in toothpastes, soaps as well as plastics too is responsible.

Now a major reason which seems controversial today but was a shock to me too which lead to my interest to investiage further about this disease.

since it is a taboo topic, may be this info is not well known. frequent mastarbation, yes my dear friends no one would say yes to this reason. my chance encounter with my ayurvedic doctor today more of a friend, had shocked with this news. even some patients who later were settled with this idea had accepted they mastarbated frequently. later they even said that after doing so they felt a high pulsating effect on the thyroid gland. according to our ayurvedic doctor mastarbation is not bad, but when done frequently or as a habit it would definately lead too thyroid. lack of information would put many youngsters at risk. 1 - 2 month of the bad habit can give a life-time of the disease. nature has given us a means of pro-creation as well as enjoyement, but to use it just as a means of pleasure by would have negative results. this cause i found that all the well experienced ayurvedic, acu-puncture/pressure people were aware of. but all of them said there is no immediate cure in their field to cure this disease. the reason they mentioned about mastarbation is that it is an aggressive act and is more than physical contact and requires the brain to release a lot of energy. the same happens during an sexual but the frequency is not that high. our brain controls the entire body the heart, lung, liver, digestive system and the endocrine glands. in the act the brain is in an over drive puting excessive pressure on the endocrine glands, at the same moment energy and minerals are lost which effects all these systems. all the organs are linked to the brain are through the neck and through the base of the neck region. hence over a period of time it leads to this disease.

Hence my dear friends now u know what leads to this disease, hence prevent it. As i said before all this has been verified by experts in ayurvedic field . hence do not use ignorance but an open mind as well as actual observence of yourself too keep your body in good health.




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